AMENTI PROJECT, Legacy of the Lost, Amsterdam (Class 12)

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Ponizej fragment materialu z warsztatu Ashayany, listopad 2007 Amsterdam , w trakcie ktorego przekazano bardzo specyficzne i ciekawe informacje nt J12, czyli Sanandy jak i jego zwiazku z Holandia. W sumie watek Sanandy pojawil sie juz w dyskusji pod notka o CDT plates, niestety budzac bardzo duze kontrowersje


Legacy of the Lost, Freedoms of the Found, the Milky Way Mysteries, Halls of Records  and the “Jesus Codes”

Amsterdam Class 12

Questions and Answers

1. What are Spanner Gates?

• Spanner Gates are the natural NaVA-Ho Core Gates that run on the Allurean Chambers. The Krystal Heart Gates are their base structures.

• They are called Spanner Gates because they span between our system over into the AquA’elle System, and then a set of them spans from there over into the Andromeda System.

• Spanner Gates are the natural pathway links that occur in the natural Spirit Body and Light Bodies of natural Organic Kristiac Systems. They manifest through the processes inherent to the Kryst Code.

• The Spanner Gates here connect into the Aurora Platforms, which are Safe Zone fields that interface with the AquA’elle Matrix. Those in the Hibernation Zones can not get you when you project via these Safe Zone systems.

2. Where was Atlantis and what happened before it disappeared?

• Atlantis was a continent that linked into Florida and Ireland, England and the Netherlands:


(See Voyagers: Volume 2, 2nd edition).


da315baeae0b4610b1e19acbb1e26dd4 van Nathalie/Pinterest

• When Atlantis fell during the periods of Luciferian Rebellion and Luciferian Conquest, the Hibernation Zone races were progressively pulling holes in that continent, literally ripping pieces of land mass out. It was becoming a place with salt water canals everywhere.

• Because the Angelic Human races and the Krist races had the gene codes that could run the Stargates, they ran up first to Lohas. Later the Atlantian King Leviathan Lines, which were the hybrid lines, started to invade there.

• They force hybridized certain Angelic Human strains with Fallen Angelic races in order to get themselves in human bodies here, so they could do what they are doing now.

• There are land bumps underneath that are still pieces of what used to be the mainland of Lohas, Atlantis, and we have little island bits that are still part of that. And in the North Sea we still have what was the Krystal Krystar Temple, which is
a particular Gate that is running a NaVA-Ho Pattern for some reason.

3. What did the 666 Grid have to do with the BeaST Technologies and what was
the key for our healing?

• The 666 Grid is between the areas of Amsterdam, Paris and Brussels.

• Amsterdam was plugged directly in the 6-Gate Apollyon Star in the Fallen Yahweh Matrix. Paris was connected into the Fallen Procyon and Brussels into the fallen part of Sirius B. They all have the 6 configuration.

• This 666 triangulation plugged into a massive network that runs through the Caduceus Network all over the planet. It is called the Golden Serpent Network and it is connected to not just the BeaST Technologies, but the Threshold Technologies and the Bourgha Wormhole Time Rip Technologies.

• So the 666 Grid takes the other technologies and actually uses them all together to make a very powerful technology. It controls the HAARP machine in Alaska and other spots on the grids.

• The 666 Grid won’t triangulate anymore because the connection with Apollyon in Amsterdam was unplugged (Nov. 2007). We used the Krystal Core Gate in the North Sea to go to the Halls of REisha-TA. That is the key for our healing, because we are now able to recode ourselves into the natural creation.

4. What is the importance of the AquA’elle Matrix Gate 3?

• This is Ascension Earth. It is a gate (Sha-La) we can pass through by the Krystal Core Gate in the North Sea and then get into our natural Ascension System on the other side, the AdorA side or Spirit side of our natural Matrix: the Ecka-Veca System of Aquinos.

