Restoring Energetic Balance

Restoring Energetic Balance

June 2015 by Lisa Renee

Many of us may notice imbalances from past cycles coming into our current awareness, through family issues or people from our past contacting us for resolution, and completion.  This is a timeline bleed-through of many intersections meeting together, into the singularity point. We are in cycles of beginnings and endings, recent milestones have changed events which align us to new potentials for our future on planet earth. The key theme now is Restoring Energetic Balance to the primary situations and relationships in our lives as we connect into the singularity. During this time, we may be yielding the positive or negative energy harvest of our accumulated actions and behaviors in the previous timeline. If we are not paying attention to internal changes that need to happen to keep growing and move to the next stage of our progressive timeline, this can show itself as static or dead energy, which manifests as disease patterns in the body.

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The Masculine Wound

July 2015 by Lisa Renee

Through the natural and organic expansion of consciousness happening now, we are also met with attempts to use artificial and inorganic means to block it.  The 2012-2017 window offers unique possibilities to access multiple timelines simultaneously.  We have just come through a wave of transmissions, which have opened timelines ripe for Masculine Healing.  As many of us are aware, the Negative Alien Agenda (NAA) also tries to capitalize on these waves.  We will discuss current NAA efforts underway to attempt to further enslave masculine energies.  Some of the information on mind control and holographic inserts may sound daunting if you are new to this type of information. Please do not get into fear around this information.  Stay present and neutral, use the core tools and you will not get caught up in any of the drama.

The recent Solstice transmission created a point of divergence in the planetary brain, which linked into the causal timelines that are connected to the Luciferian Rebellion, Aldebaran, Seraphim and Nephilim lines, as well as Galactic Wars over the Family of Michael. The areas of the planet that are the most impacted by the trauma memories surfacing now are the epicenters where the main geo-political think tanks are accelerating military agendas. These hidden trauma memories are used to soul capture and control the human males on planet earth to be the primary enforcers of the NAA through militarization and war programming. During the Luciferian Rebellion, the males on this planet were tortured and mind controlled to energize the False King of Tyranny architecture, in order to support the continuation of alien invasion and hybridization of human bloodlines in future timelines.


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ten fragment dorzucam tez do poprzedniej notki


jako ze pasuje tam jak ulal

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w jednym z epizodow sennych z minionej nocy znow sie pojawila moja niezyjaca juz babcia, ktora gdyby jeszcze zyla to wlasnie jutro obchodzila by swoje kolejne urodziny – 14 lipca… a snilo mi sie, ze ujrzalam jak energetyczna studnia pod moim rodzinnym domem jest teraz nie tylko szczelnie zamkknieta, ale i oznaczona symbolem – uwaga – niebezpieczenstwo.. i ze ten znak na niej umiescila sama babcia, choc wygladajaca teraz zupelnie inaczej, ale wiedzialam ze to ona.. i ze w ten sposob – w zwiazku z wydarzeniami z kilku minionych nocy – link – stara mi sie pomoc.. zrozumialam, ze chodzi o M*.. ze to z jej powodu nastapil jakis duzy przeciek, co zreszta uwidocznilo sie dobrze juz w kolejnym snie.. co dziwne.. w innym sennym epizodzie – babcia wsiadala do jakiegos dziwnego pociagu i bardzo sie spieszyla do Krakowa, ktorego zyjac nigdy nie odwiedzila.. hmm


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‚I am the child of Earth and starry Heaven’ Freedom for all living beings and the all worlds.. Deeper than memory.. beyond the time…. i send you blessings where you are ♥ ƸӜƷ ♥ Livia Ether LiRa

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