Contract Cancel Statement

3 Październik 2013 o 19:31 Ra Ka Isha (rakmeister) pisze:

this was a nice share today also,
by: conscious-love-onefourfour #FB
Contract Cancel Statement
October 3, 2013 at 4:19pm

I revoke ALL agreements made with any and all beings that do not have my best interests at heart and mind, no matter WHO the beings are or claim to be.

I cancel all contracts made consciously or sub consciously with any manipulative beings here and now. All contracts made with manipulative beings are now void and dissolved.

All manipulative beings can not ever enter my field again unless they have reclaimed their sovereignty and let go of the need to control and feed off other beings.

I remove all contracts based in separation, fear, disempowerment, control and lack. I dissolve all energetic chords that are attached to my being through the canceling of all contracts. They now shatter from my being, never to return. I am free. I am eternal. I am God. I am One. I am sovereign.

All contracts I make from now on are based on unconditional love, unity, peace, abundance, health, freedom, harmony, bliss, ecstasy.

I am now allowing all lower vibrational codings within my being to be lifted up and transmuted back into their original purity, their original non distorted state before the fall occurred.

And so it is.

a good read also, the ones andrew compiled. and can be edited to match your needs..

pełen tekst na stronie Andrew Bartzis’a:

A lot of ♥ thanks ♥ for you Rakesh and for Andrew :)

Autor: Livia Ether

‚I am the child of Earth and starry Heaven’ Freedom for all living beings and the all worlds.. Deeper than memory.. beyond the time…. i send you blessings where you are ♥ ƸӜƷ ♥ Livia Ether LiRa

13 myśli na temat “Contract Cancel Statement”

  1. „I am free. I am eternal. I am God. I am One. I am sovereign.”

    I can’t agree with this opinion , but this opinion is similar to opinion polish spirutual teacher Tadeusz Owsianko. Everybody will ask me why.I answer I dont’ know what IS my level now? What Universe dimension my soul was returned. I answer. Probably Four ( not seven).So I’m not a GOD now because I’m living on Earth. May be I would like to be a GOD.I’ m not free.Freedom on Earth is only Ilusion is kind of astral matrix.Freedom is not the same as free will.I have free will to do everything (good things or bad things) I prefer to do things which vibration are coresponding with vibration of my heart. For me this is an Idea, becaus I’m a human may be I’m a son of God but I’m NOT A GOD.


  2. Hi Dawid56! I think the phrase ‘I am God’ in the above text can be understood in many possible ways. If that was to be a kind of personal label, describing ‘a seperate entity’ your opinion would seem to be quite valid, I think. But, looking at it from different angle, if we suppose that Everything That Is comes from the same Source (God/Creator/First Source etc), that will inevitably lead us to an idea, that all is connected (so called idea of ‘interconnectedness’). And so, in this light, All is God, even the tiniest particle in the Universe/Multiverse! So, it shouldn’t be any different in case of You…:)

    Jest takie (lub było) powtarzające się zdanie podczas mszy w Kościele Katolickim: ‚Wszyscy jesteśmy jedni w Bogu’. Może to taka nieśmiała próba powiedzenia: ‚Wszyscy jesteśmy jednym Bogiem’?


    1. O.K. Tadeusz Owsianko also said we are God and Goddes but our father who is in Heaven is the Creator, but in my opinion our Father in Heaven is also the main God.He is Absolut


  3. there are no absolutes, (speaking in absolutes is selflimitation to see beyond.. which in the end woll lead to denial thus delusin, that creates ones own perception of reality) , i guess andrew would formulate it as , there is a primecreator on this level.alcyone as thats the central sun some Term it., and there many prime-creators in multiverse. yet them all part of a bigger whole. in creation. and more layers before that many call source. eternal 1st creation manifestation. (and even science has a new Theory , Bubble theory local universes.. in spheres/bubbles (beside S*,Z* , String-Theory and a couple more, science also agrees on 11.5 Dimensional reallity we are in, vs say 40years ago they were at there 7 dimensions that 8 than 10 , now we’re/they (Mainstream science is at 11.5) but ofc its the context its said it, and the level of awareness of the person reading it how he reads it, or interpretates it into more. than that that is being said. and thats always a problem. as you can say 1 thing in 100ways with 100 peoples all trying to get across the same point/note. ( so jeah simple version i am god is your part of the whole so your not excluded from the whole , just experiencing a 3d reality from the angle of perception of here looking outwards as external and up Dimensions and a stairstep away from us. thats Visual-perception of the observer. 🙂 so his heaven is in this 11.5D reality in a 15D timematrix. and there many matrix’es that make a bigger map/interconnected , and bigger as its.all.connected , same way Law of One tries to relay/tell it. and also balance. thus polarity integration not choosing.. oneor the other. as some get stuck in extreme polarity on 1side and thus loose their own connection. and thats choice also. free will. and effects the person in accordance. (and im not the religious type persay, if been raised with christian values&norms but rest i have been kept free to experience see choose. so in that sense i dont allign with any of the major 3 religions as they say ALL IS.. each religion has parts of the truth, but time progression and distortins have made it difficult to see cleary. so it comes back to ones own innerconnection. as you hold all the answers allready, but going into the deepest part og the higher heart is a journey on its own, and will show also stuff you might not want to see. but it is part of.. , the LET GO is part of that also. as there many paths to take. and there isnt a singular path , thus i dont like to speak in absolutes. as that makes it impossible for any other person/perspective to have his/or/.her say. so i hold each persons value in his right to be/see. and care for all sentient beings. i do.