5. Who was AquA’elle and what does Holland have to do with her son?

• AquA’elle, the daughter of Jesheua-12 born in 27 AD, formed the 7th hidden line: the Keepers of the Krystal Core, of the Shala-13 Core Gate. She was named after the Matrix that she was actually partially raised in, and then she was brought all the way over to the natural Andromeda System to get the codes there.

• AquA’elle was taken to the AquA’elle Matrix with two guardians: Samuel
(a brother of Jesheua-12) and Miriam. At age 12 they brought her back to Earth through Span 7, letting her integrate into the original Navajo Tribes.

• AquA’elle had a set of twins. One was a boy and one was a girl.
The female twin became known in their legends as White Buffalo Woman. The male twin was taken to Ah-SA-LE’-Yon in the AquA’elle Matrix, which was the Aurora 2 Platform. J-12’s grandson was known as the White Navajo.

• In 63 AD J-12’s grandson, White Navajo, was returned to the last outpost of Lohas, Atlantis, the area that is now called Amsterdam.

• Because the whole family was killed in America, including AquA’elle’s 12-year old son, there was only one line left: the line of the White Navajo that stayed in Holland for quite a while.

cafdcfdb5b302b8231cae942777d86c3reaching down


6. Who were the Seven Suns Families and what were they able to do?

• Another set of male and female twins were born in Holland. They started the first Seven Suns, Sun Family Lines, here: They could activate their Sun Fields.

These families were the Keepers of the Krystal Core.

• These Seven Sun Families were albino as well. They were albino twins; one was male and one was female. So an albino line started to run in Holland.

• Each of those seven families had agreed to a Host Regenesis. Because of trying to clear some of the distortions out of the gene line, and activate the Core Crystal Codes, they knew that only the 1st child and the 7th child would survive.

• All of the other children died of progeria. They came in with a choice, accepting that. It was an acceleration of the entire body mechanism that allowed them to do special things here. It also accelerated their body’s susceptibility to the mess in the electromagnetic fields here, so it accelerated the burnout of the systems.

• Each child that was born literally transmuted that part of that gene code to progressively get it so you could have a child who could survive on its own. The seventh one had the full spectrum of codes.

7. Who are the AquaFarE and why are they our Host Race?

• Those 7th children of each of the seven sons of the Seven Suns were brought back into the AquA’elle Matrix, and there was a race line of them created there called the AquaFarE.

• The AquaFarE line is a particular line of Aquari Human, Angelic Human that was created in this period by combining with other ones in the Edons, of both the Aquious Matrix, and the AquA’elle Matrix, and bringing that coding here.

• The AquaFarE are our host race, for those who can’t bring the bodies out. They would be the next race lines that are already in two places: In the AquA’elle Matrix are the ones that have a little bit lower Base Pulse Rhythm, so you could incarnate into them if you still have to clear a lot of the distortions, and in the M31 Matrix are those that are all the way over already.

8. What is the prototype for the human life form?

• We look different when we are whole; we have not only the nice bone structure and hair, but we are larger and have six fingers and toes, and larger eyes. Right now, a lot of what we look like has to do with our mutation.

• The original prototype for the hominid comes from the Aquari Matrix, a Krist Matrix in a whole different Eckasha-A.

• The Aquari Matrix is a Krist Matrix. It has made it all the way through a full Adashi Cycle, and therefore it is a control Matrix because it can run enough frequency to try to host the others out, so you don’t have mass falls occurring all over the place.

9. What are the Sextant and 6-6-6 Timekeeper and how do we heal our bodies?

• The Sextant (Clock) changes stuff that is supposed to happen at certain ages. It creates what is a reversal at specific ages. Where we can only get a portion of the light field into matter, and you can’t connect the Spirit Body to it because it just regurgitates itself through the Yin-Yang pattern and the Tube Torus structure.

