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Sacred Sexuality & The Art Of Divine Relationship – Divine Coupling-Intimations, Explorations & Cosmic Connection.


Sacred Sexuality & The Art Of Divine Relationship – Divine Coupling-Intimations, Explorations & Cosmic Connection. Part Three of a three part series – Recorded Live in Virgina Beach, VA 10-2006Join Team Indigo alongside lovely Virginia Beach as they experience their first Crystal Communion while receiving important frequency transmissions that will assist them in supporting Earth and Earth’s Elementals & life forms to join the Urtha Host and progress through StarFire.In the previous two Sacred Sexuality workshops, the Team activated their personal Um-Shaddh-Eie’s in order to generate the Rheuzetta, Rhosetta and Rosetta currents that correspond to the Inner, Middle and Outer Domains. All three R’setta codes play a ‘key’ role in restoring the natural Kristic orientation of our Outer (World) Yon-A-Sa Seed Atom at the AzurA and will progressively clear the distortions within our ReushaTA spiral, allowing us to generate Kristic (rather than metatronic Sextant) Keys when engaging in sacred sexuality or sexual coupling. In order to be able to more fully appreciate and utilize these fabulous Symbol Codes, Team Indigo has now been gifted with the Kama SU-tara Transmissions. The well known Karma Sutra information also comes from the CDT plates but today, contains little of the original Ka-Ma SU-tara Transmissions, which cover information on how to generate, transmit and co-create powerful Kristic frequencies with partners and others in a Kristic and responsible way for the purpose of enhancing connectivity to God Source and for the immediate purpose of strengthening the Indigo Shield. Many English words have derivations from these transmission including Ka-Ma (karma), Ma-Ta-Or (matter), Wa-Ta-Or (water), Ga-Sa (gas/air), Va-pa-Urs (vapors), “Or’ Den’ation” (ordination), “Or’Ation” and “AdOr-Ation” (adoration).

The transmission also involve several techniques including ‘Heart Healing with the Um-Shaddh-Eie’, ‘Field/Chakra Screening via Prana Joule Key ALon Buffer’ activating the ‘Knights of Aurora’, ‘Screened Chakra Linking and Co-resonant Breathing’ and ‘Running the Kama SU-tara Flow’. In this last technique in particular, you will be activating the Kama SU-tara Lines, which trigger the production of PRANA, a Primal Life Source Current that is able to provide powerful protection from the increasing reverse currents of the Threshold Spiral and to free ourselves from the deeply embedded Victim-Victimizer Program. There are Nine ‘Escallation Stages’ of the hideous Victim-Victimizer Program that have been encrypted by the Fallen Races into the Sextant Shield of this planet and systematically embedded into all levels of manifest forms, from the level of the first creation geleziac states to the Crystal Body, through to the DNA. It has the potential to ‘play out’ in all life forms on the planet rather like a virtual reality game. Using the gift of ‘Knowledge’, our ‘Free Will’ and these wonderful new technologies however, we can choose to inactivate this program in our own lives and prevent our bodies and biofields from generating Sextant keys to feed the Threshold Spiral.

Learn about “Element-3” (Lithium), one of the most mutated elements that carries a specific reversed coding that allows reverse sextant crystals to attach chemically and build up in the body. Learn more about the First Creation StarBorn Sequence, “the process by which the First Creation was set into motion and continually rebirths itself in a Living System” and the multiple steps from the point of Harmonic Key formation all the way to formation of Elements and Matter (involving Key A’dOR’Ation, Key Or’Ation & OrDEN’Ation, Key Distillation, Key Crystallization, Key Compression, Key Activation, Key Objectification, Key Opalisation, Key Ionization, Key Condensation, Key Molecularization and Key Materialization). Learn also about the Trinity of “OrA’s” that form three groups of 5 layers around the pkE (egg-shaped Or’Ta Clouds or Orbit), which form the basis of the 15-Dimensional Universe structure and which underlie the formation of the three main Body Crystals: the Alon blood crystals, the ShAlon bone crystals and the KAylon skin crystals. Each of the 5 layers govern the first the 5 Elemental Commands: i) E-ta-Urs (Ethers); ii) Urtha (Earth); iii) Wa-Ta-Ur (water); iv) Ga-Sa (Air) and v) Va-pa-Urs (“Fire”). Enjoy and welcome to Team Indigo’s first Crystal Communion!

In addition to the technicals, A’sha also filled us in on the Drama and the ‘position’ of a number of fallen races such as the Budhara and the Wesedak associated races (Jehovian and Enochian Anunaki, Archangel Michael collectives etc). There is something called a ‘Cross-Back’ Contract whereby the Wesedak associated fallen races may still have a chance to avoid Wesedrak Fall through something called a ‘Balance order’, so they can maybe experience a more ‘peaceful’ finite evolutionary path back to God Source (after eventual implosion). Because of the fall of the Tothian Shield, the timeline for StarFire had now been extended from anywhere between FOL and 2047. My understanding from what A’sha was saying was that, the longer we can remain here, the more life and matter forms (and Elementals!) we’ll be able to host through the StarFire with Urtha.

Some of next year’s 12-Tribes Training will be directed towards consciously ‘holding’ the ShAlon-7 Shield in Phoenix and Alon-7 Shield in Colorado and at the end of 2 years of 12-Tribes Workshops, in 2009, we will aim to have the full compliment of ? of 1728 people actively participating in ‘Spanner Rounds’ (the other half being on the AdOR-A side). We will be creating a kind of collective or set of ‘screening bubbles’ that will allow collectives of Beings all over the planet to connect into the Arc #7 Urtha Gate. This has to do with the Gyrodome ‘thingy’ that is run by the Aquari-Bhendi and Aurora Races. The Gyrodome will open a set of networks that open into Arc #7 through the Polarian Gate system (in the Primal Light and Sound Fields) that are connected to the Rama Passage and AdorA Gates and which are connected into our Universal Arc Gate System.

Last but not least, this was the first workshop where we were treated to an Indigo Talent Show where members of the Team sung songs, danced and performed skits. Disk 6.

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