Ba RA Ka

My Mystical Egypt

Smart Magdigladiator: The word Sufi or mystic derived from Greek word and it means the one who looks for the wisdom

LiRa SHA: I know only that… word „baraka” in the ancient language of the Sufi mean blessing, the breath, the essence of life … i love this word… also egyptian water.. called Baraka



Smart Magdigladiator: The baraka means blessing you are right and there is mineral water called Baraka and the word Baraka is given as a name to the old people

LiRa SHA:ooo.. but maybe rather more specific old people? more elders than older (s)?

My post about BARAKA on Livia Space

with love




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Autor: Livia Ether Flow

‚I am the child of Earth and starry Heaven’ Freedom for all living beings and the all worlds.. Deeper than memory.. beyond the time…. i send you blessings where you are ♥ ƸӜƷ ♥ Livia Ether Flow LiRa


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