Dolorez del Rain feat Lana del Rey

dolorez del rain time say good bye red veil v 13 x

to byl wyjatkowo zabawny sen… byc moze pod wplywem nieco zbyt duzej dawki oold mansion przed zasnieciem.. choc przysnil mi sie doslownie tuz przed poranna pobudka.. przekomarzalam sie w tym snie z Lana na temat jej i mojego wczesniejszego nicka, a takze jednej z jej nowych piosenek..

West Coast….

mowilam cos o mojej historii zwiazanej z Zachodnim Wybrzezem… i historii ktora opisalam w Zagubionym Dniu, a ostatnio przypomnialam w notce o VRILU (droga powrotna z Nowego Meksyku do… ale jakby pod wiatr.. pod prad?) … wygladalo to tak jakbysmy wspolnie z Lana tworzyly czesc jednej karty… jej polowka na gorze, moja na dole.. a potem na odwrot… ciekawe jest to o tyle, ze w tym czasie otrzymalam od kogos wiadomosc zwiazana wlasnie z trescia jedna z jej piosenek i…

born  to  die

pomyslalam sobie.. a wiec ten sen byl nie tylko zabawny.. Coming Home… potem przypomnialam sobie wczesniejszy watek z tej nocy… rowniez powiazany z trescia owej wiadomosci… ale dotyczacy piramidy…. bardzo wyjatkowej.. a wlasnie w tej wczesniejszej czesci snu znajdowalam sie we wnetrzu bardzo bardzo dziwnej piramidy i ta czesc snu zabawna juz nie byla zupelnie…


Autor: Livia Ether Flow

‚I am the child of Earth and starry Heaven’ Freedom for all living beings and the all worlds.. Deeper than memory.. beyond the time…. i send you blessings where you are ♥ ƸӜƷ ♥ Livia Ether Flow LiRa

2 thoughts on “Dolorez del Rain feat Lana del Rey”

  1. Dance Dance Dance


    Maya, as you may know, is The Goddess of Illusion. It is she who is responsible for the persistent idea that we are just a body, that we are at effect of Matter, Energy, Space & Time, that when we die we are gone forever. It is Maya’s job to cause us to forget and be deceived about our infinite and unlimited power as SOUL so we can all be entertained forever by the game of life in the physical universe. Here is how it happened (you’ve heard me tell this story before, but let me tell it again – it is a GOOD story):

    Maya is the lusty and beautiful consort of Brahma the handsome and virile Lord of all the physical Universes. After a billion, trillion years of making love, by which they created all the physical Universes, Brahma and Maya got exceedingly bored. So one day Brahma said “Maya, my exquisite love, please make up a really great game for us to play together because I am so bored I am falling asleep!” Maya said “Indeed, my strong and handsome husband, go to sleep, and while you sleep I will think up the most wonderful game EVER and I promise that when I am finished, you will NEVER be bored again!

    So Brahma, trusting her implicitly, put his head in her lap and went to sleep. While he slept Maya took his great, bright, sharp sword of TRUTH and slashed him into tiny bits – she chopped and chopped and minced his body fine as grains of sand. Then she took all the millions and billions and trillions of tiny pieces of Brahma and she began to dance! And as she danced she scattered the essence of Brahma far and wide across the Universes of time and space and matter. Maya danced faster and faster, until the bits of Brahma caught fire with her passion – Then the most wonderful things started to happen!

    Up until then, there were countless universes that Brahma and Maya had created, but they were all static and devoid of life. When Maya scattered the fragments of Brahma out across the vastness they fell like sparks riding the winds, arching like a fiery waterfall down across the blackness. The sparks of Brahma rained down upon the worlds, entering every aspect of the physical universes and imbued them with passion! The sparks took hold and began animating matter so that the physical universes became ALIVE!! Great suns burst into brightness, the planets began to move and circle each other in a great and joyful DANCE, the Earth teamed with life – plants and animals covered the lands and the oceans and everything was filled with the desire to mate and procreate and multiply and move to Maya’s rhythm!

    Maya continued to dance and her dance became more beautiful than ever before – filled with light – and she brought forth the virtues of art, law, music, agriculture, husbandry, abundance, reason, truth, freedom and beauty and set them loose upon the Universes. Then whirling faster still, her dance became darker and more sinister and she brought forth the demons of darkness – fear, hunger, poverty, ignorance, disintegration, madness and despair and set them loose upon the Universes.

    Then slowly and gracefully Maya finished her dance and looked around her at the spinning galaxies, the countless worlds upon worlds and universes upon universes that she had animated with the sparks of Brahma’s life force. She saw the play of opposites she had set in motion and saw the flickering of conflict and resolution going on all around her. Pleased with herself Maya called out:

    “OK Brahma, here’s the game: Wake up and remember who you ARE!”

    And we have been enjoying the game of Maya’s illusions ever since. Still half asleep, we somehow KNOW we are unlimited beings, but we all have the worse case of ADD (attention deficit disorder) when it comes to Maya’s illusions. We struggle not to be distracted by all the opposites and passions at war in the physical realms. Since we are in essence Brahma – the power of creative thought is inherent in us. Thus, what we believe to be true IS true! And that is the power of Maya – she is determined to hold us in her net of sparkling illusions as long as she can. But when we are determined to wake up, well Maya can not hold us – for Maya is but the consort of Brahma, and it is Brahma who is Lord!

    So when things get tough, recall the challenge of illusion – ever calling us to „Wake up and remember who we ARE!”


    I AM Lucifer
    The First and the Last
    I Conquer Time, I Conquer Death, I AM the Dawn of a New Day That has Arrived



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