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Phoenix Hints At Imminent Pirate Bay Comeback


Phoenix Hints At Imminent Pirate Bay Comeback



CyberBunker is an Internet service provider that, according to its website, hosts „services to any Web site ‚except child pornography and anything related to terrorism'”. It served as a host for both The Pirate Bay and as one of the many Wikileaks mirrors.[1][2] CyberBunker has also been accused of being a host for spammers, botnet command-and-control servers, malware and online scams. The company has also been involved in Border Gateway Protocol hijacks of IP addresses used by Spamhaus and the United States Department of Defense.The Spamhaus hijack was part of an exceptionally large distributed denial of service attack launched against them in March of 2013. Because of the size of this attack it received considerable mainstream media attention.

The company is named for the place it was once housed in, a former Cold War bunker. The bunker was built in 1955 just outside the small town of Kloetinge in the south of the Netherlands.

It was intended as a war time Provincial Military Command Center (Dutch: Provinciaal Militair Commando) of the Dutch military that could withstand a nuclear attack. It was discarded by the Dutch military in 1994.

As of 2013 the physical location of CyberBunker is unknown.

LiRa Sha to Ra S Ananda

most people think that now all is legal.. but.. look on your yt list.. how many people lost own account……



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