Secrets of the Yugas

(Workshop Diary: SYCA Nov, 2003, Ireland, MCEO)

During this workshop we learnt more about Cosmic Time Cycles, creational mechanics, shield mechanics and merkaba fields. We had already heard about the parameter field (the spherical field around the outside of the merkaba) and how important it is in the function of perpetual life-force currents. Earth’s parameter field has been progressively slowed down through the Fallen Angelic shenanigans 5.5 million years ago and in 25,500 BC, the Eiyani races halted this progressive slowing of the parameter field and BeaST activation by activating the galactic Mahadra Adrhana Krist Code in 22,326 BC. In 13,400 BC however, the Fallen Angelics deactivated the Krist Code using the Ruby Seal. At this point in time, the top electrical merkaba stopped spinning, leaving us with a 7 7/9 CCW bottom spiral, a 7.8 Hertz planetary solar core vibration and a stationary parameter field. We were now “locked in time” and Earth, our solar system and its parallel were effectively “quarantined” from Universal and metatronic currents.

The secrets of the Cosmic Clock lie with the Archangels… but not the ones we (think) we know… but the REAL ones that are concerned with the Universal ‘Arcs’ and the ‘Angles’. The ‘Arcs’ are arcs of energy between two poles on a sphere. They are the key to time travel, projection and understanding how Universes manifest. They are an integral part of the original time cycle calendars that recorded the relationships of merkaba spins, Arcs and Angles…

The Crystal Dream Seed is the key to our manifestation 

abilities because it is the opening to our Monad, not just our body’s Monad at the


but the Universal Monad and Divine Blue Print…

The final point at the conclusion of the ReuchaTA when all 12 Pillar

have been anchored is called zero point..

Copyright A’shayana & A’hzayana Deane, 2003. All Rights Reserved Part of the MCEO Freedom Teachings® Series

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