Krystalai: Sun of Ra


(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse)


The final war of Ra began in August 2011. The fallen Rays created a blockage of the Aquafarian Crystal Stream that was our Life Stream back to our original Consciousness. Our Cosmic Family in turn created a new more direct route of Consciousness directly through the third eye of atunement. At that time the Crystal Ships of our original Cosmic Selves were awakened within the Earth’s Heart. Those 48 Crystal Ships rose through and around the Earth’s atmosphere in May 2012 and became fully activated in September 2012. From that moment on, all negative energies, miasms, error, sonic pulses from the interdimensional realms of the dark ones became fully blocked from the Earth’s atmosphere. If this final procedure had not taken place, fallen races from the entire galaxy would had been free to enter our cities at this time. These same Crystal Cosmic Ray Ships will be the Frequencies that hold the Earth in balance when the 55 Metatronic Spin is thrown at her on December 21, 2012. The divine plan is this: All Error that is sent forth toward Earth will rebound to its sender in a power ten times stronger than it was sent forth. Only the power being returned will be purely Christic in nature and it will transform anything that is unlike it into the Frequencies that must either be accepted and allowed to transform and transmute all negative energy, or else become space dust and return directly to Source.

The most powerful Fallen or Dark Energies were activated and in turn the most powerful Light Energies were activated. We already know who is going to win. The Light always wins. It just took a really long time. Please remember that what was five million years in this density was only a few moments in the highest density. That time delay will be removed by 2013. The breath of Source will instantly manifest at all levels of density from this time forward. This is because we have begun the At One Ment cycle or the Atunement of all Frequencies as one. When we were Involving or moving away from Source, time was very long. When we are evolving or moving toward Source, we are back in the Reality of NO TIME and NO SPACE.

We were given many special gifts during the past 12 years that sped our evolution up by more than 5000 years. Each time the fallen races pulled out another threat of destruction, the starry angels pushed us forward another several hundred years toward our Divine Blue Print renewal date. All of the Cosmic Councils had already agreed that the human angelics of Earth had earned the divine right of evolution that would allow ascension into the fifth, sixth and seventh level man. The human angelics have collectively regained the frequencies needed to enter the second Harmonic Universe.

 During the shift on December 21, 2012, the collective mass consciousness was given the potential to come into alignment with the 12DNA Divine Blue Print. This divinity extends itself through all planes of our existence. We will learn that we are not just the 5DNA human in hertzian form. We are each, in reality the entire Merkaba within the sphere of 15 dimensions that is within the sphere of Source Consciousness. The Merkaba is constantly spinning at the speed of light into the speed of Oneness. We only need to go twelve inches around our body to be in our Christic Consciousness Light Body, 36 inches to be in our Cosmic Consciousness, and we can extend our Merkaba out to sixty foot radius to engage our entire God Self. That same self exists in the tiny subatomic nano element within every cell of our body. We are equally Cosmic and spiritual in nature from the tiniest within to the infinite outer band into infinity.

We are beginning a time of infinite knowing and understanding. I will not waste my time telling you about all of the lies you have been believing that come from every possible avenue of the world’s networks. The lies that have come from the New Age movement have been the direct communications from the Fallen Angelics who have been planning on taking over this Earth for the past ten thousand years. The Bible and all of Christian teachings were also based on layers of distortions of the truth that became buried by the very Roman Government and Churches who wrote the Bible. However, the Starry Families made sure there was enough truth left in the Bible, that would allow those with high enough frequencies to be able to discover the truth within. My entire foundation for knowing all that I know came from these three truths that were written in the Bible.

1. BEFORE THE WORLD BEGAN — The Promise of the Perfect Kingdom

We must return to the Reality and the Frequency that existed before the world began. The world must end before the perfect kingdom will be restored. We must enter a new time line where everything before, everything now and everything to come is in the 12 DNA Blue Print of the man made in the image and likeness of God.


 If you believe, (if you know, feel, and  breathe through the frequency of Source) you can do greater things than have ever been done before — was the teaching of Jesus the 12th level avatar.