• The Sextant (Clock) process progressively kills the body. Your cells burn out and at a certain point you spiral back down to the Base Pulse Rhythm that was the original, the lowest point that you entered at fetal integration.

It uses the body as a vehicle to suck energy off other things around it, and then take that energy out of the body and put it into Procyak. This Sextant Clock is plugged into our system through mutations that affect the Celestalline Suns.

• The 6-6-6 Timekeeper is at the gate to Spirit and allows for direct field co-joining by Fallen Angelics. This Timekeeper is associated with the Sagittarius A stuff and down into the Abaddon stuff. This is the “demon over your shoulder.”

• The 6-6-6 Timekeeper completely twists the natural shield clock. We are supposed to be able to have our Eiradonis behind us. It is facing in the same direction as we are; we should be able to merge with each other. Instead, we are staring it in the face, off at an angle.

• The Sextant and 6-6-6 Timekeeper made unnatural Subjugate Twins out of one natural EtorA Current. They bent half of it around and twisted it to make a facsimile of an Adjugate that is called a Subjugate, which has a type of finite light phasing—Bi-Veca light phasingthat is characteristic of the Metatronic code.

• With the clearing of the 6-6-6 Seals and Matrices we can do Adjugate Bonding first with the Eiradonis, starting with the Resurrection Technologies. We are resurrecting the original Core Divine Blueprint as it is held in the natural Spirit Body Akashic Record.

• The Aurora Field can heal us to the point where we can actually spin a portion, enough of our own body structure, to do the Adjugate Bonding even though we still have the 6-6-6 Timekeeper “shadow man” behind us. The Aurora Field, or the AquA’elle Gates, can run their frequencies in and they can rotate things that will allow the rotation.

10. Why are the Axi-A-Tonal lines so important?

• The full set of 12 Allurean Chamber flows, the frequencies of the Eiradonis, are actually supposed to run the Axi-A-Tonal lines.

11. What are the Command Tones of the Jesheua Code?

• They are literally the names that are the vibrational core resonance of the Gatesets that go with the Aquinos Matrix, which is the natural Aquinos Andromeda M31. The interface Gates that are in the AquA’elle Matrix, and the natural ones, the Kristiac ones that are here.

12. What is important when you use these Command Tones of the Jesheua Code?

• Krystic self-expression is important when we use these codes, to remind you that the way that you articulate it from the Krystic sentiment, the feeling, is equivalent to the way you would state: “I AM This I AM.” You would use loving emphasis. It’s not like: “Open the bloody door.” It is: “I AM here, aware of myself, and
willing to accept responsibility for that which I now request.”


1. Original Navajo Tribes:

The original Navajo Tribes were descendants of some Aquari who came up from Caral. They started down in the Phoenix area, even though the legends right now tell them they were from further up north. Their grids were there and going down to Caral.

2. Ah-SA-LE’-Yon:

The Aurora 2 Platform in the AquA’elle Matrix.

3. Lohas:

The areas of Ireland, England and the Netherlands.

4. Progeria:

The aging disease.

5. M31:

The Andromeda Galaxy.

6. WesaLA Matrix:

The WesaLA Matrix is considered an adjacent Eckasha Matrix. It is actually way over in a whole different Eckasha-A, and they have a parallel. Their parallel, next to them, is a Krist Matrix, and that is why they haven’t gone into full fall like our system.

7. AnshaTAsa Passage:

The AnshaTAsa Passage actually runs through various gate systems to hold a host open.

8. Sextant (Clock):

Birthday Chart on the Metatronic scale that works like a labyrinth.

9. Celestalline Suns:

Celestalline Suns are a natural part of the Density Suns that separate the Density Levels. When they open, which would be natural in the Adashi Ascension process, it allows the flows from behind—from the Edons and from the Adons before that, and from the Core—to come up into the present where you are. That amount of frequency allows that
you have enough quantum in your body to generate the Light Body activations, and the Spirit Body activations, for Starfire.