    also there is the Apastrof code :- , – (or – ‚ – ) iamthatiam. Versus Iamthat , iam | a small – , -/- ‚ – can make a bigg diffrence in meaning , etc

    same way the budha level of awareness consiousness can be seen as embodiement of oversoul levell of oneself. Bud1 and Bud2 level. expansion and integration of self. thus those teachings also hold value if gotte/understood as it was meant to be read. but thats still to the person reading/observer how it gets processed by the mind or mind&heart in balance.

    and ofc in histort we know the gods witha small g, some label creatorgods. , thus differentiation is key. and you have the key 🙂


  4. The main guestion which religion is nearing the level of Budha?.It is budhism and early Christianity .It is the key to understand what was the mision of Jesus Christ on Earth? In many opinions he was 7 dimension Avatar.The problem is also to understand : wahat is the mening of the word „dimension”.physical or spiritual.In my opinion we slowly confirm Vedas are the True. In the Vedas isalso the picture of the fractal Universe

    In polish


  5. J9 is the one most know the contemporary jesuz/jeshua is from Hu2 groupline awareness/being. =range D4/5/6 , j12 was a 12D Hu4 avatar-level, direct incarnated from that level. and his path and his teachigns were removed .. gone witought a trace.. ( dimension a frenquency band made up out of 12layerslightspectrum) 3 dimensions make up 1 Harmonic universe also named 1 Density*(at times wrongly used but some giving same meaning to density and dimension(aka no differentiation)) each*, has what some call the veil is the seperation layer between HU1 and 2 , the repulsion-zone, or void. and a dimensional lock to pass from one to the other. is needed aka no key no passage(symbolic key, ) , same between hU2 and 3 and 3 and 4. ( for so 1Hu1 incarnate Hu2 soul, Hu3 oversoul/budha levels;, Hu4 avatar level of being, (hu5 plasma D13/14/15 = Rishi, of your krysticself full level of being. in this timematrix construct. ) , so to get down here you leave part of yhoursdelf on each level, as one spirals down to more and more dense layers of reality. (beside diffrence in hu1 2 3 4 , fully materialistic, vs semi etherec etc to full liquiidlight ) // with info below on this level means all time and spacetimevectors and and since j9 was from hu2 part nephilim conception its hu2 plus that would put J9 level of teachings from hu2 awareness, budha hu3 and J12 of Hu4 level of awareness/consiousness/understanding. same way science wise you could see it as from 7D the rest of the holographic reality is projected D6/5/4/3/2/1 is in sync with fractals and geometrics ( see more re j9 vs 912 here: )
    ( she discribed/summarized (theresa talea) it on her site, decently also from her own experience with KS also and understanding )

    :: Ashayana has received otherworldly information from several entity groups, especially the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO) and its higher level counterpart called the Ra Confederacy that exists outside of the Milky Way. The Guardian Alliance (GA) is their main task force. These entity groups are closely aligned to where it becomes almost indiscernible, but I work to distinguish between them in my upcoming second edition. I will just say now that the 13th dimensional Cosmic Awareness entity group created the Law of One belief, and it works with the MCEO. For the simplified purpose of this article, I will refer to them all as the GA.

    The Fibonacci-based number 144 is frequent in the GA material. One such instance in Sliders-1 informs that the Periodic Table of Elements chart in high school chemistry class that goes up to 118 elements should rather contain 144 elements. This could be plausible; however, this number is also popular in the Bible and esoteric texts where “fallen angels” try to direct us toward their death science mechanics.

    Basic keylontic science teachings by the GA should talk about fully life-giving mechanics, but the Law of One view within our partially distorted Milky Way muddles it. The number 144 is also applied to the more complex identity or entity within our multi-dimensional universe structure, as the following GA quote states on

    The Oversoul, HU-3 identity, creates 12 soul identities in HU-2, each of which create 12 incarnate identities within the six time cycles of HU-1.

    Thus each person is part of an Incarnational Family of 144 incarnates residing within the six HU-1 time cycles.

    Your Soul is a plural with 12 faces and is part of a larger identity called the Oversoul that is composed of 12 souls – each with their 12 incarnate identities, so you are dealing with 144 incarnates in your immediate Oversoul family.

    It is taught that a type of Oversoul entity multiplied itself by an exponent of 12 into the lower dimensional bands grouped in sets of three, called a harmonic universe. I really, really wonder why the Oversoul level has such importance in the Law of One belief, for as my Part 1 and 2 videos explain below, much distortion involves the Oversoul level so that blatant religions were formed. This gives me pause when viewing the original Law of One belief because it can still be believed by people, entities, etcetera who have tweaked it toward more distortion. Therefore, these entities can potentially be included in the expanded transmission line of the GA down to us.

