Status Aurora-Earth Update Perspective Emerald Guardians 2015


by Ra, Emerald Guardians

So… i dont post/write that much talky talkytalkywise.  its rare nowadays.
so now a good occasion to write. and show an/my Angle of perception onto things and a Now-Time status Aurora Earth update.

So lets begin with the GWL-APIN, that’s online but not yet secure.  for that me goes back to tip from andrew. grid still being booby-trapped kinda.. , and Puma-Punku was drained/descension of its energetics (at 1 date) , stolen/done by 1 group with 2 ships.


Great White Lion

to than use the energy to put p a block on North & South-Pole atmospheric insertion. and that was regarding a question re the heart of the lion (PSG12 area*) and the lion APIN itself. and :re: triple seal set.

GWL (Great White Lion) -LPIN regulator of the Vertical Flow.

Dark Flowering

Other way-in was via lemme for now just call it an attachment *(*just for the explaining). Well that has been cleared/healed also from 20th onwards fully.(Bali journey) as that part also caught DF from another in same time-frame as one from below: DFIP list*   // So no direct way into… no more! correct.

ill add a part re ED area and Tesla-Fake-Tower (holographic-insert) to hide the other thing..   being a gravitron location. and that type stuff.. **** yet to add onto

*List is.. (as i went to checkup some peoples on a blog and see.. what senses tell..)

Dark Flowering Infected Persons

Name|were infected in | Genetic/group-line affill |
Jareck| 2013| JH
Mamatika*| 2014 | AD/TH
Teslaguy*| 2012 | BS
Anilalah| 2014 | TM
Ulrikke Keylonta| 2013 | JH
Arcturus Ra (Renee)| 2013 | AE
D.B|2014 | TP/EO|

Clean Persons
Anna liberatore|JH/TM
Michael Papierski|TM

*mamatika, jestem ,i am (and all his/her/it other nickname/handles)
**Teslaguy/Luci (ill leave real name out a here for now)

rest if not yet looked into., as i got more on my TODO list. so this just a quick look at some.
but i dont mind naming names. nope

and some folks from this group called „Project Cheops


So… to them i say&said: you want the Anti-Dote!!!? –>> check the plasma journey (1/2/3) on my blog

To stop the „progressive” being taken-over of the „person” till nothing is left of the original being/person/soul+.. as DF effects all levels of energy-bodies..

and the Tan-Tri A’Ra is  specialized in Self-Healing
Those choosing will be assigned a personal helper, and will assist them in their own private-space for any assistance and such that might be needed or asked.

 :RE: Dark-Flowering also see

2012-6-7 the MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils Round-up: about the Uby race and „Christos destruction” agenda

(or slider 1/12 manuals on TBP them pdf’s go into depth into it also)(or buy not sure if them are for sale atm on arhayas website.

So that said.

Lets go back to what Dark Flowering is. and ^the above^ as a friendly advice ^added^ how one can remedy.. onesself

What is Dark Flowering..
(me used info from a fb group with a same Question (*part2) for a summary) names are redacted to: A.A X.X Z.Z.   for informational use only.


Dark Flower Awakening

Demons being born to people’s body, attachment.



 „A.A said:
Simply it’s FAtalE invasion. Its activation of reverse blue, green and false violet plasma ray current flows from artificially created deity planes that can flip other’s personal shields when in a group. It appears unintentional but they

are not ‚who they think they are’ due to identity hacking by one or more fallen deities through eye of FAtalE, Brenta de-Leu’-ra chamber, 7 broken arrow sites of wingmakers gate systems that initiate and re-activate 7 Jehovian seals in

person’s body. Ones in nice-to-meet you mood shift to sour-blame-game player the next moment. These dramas resemble a puppet show, where puppeteer is often hidden behind susceptible person’s auric fields, away from audience. Externally

it may appear the person has switched emotional masks they wear, as if you’re talking to altogether different person. When others start catching these plasmas, many in group are made believe into a delusional collective attack paradigm

(plasma wars, clash of titans). I hope this answers your question relatively. On a side note, dark flower affliction can be cleared with 6-point myotic plasma breathing amps from alhumbhra centre lotus anatomy. Plasmatik lavas~

X.X said:
Thanks. A.A… so let me see if my question is clearer . What in practical terms someone totally not knowing about keylontic science would see ? Some one you couldn’t talk about shields, FAtalE, , Brenta de-Leu’ra Chamber , and so on …

what would they see… that could correspond to dark flowering ? What would that correspond in broad terms , in the human colective ?

A.A said:
in broad terms, a demon seed blooming into a poison flower. There’s plenty of literature on what different civilisations see in a spirit possession and how they deal with them. In case non-ks answer stays an ‚abstract’ explanation,

quantum focusing on the translated material being comprehensible than ‚its tough or too heavy for me and others’ can resolve this issue too.

Z.Z said:
The guardians were, from a very early date, aware of the dark flowering phenomenon and the potential for plasma issues to emerge.

If we remember EAshas June 2012 online post, dark flowering began in 1999, in some key personalities. As well, in voyagers volume 2 2nd ed. the groups largely responsible for the dark flowering issues, the wingmakers or Wha-JE-A-Ta, were

explicitly mentioned as making a play in 2011, as precisely happened. Let alone the repeated history of shield fractures that have historically occurred.”


An important message from E_Asha about dark flowering in relation to light body activations.doc

AL-Hum-Bhra – Krystal River Host – Accepted Race/Collectives

2014/2015 update specific list

previewread more:


Poland, Poland….


KHY mahmaps by EG

Autor: Livia Ether Flow

‚I am the child of Earth and starry Heaven’ Freedom for all living beings and the all worlds.. Deeper than memory.. beyond the time…. i send you blessings where you are ♥ ƸӜƷ ♥ Livia Ether LiRa

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