10. The 6-6-6 Timekeeper:

The 6-6-6 Timekeeper, which is at the gate to Spirit, allows for direct field co-joining by Fallen Angelics. This is how they get into and at our bodies, how they hang out in overshadow and whisper in our minds, where we think it is us that is whispering. Where they can give us emotional impulses and make us feel things by controlling our chemicals
to a degree. And where they can body snatch if they really want to.

11. Subjugate Twins:

Subjugate Twins are made of one natural EtorA Current. The EtorA Current is bent half around and twisted to make a facsimile of an Adjugate that is called a Subjugate, which has a type of finite light phasing, Bi-Veca light phasing, characteristic of the Metatronic

12. Axi-A-Tonal Lines:

The full set of 12 Allurean Chamber flows, the frequencies of the Eiradonis, are supposed to run the Axi-A-Tonal lines.

The dynamics of the emerging MCEO materials involve the reality that the detailed understanding of major topics is under continuous development; therefore, the contents, and level of detail herein, are as advanced as possible UP TO the date of the workshop recording.

Legacy of the Lost




O tekscie tym wspomnialam w poprzedniej notce

Return of Sacred Butterfly 3

przypomne tylko krotko to co tam napisalam

Minionej nocy, Ra zaproponowal abym tym razem to ja przeczytala nam cos na glos, w ramach bajki na dobranoc:) I po lekturze tego tekstu jestem jeszcze bardziej pewna, ze to co widzialam na Morzu Polnocnym w trakcie lotu z Amsterdamu do Londynu.. jest z tym o czym mowa w tym tekscie jak najbardziej zwiazane.. a o tym co ujrzalam wspominalam w ‚My Rainbow Journeys‚,  ‚Rainbow Makers 1‚ oraz ‚Rainbow Makers 2

choc w sumie powinnam dodac, ze ogolnie moje doswiadczenia tu w Holandii, nazywanej przez mnie od samego poczatku my HollyLand… maja z tym zwiazek tak ogolnie, poczawszy od pierwszego holenderskiego snu – o czarnych maltanskich krzyzach.. ktory poczatkowo wydal mi sie pozbawiony glebszego sensu, az do momentu kiedy Ra znalazl info, ze czarne maltanskie krzyze symbolizuja Dark Templars i Wesedak.. a potem zaczelo sie to wszystko coraz bardziej niesamowicie rozwijac..

w nastepnej notce wybrane fragmenty z tego samego warsztatu, czesc 11


Autor: Livia Ether Flow

‚I am the child of Earth and starry Heaven’ Freedom for all living beings and the all worlds.. Deeper than memory.. beyond the time…. i send you blessings where you are ♥ ƸӜƷ ♥ Livia Ether LiRa

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  1. Dwie osoby zadaly mi na priva pytanie, czy ten Samuel, o ktorym mowa w powyzszym tekscie

    /AquA’elle was taken to the AquA’elle Matrix with two guardians: Samuel
    (a brother of Jesheua-12) and Miriam. At age 12 they brought her back to Earth
    through Span 7, letting her integrate into the original Navajo Tribes.

    nie jest przypadkiem tym Samuelem z przekazow Projektu Cheops, albo przynajmniej z nim jakos zwiazanym.. Odpowiadam wiec tutaj, ze niestety, ale nie kazdy Samuel jest wlasnie tym Samuelem.. haha 🙂 podobnie jak i nie kazdy Albert jest Einsteinem, a kazdy Adolf Hitlerem… just.. i niestety, ale samo imie nie wystarcza aby byc kims wielkim.. np. wielkim odkrywca… ale ok, przypomnialo mi sie, ze o Samuelu byla takze mowa w komentarzu Ra pod notka o CDT plates

    Ra|6 Kwiecień 2015 o 17:25

    choc tak ogolnie to niezle zakrecona ta nasza historia.. niezla – mass drama………..

    a to tak a propos White Buffalo




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