    In the Law of One teaching about an Oversoul, it appears that some GA members in the 7-9 dimensional harmonic universe said that they are the creators of our “family.” In another GA transmission (MCEO Ordinate System: Getting Your Ascension Codes Back, 2007), it speaks from the perspective of the harmonic universe of dimensions 10-12, where the exponent of 12 into our dimensions 1-3 gives us 1,728 multiple identities in our “Christos” family, which is a distorted spelling of kristiac or krystic.

    If the Cosmic Awareness explains its story of creation, then the exponent of 12 into our HU-1 of dimensions 1-3 would create 20,736 “faces.” This particular base-12 paradigm has no scientific relevance to the plethora of cells and energetic components that already exist within each of us. These faces and identities rather bind us to the principal entity and its group because we must assimilate outside entities in our ascension path. It appears to me that these principal entities in each level wish to view themselves as gods. I explain that we are already self-sufficient in our make-up, and they are the ones with greater deficiency.

    There is a base-12 mathematics in proper keylontic science. It is true that 144 is a plural of 12, but it is an extension outside of the keylontic expansion model where it becomes an exponent that incorporates “all probabilities as all One” into our actual environment and bodies. It is especially dangerous when it nullifies the distinctions between contrasting components and deduces that there is no polarity or duality, no good or bad as pure or warped. A heavily distorted being could conceivably be fused into our personal make-up if we draw in all probability. The Fibonacci sequence contains the number 144, whereas the krystal (and keylontic) sequence does not. Fibonnacci-based fractal systems are the only ones in which reincarnation can occur.

    Reincarnation is technically a bit different than re-incarnations, although I sometimes used the words incarnation and reincarnation interchangeably in my book. Technically, strict reincarnation can only occur seven times, as I wrote in Chapter 6, because it is solely based upon the recycled Fibonacci and Planck “laws.” If a being ascends for a period of time and gets repaired to some degree, then the reincarnation or re-incarnation cycle should be extended. The Milky Way is predicated upon this different template that accordingly skews the supposed “sacred” geometry here, so a lot more experimentation and contradictions apply.

    Let’s say that an 11th dimensional person re-incarnated by choice into our current 2.5 dimension. She had to gain those lower dimensional aspects as layers unto herself because of the nature of expansion. These extra layers contain replications or holograms, but they also contain different aspects for her to be able to live here.

    This is why many higher dimensional beings orb themselves to possess people here, as I indicated about the religious “gods” in Chapter 9’s Spirit and Soul—“Higher Self,” because their bodily composition does not fully align with our matter. To be able to live here, they simply re-incarnate their original person into their related gene code. Many of these re-incarnations are random, but some are orchestrated as purposeful entries when either an innate connection exists between beings or the gene code is very specific and well known to the entity.

    So, the ascension process for the original 11th dimensional person who descended onto Earth would entail shedding some extra layers and transforming other layers of herself in order to become who she once was. Her original DNA template was already fully assembled and also mostly or fully activated according to the higher level where it existed. In addition, that template receives and connects with all the natural layers of creation back to the beginning source. This is the underlying nature of our body regardless where someone originates. If people stay true to themselves and do not become altered away from their personal paths, they can return to their respective original states and then embark upon further journeys in the upward ascension and then inward “incension” process (or in the uncommon case, only an inward process if the person originated outside of the 15-dimensional time matrix).


  6. wat Buddha taught: & Racial dna (12strands 12 layers of racial dna ) Understanding racial DNA , by Randi green. also Volume I/II/II/IV free books she made & posted as downloadable pdf. i can advice them i did read them myself also as they came out. i ran across her last year august +- , and have interacted with since, and FB-page =


    1. Tekst piosenki ciekawy… Bardzo 🙂 Gry Umysłu 😉 Zwycięzcy… hmm…

      Powrót do UR
      jeśli UR – znaczy „naczynie przesyłu”…
      czy powrót do UR znaczyć może: staję się na powrót naczyniem…

      Powrót do stanu (samo) świadomości „bycia naczyniem przepływu…”? W którym łączy się to, co wewnątrz z tym, co na zewnątrz, to co „materialne” z tym, co „niematerialne”… to co jest światłem łączy się z ciemnością…a umysł ze świadomością w harmonijnym zespoleniu???


      1. Tak, bardzo ciekawy, zresztą utwór w całości też.. mimo iż nie przepadam za tego typu muzyką to ten mi się wyjątkowo podoba 😉 W sumie w tej dyskusji miały się ukazać jeszcze dwa komentarze dwóch osób, które ze sobą tutaj rozmawiały, no ale się nie ukazały… szkoda, bo może wniosły by do niej coś ciekawego, a tak…. cóż, sama się do tego w tym przypadku przyczyniłam… hmm 🙂

        ach, to ja … > Livia <… ale bardzo mi się zachciało napisać coś jako Ayshien 🙂



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