3. Search for me in your heart You shall find me in your heart.

The Crystal Heart is the Soul that is a ganglia of cells that weights about 13 ounces and holds the entire mind of God- the Christ Consciousness of the 12DNA man made in the image and likeness of God. That is why the 12th level avatar Jesus directed us to find this light within us that would connect us into the mind of God where we have instant manifestation. We must now ignite the spark of Source within the Soul and expand that light into every cell of the body. We must inhale that light into our midbrain and expand into the oneness with our Rasha Body and Rasha midbrain that is 36 inches above our head. That place of connecting from the Cosmic plane into the outer band of Source is the place where we can FLIP the outer band of Source into our Consciousness and become the mind of God.

These were the truths that were given to me by the Elohim Elohei Angels and my Adonai family when I wrote the words to the songs on THE PROMISE CD album. Each time I placed the Bible in front of me, the pages would magically open and my eyes were directed to those three key passages. That happened in 1993 in Beppu, Japan.

During that same week, the entire music of the spheres blew through the wind and the crystal heliotalic atmosphere into my husbands consciousness. As I was given the words, he was given the music. Every note and every word of this music and all of our music came directly from our Rishi families and Rasha families from 12th dimensional consciousness and higher. When we asked directly to known our names, my husband was told he was Adonai and was told I was Crystalai.

When an original spark is ignited as an idea within the Ekasha Flame or the white light of the first two suns and then it is divided into two parts – the Adonai and the Eieyani. These are two families of consciousness. The Adonai is the Music or Sound and the Eieyani is Light. When the light and sound returns together the Cosmic Flame is reignited into a new sound or a new symphony.

Crystalai is the name that I was given. Crystalai is the 8th tone- the final tone of the wind song. When the eight breaths are used correctly, the original subatomic cell from the Ekasha flame that was first divided and separated–(which is the correct normal procedure of creation) , is reformed from 8 spheres transforming the third dimensional atom back into the etheric perfect subatomic cell. That cell contains the complete divine blue print, the complete mind of God. Crystalai is the last breath that contains the frequency that reforms the perfect first cell of our creation. That breath will affect every cell in the Cosmos.

I had an entire league of Angels appear before me to instruct me in bringing the highest frequencies to Earth through Music. This means bringing the frequency of Source into my crystal heart and then in to my mid brain and then to exhale the music of the spheres into God’s movie.

Mary and Raphael appeared to me first and then three Knights kneeled before me and handed me three spheres of crystal liquid light, crystal dust and crystal gel. These are the elements that create the rebirth of the crystal cells within every angelic human. These are the keys of creation. This is the harmony that will restore our universe into universal harmony.

I was given this understanding through knowingness — through the frequency specific mid brain of knowing. It was a very vague concept that I chose to believe was true and that I would find a way to understand eventually. I followed the instructions of the Knights and the Elohim Elohei Angels. I connected my Consciousness in to Source to flip that outer band into this matrix. The Angels connected my mid brain through my right eardrum into the Source field through the Elohim of Hearing. I placed the three spheres in my hands and then in my crystal heart. I breathed the eight breaths to fill the spheres with the wind song from the Source Field. I inhaled the breaths into my crystal heart and held the same frequencies within the spheres that lay in the palms of my hands. The sphere in my hands turned into a microphone. When I exhaled from my midbrain while holding the spheres in all three locations and connected to the Elohim of Hearing, I then started exhaling tones in the God Language. These phrases started flowing out of my breath and I recorded them on a tape recorder. I listened to these glorious shimmering frequencies and felt how they made every cell in my body sparkle. It was the most glorious, harmonious, flowing, godlike, delicate fabric of reality that could be imagined.

I made many recordings of these music of the sphere experiences and made them available to the world. Since the upper cerebellum personality world mind always understands things through its own background knowledge of experience, most of my listeners completely misunderstood what I was sharing with the world. They just thought I was trying to sell them another new age gimmick. First of all, I don’t subscribe to any new age beliefs. I never read or listened to any of the former new age teachings ever in my life. My understanding came directly from my Elohim, Adonai families and later from Aquafarian families and Sirius B and Oraphim Dolphin families.

