Hello Lovely Expression Of Source :) Freedom Day Arrival Time…


From Ascension Whispers:

Hello Lovely Expression Of Source


I am happy to tell you that tonight I was told the time the event will commence on Freedom Day, December 12, 2013.

The wave of Source will flow through the planetary system and all eternal life forms beginning at 12:12 AM on 12-12-13. Regardless where you are located on the planet, when it is 12:12 AM your local time is when it will flow through your area.

The energy of Source will come into the system via the Eternal 12 Pillars and the 13th Pillar. We have not yet reached the point of the information for the Eternal Pillars and Shields of Source in the youtube material but if you have heard about such things before, it is not exactly as it has been thought but close.

We will look at those things in upcoming videos but for the moment; if you remember, the Eternal Life Grid exists in all layers of Eternal Life Expressions from the micro to the macro in size. Of course, size is an illusion anyway:)

The Eternal 12 Pillars are all of the 12 point connections, top and bottom of the Grid and shine unto each other through ALL layers of creation. The Eternal 13th Pillar is the 6 point of the Grid and shines forth the energy of Source from the Center Point of the Original Thought of Source through all layers of creation…

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‚I am the child of Earth and starry Heaven’ Freedom for all living beings and the all worlds.. Deeper than memory.. beyond the time…. i send you blessings where you are ♥ ƸӜƷ ♥ Livia Ether Flow LiRa https://liviaspacedotcom.wordpress.com/

4 thoughts on “Hello Lovely Expression Of Source :) Freedom Day Arrival Time…”

  1. Happy Freedom Day
    Posted on December 12, 2013 by admin


    Hello Beloved Expressions of Source,

    For those who are interested in my personal share of experiences – so far – on this wonderful day of Freedom;

    At approximately 11:00 PM on December 11, 2013, I began to notice things occurring in my head. It began with the crown chakra (soft spot area) hurting as it does if you bump your head hard. As I sat and felt this, the palms and feet chakras became very heated and vibrating with energy.

    I next saw, with inner vision, the vertical pillar and at the top of it, above the 12th chakra above the head, I saw a vortex of spinning energy that was spinning clockwise around my body as if I was sitting in the middle of a clock with the 6 point in front of me and the 12 point behind me.

    As I watched the spinning vortex, the bumped head feeling in the crown chakra began to expand to cover the head but under the skin as well and felt like a crown, bowl or hat sitting on top of the head and then quickly down the back of the head to the base of the skull.

    At approximately 11:30 PM, I was guided to begin my daily routine of energy exercises, which my husband joined me for.

    As we went through the routine, the spinning vortex continued to spin faster and faster. My palms and feet became so electrified that they felt like flaming spheres of energy.

    The entire inside of my body then felt electrified and the particles inside the body felt like excited energy, kind of like the spray that comes from a waterfall. Then the inside freeze out began through the entire body with my teeth chattering. 🙂

    We completed the exercises by 12:00 midnight and was guided to simply sit within the God Space with continued focused breathing, inhaling and exhaling the word “balance” until 12:15 AM.

    At about 12:30 AM I made myself comfortable in my recliner and quickly fell asleep and instantly began a series of dream time experiences in which I kept seeing myself in different time periods, looking different in each one and noticing the difference in the surroundings.

    It was not a restful kind of sleep dreaming and every hour I was nudged to open my eyes and look at the digital clock on the entertainment center then quickly back into a new time period.

    This continued until 6:00 AM on December 12th when my body finally awakened and wanted to soak in a bath, during which time guidance explained that the experience of cycling through the different time periods was a result of rapid infusion of Source energy which literally created a rapid accretion cycle of energy, re-accreting through time cycles that had already been accreted and experienced prior to the Atlantian attack.

    Upon waking at 6:00 AM, the entire head still felt quite sore but this faded as I soaked in the bath.

    Guidance says that each continued monthly time cycle shift will present similar with higher energy turning on and re-accretion of energy that had already occurred prior to the Atlantian attack.

    The planet now feels like she is basking gently in a blanket of energy and the entire planet and all eternal life forms are in energy integration mode which will continue for about 3 days when things begin to feel more balanced until the quickening cycle begins for next month’s time shift.

    I am intending that things will settle down now and I can put together the next video share for the youtube channel. A whole lot of wonderful information to share with you!

    I must say, in all of the many ways that I imagined what this experience “might” express as, it has expressed in a way I never even thought of but that is nothing new to my hologram as Source continually surprises me. And guidance continues to remind me that Source creates in balance and Source heals in balance.

    What does it mean that the higher energy of Source coming into the planet created a series of massive leaps through time? It means the planet and all eternal life forms are now in the process of turning on that higher energy within and that will allow those higher thoughts to express into the hologram. What will that look like? Whatever we desire to co-create!

    There will be information presented in an upcoming video that shows how the time matrix – galaxy is actually a “clock” and what that means as far as these shifts in time but I can tell you for certain in this moment that it means we are going “home”, home to our healed expression. There is no turning back now for the Eternal faces of Source as we are all on the home bound train and it is moving full speed ahead.

    Loving Joy to All,




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