Ruby Crystal, Ruby Love



Rubin as my crystal of today 


The name Ruby comes from the Latin Ruber, which means “red”. Medieval Europeans wore ruby to succeed in Love, health and wealth. Because of its color has always been associated with passion, love and beauty. It is the world most famous and best-loved red gem.

more about why ruby.. in my comment to Dawid


Starry Ruby


Can happen sometimes, to see in the market the star ruby, the phenomena, called asterism, is caused by the needle-like inclusions into the stone, if is cut into a cabochon the light is reflected in a 6-rays star. Those gems are highly priced and very rare.

Ruby and star ruby are both the US birthstones of July.

Ruby Fairy 


by Rachel Anderson

Ruby Sacred Divine Feminine


by Rassouli

Ruby Cosmic Heart


The Heart Nebula (IC 1805) lies about 7500 light years away…

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Autor: Livia Ether Flow

‚I am the child of Earth and starry Heaven’ Freedom for all living beings and the all worlds.. Deeper than memory.. beyond the time…. i send you blessings where you are ♥ ƸӜƷ ♥ Livia Ether Flow LiRa

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