The angels told me that I would record music and then write about it, record and write, record and write. They told me that I would continue to do this until my ascension. By this time I was to have a complete understanding, a complete Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse completed, and classes ready to begin teaching the Music of the Spheres. I later learned that the school was to be my own school of learning. It meant collecting everything that I had learned to decide if I had learned everything that I need to know about everything that is ever to be known. That would mean that I would be able to one day teach in the Mystery School located on Higher Earth.

The reason that I have come to this place in my understanding is because the music has allowed my frequency specific mid brain to be my knowing of my God mind. My mortal mind- the upper cerebellum has been turned off completely. This is what must happen before the NEW REALITY can begin to appear. The experiences of wonder and imagination and far beyond imagination begin to take place when the mortal mind is turned off – when the world ends.

We become truly connected to God- in absolute at one ment when the mortal mind is turned off and we connect to God through the cosmic glue that holds secondary consciousness together and holds every cell in the body together into oneness with Source. That glue is created by the Merkaba spinning beyond the speed of light into the speed of Divine Love. It is the chemical structure of Love that removes all time and space and creates absolute ATUNEMENT.

When all that is beyond the stars in the vast infinity of heaven becomes glued into every cell in our bodies through the atunement of Love we will regain our original blue print of immortality. This is the prerequisite for instant manifestation.

My friend and Crystal Starship Entity AnWa is my personal vehicle of Divine Love that spins my Merkaba into Oneness with this Divine Vault of Infinite Knowing. In tune with the Elohim of Hearing, AnWa, the Crystal Star Ships, the Divine Rays of Ra, the Plasma vessels that carry the Cosmic Mystery School where all ideas from Source filter through the temples within Sun Ra and then expand into the rays of La where the citizens of Tara originated after the Oraphim Race planted the seeds of the Dolphin family millions of years ago.

We must open our boundaries of who we think we are within the confines of this world and expand consciousness beyond the stars, into the plasma suns and beyond into the quantum infinity of the infinite ideas that  create our heavens.

I was given divine direction to wait on the development of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse until the masses had shifted into their frequency specific mid brain where they would hear what I am saying rather than hearing the background knowledge of what they were told before. It was an absolute waste of time to teach people who would conspire to make a disbelief of something that they were not yet ready to understand.

We must begin by creating brand new concepts that have to reason for even having an existence in this third dimensional realm. Scientists are caught in the trap of being forced to prove things that can only be seen. As long as we are making our reality from the visible light spectrum, we cannot be experiencing the invisible light spectrum. The tools, the philosophies, the schools, the religions that exist in the world that must end, are all the carriers of the illusion that only this third dimensional veil allows truth to enter in. The only truth that is received on this visible dimension is the untruth of a man made world. It is not related to the God made movie.

We must only desire to know the infinite unknown. We must only try to prove those things that we know cannot possibly be proven. We must choose to believe that we will know all that is known in the mind of God and then we must Know that what we Know is the truth. And if we can’t see it (the thing we are knowing into manifestation)  we must know it even more.

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W trakcie czytania tego artykulu i sluchania przepieknej, wprost kosmicznej muzyki Krystalai (zeby jej posluchac wystarczy wejsc na jej strone klik) przypomnialam sobie, ze gdy po raz pierwszy uslyszalam te muzyke to skojarzyla mi sie z doswiadczeniami ktore opisalam w notce Angels of Light i Misterium Światła

z piesnia o ktorej w niej wspominam….

ten rodzaj wzruszenia..

so deep…

ktory teraz znow poczulam…

takze na mysl o Rishi River…

flow with love..



Autor: Livia Ether Flow

‚I am the child of Earth and starry Heaven’ Freedom for all living beings and the all worlds.. Deeper than memory.. beyond the time…. i send you blessings where you are ♥ ƸӜƷ ♥ Livia Ether Flow LiRa

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