Donald Tusk & and Rethinking The Alien Agenda..


Bardzo ciekawe info ze strony Randy Green via Emerald Guardians z (Update 1st of December 2014) na temat Donalda Tuska i jego ciekawych powiazan z…

I am presently working on an assumption of an abandoning ship theory from the western brotherhoods along with their reptilian friends as well as the stellar allies that have positioned themselves in the 4th dimension linking the host fields here to the systems of their allies, and making it possible for the ones with genetic modifications to leave as we speak. The large sounds in the sky lately could be part of this 4th dimensional bridging, at least that is what I get from inside.

I cannot say for sure but the new political and economic trends have something to do with the new EU president Donald Tusk from Poland (eastern brotherhoods) coming into power in EU which traditionally belongs to the western brotherhoods and he seem to me to want to revive the one world governance in a new version: New EU leader Donald Tusk makes tough unity pledge. Tusk spoke with Obama today. Read more here.

Some interesting headlines from an interesting Indian newspaper:

Renewable energy will change the energy landscape as we know it.

… the falling prices of renewable energy to the point of becoming cheaper than coal.

European Union unveils $380-billion investment plan to kickstart growth

in this article it should be noted that: the plan would not rely on creating more debt, which already stands at some 90 percent of gross domestic product in the EU (EU is really into some serious money issues).

Gold prices are falling as the dollar gets stronger and yet the fear of inflation is just around the corner.

To put it mildly: The world economy is really not in any good shape and it is this that might lead to an intervention and offer from the eastern brotherhoods and if I am right then the main factions of the controllers have left or are leaving, giving over the western side of the EARTH program to the Lizzies and if this is what is happening, the Lizzies (not the Draco-reptilians but a minor faction that came here a long time ago and have collaborated with the Draco-reptilians as their minions within the EP) will for sure negotiate with the eastern brotherhoods to create a new order of things.

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