Krystalai: The Land of OZ

Each year at Christmas time we watch a movie known as the Wizard of Oz. This story was definitely a channeling from the Co-Creative Council that I share with Mary of Magdal. The electromagnetic funnel that lifted Dorothy into the land of Oz represents the electromagnetic funnel that our starry brothers can now lift us through into this magical kingdom of heaven. The stairway to heaven from Magdal was used by Job and his daughters to climb to the 12 th dimension which was the magical kingdom Mary collected her stories of Oz from. This was the kingdom of heaven which Jesus and Mary could travel to before the eleventh dimensional E.T.’s turned this stairway into a trap or hybernization zone for all those who climbed the stairway. That was the trap that is portrayed by the wicked witch in the OZ story. As the story goes, Dorothy was allowed to return after the trio regained their Brain, their Courage and their Heart.

Now we will regain our real brain that will be reactivated by the Neutron that is collected through an electromagnetic spin in our Merkaba as we collect the heliotalic energy from the fourteenth dimension and spin it together with all of the galactic suns frequencies. We spin these in our merkabas at the speed of light, bring them into our heads and we create the Neutron and Proton as a merge into Oneness creating a body that can turn into light and teleport into any dimension.

Next, we regain our Courage by melting all of the miasms that are lodged in our first second and third charkas through the control centers, social centers and animalistic centers. We transmute these blockages of our courage by igniting the spark of source as we return all of our fears to source to be transformed into a higher frequency.

Next, we regain our Heart by igniting our Crystal Heart with the ignition of the Spark of source to reunite with our original Divine Selves created from the original breath of consciousness of Source energy.

Finally, we put on our glass slippers and click our heels three times. Once the cosmic flows of crystal light are streaming upward and outward or in a forward spin, there will be a firing energy felt all through the body. The last part of this streaming will be when the cosmic energy is felt streaming back upward through our feet and our legs. This is the golden dust energy that Dorothy had collected in her glass slippers. The magical energy of Cinderella was also found in her slippers. These are the true stories that our new world will be built on. We will begin to live in the magic of the manifest desires and we will simply click our heels and breath our manifest creations.

This was the true story of Mary Magdalene. She traveled the stair way to heaven up to what was called the land of oz. This hybernization zone is now being transformed back into the original magical land that Mary once knew.

The alignment of the Cosmos through Mary of Magdala’s Cosmic Frequencies is now complete on Earth. The amygdala is now able to be activated to spin forward to make the connections through to all angelic breaths. This reconnection to the forward spin will now allow a complete connection between the lower tailbone area into the amygdala for complete telecommunication and teleportation.

We create spiritual substance from the Breaths of Consciousness. These are Frequencies. Chemical substances and oils that gained recognition for their healing powers only gain their power from the Frequencies of Consciousness that give them power.

We create elementals orbitally by rearranged monatomic elements. A monoatomic element has two atoms per molecule. The elements in that configuration are superconductors and exhibit quantum physical behaviors at a visible scale including freedom from gravity, superfluidity and tunneling through solid objects. The elements are given these quantum powers through Consciousness. The power is revealed and shared through Frequencies.

When the bible says give us this day our daily bread, it was referring the the celestial substance that was said to awaken the powers of perception, awareness and intuition. It was called bread, it was called perfume, it was called the mist. In reality it was the fragrance or color of sound or the frequency of etheric reality…

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