The Final Deception

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The Final Deception

Hidden History and the Rise of the Imposter Christ

This is a non-fiction work of a highly controversial nature, though not sensationalist. The content is researched and written by a credentialed biblical scholar, the arguments presented are based on historical facts, archeological discoveries, ancient texts and iconography.

The Final Deception explains no evidence exists of a Hebrew or Israelite presence in ancient Egypt because the Old Testament is the history of the Hyksos people, who traveled west from Sumer and co-opted the Hebrew identity and named themselves „Israel.” The Hyksos was known as „shepherds” and all the central characters of the Bible are „shepherds,” a title that has nothing to do with a caretaker lovingly caring for those in need, as in the stylized interpretation, but rather is strictly administrative and hierarchical.

The „Christ” tradition was lifted from the „Magi” people and the Christ identity was transposed onto Jesus of Galilee, who was not the Christ, but had a specific agenda, which is explained in the book.

Events are traced back to Sumer and the influence of Annunaki deities, which Sumerian texts explain in great detail. The Annunaki agenda is rewritten in Christian doctrine as „regeneration” or „rebirth”, ideas that are drastically in need of re-assessment. The book closes with an examination of the Cathars and the story of the Montsegur, and suggests that hope is not yet lost.

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Chapter One Shepherd Kings
Israelites; The Hyksos; Reversal of Fortune; Exodus; Moses; The Promised Land
Chapter Two The Annunaki Legacy
The Sumerian archives; Annunaki; The Elohim; „Lulu” and Adam; The Cro-magnons; Seth; Wrap-Up
Chapter Three Gene Raiders of the lost Ark
All in the Family; Enter the Dragons; Gene Raiders; Rod and Staff; Ring and Scepter; Life without the Ark
Chapter  Four Two Christs
Bloodlines in Conflict; Virgin Birth; Matthew; Luke; The First Birth; Massacre of the Infants; The Magi; The Second Birth; Return of Abraham’s Family; Shepherds of the Nativity; Summary
Chapter Five Cosmic Identity Theft
Hebrews and Israelites; The Twelve Tribes; Holy Land;  Stealing Christ; Secrets of the Galilean; The Historical Christ; Essenes; Son of Man; The Last Adam
Chapter Six Mary, Joseph, and John
The Dark-skinned Woman; The Cover-up; The Stepmother; Man of the Craft; The Sorcerer’s Apprentice; Family Feud; Next of  Kin; Hidden in Plain Sight; John the Baptist
Chapter Seven Spectacle at Calvary
Irenaeus of Lyons; The Illusion;  The Substitute Imposter; The Substitute in Art; The Crucifixion; „Mystic” Crucifixion; The Resurrection
Chapter Eight Regeneration
Mary Magdalene; Goddess with a Jar; The Female Christ; The Eight-Pointed Star; The Hand of Sabazius; Pineal Gland; Alpha and Omega; The Tree of Life; The Finger of Fire; The Phoenix
Chapter Nine The Many Faces of Thoth
The Greek Gods; Ningishzida; The Emerald Tablet; The „ram-bearer”; The Herma;  Leonardo da Vinci; Unholy Blood; The Peacock Angel
Chapter Ten Dark Knights
Templars; Return of the Sons of Light; Seals & Symbols; Thoth-Enki Brotherhood; The Gnostic Connection; Baphomet; Prince of Demons
Chapter Eleven Keepers of the Truth
Manichaeans; The Dove; „Cathars”; Kathars and Cathars; Visigoths; Insectoid Raiders; Montsegur

Autor: Livia Ether Flow

‚I am the child of Earth and starry Heaven’ Freedom for all living beings and the all worlds.. Deeper than memory.. beyond the time…. i send you blessings where you are ♥ ƸӜƷ ♥ Livia Ether Flow LiRa

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