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June 26, 2015

The color white is believed to represent purity. When envisioning positive energy, people tend to color it white, and they draw it into themselves with the belief that it transforms their negative energy into wonderful, uplifting, and healing energy. Meditations and bodywork modalities such as reiki purposely do this practice, usually inviting white light into the passive client’s body through the crown chakra at the top of the head.

White is not colorless. Technically, it is not deemed a specific color because it does not comprise a single frequency. Light appears white to the eye when all visible light frequencies in the spectrum of the rainbow or three diverse light frequencies of distinct intensity in that spectrum, called primary colors, are combined. We can imagine a pure space with our perceived white light as its sole frequency, but let us dig deeper into why white is believed to be so special.

Spiritual beliefs all have an origin, and prophecies and channelings given by otherworldly entities give insight into the origin of white light. They tell us to visualize white light, which draws it into our “third eye” pineal gland or the sixth chakra. Influencing our mind is crucial to then influence the body. Then, they often direct us to draw it further into our body.

The following few prophecies/channelings found on the internet by the Galactic Federation of Light and its close ally Ashtar Command, two entity groups as part of what I call the Jesus group, are good examples along with other key points that I will briefly explain. Detailed explanations are in my book Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods. Disclaimer:

These excerpts are for informational purposes only; I do not recommend their practices.

June 25, 2013 by Sanat Kumara, Ashtar Command


6) All EnLIGHTenment begins with light and that is why the first thing that God spoke was “Let there be light”. Begin by sitting comfortably and visualizing white light surrounding you, three different times each day, for thirty days. Use soft light at first and gradually intensify the light each day. The light you visualize must gradually become so strong that it can reach deep into every cell of your body. When this intensity of light is reached the cells of your body will initiate a self-illumination process. This is known as Lightbody Activation.

My book details the experience of an unsuspecting participant in a light-body activation ceremony that was part of a supposed health retreat. It was formally called Breath Activation and Clearing Ceremony, and the itinerary gave no explanation except that it was a breathing mediation. It was a well-planned ritual, though, having people lie on the floor in a circle with their heads toward an altar that contained “sacred” geometry and Jesus images.

He recounts his harrowing experience after he followed instructions to breathe rapidly and let varied emotions release.

As the ceremony went on, I experienced cramping in my hands that raised them to my chest and curled them into claws. I experienced complete paralysis of my body, and I felt an invisible energetic presence over and around me. I tried to move but I couldn’t—my body felt like it was taken over except for my consciousness. I was scared. This went on for what felt like at least five minutes. Then within the space of a few seconds, the presence left and so did my paralysis. It was so rapid that it felt abnormal instead of simply blood alkalosis from the hyperventilation.

Afterwards, I felt lighter in my body but in a state of shock, and I felt permanently activated more with my emotional self. This means that my chakras were opened, but I sometimes felt like I wasn’t controlling them, my emotions, and even my mind. I have had to learn to stop within myself when I would start to act like I know I normally wouldn’t. I have had to rediscover myself and my own energies so I can stop any partial possession from happening due to that initiation ceremony.

The specific Jesus group entities who gained access to this innocent person have deceptively claimed ownership of him although they know he never wanted them. I know this because we have had to expel them more than once. These types of entities are persistent until we learn to stand solid in augmented awareness, pure intent, and ownership of our own energies.

June 25, 2013 by Sanat Kumara, Ashtar Command (Continued)


7) Your Heart is a gateway to infinity! You are nearest to God in every moment of your greatest joys and raptures! The Creation intends for every Heart to be filled to overflowing with Love, Joy, Wonderment, Wisdom and Bliss! Unleashing the Limitless Potential of the Divine Heart is Key to all personal and spiritual development. This is the essence of all Religion and the beginning of all genuine Enlightenment!

The heart chakra is the body’s fourth chakra, and it is most attuned to fourth dimensional frequencies. To be “heart-centered” is a prime focus in the New Age community because it can link us to the astral plane. This otherworldly dimension contains many Jesus group entities who desire access to our bodies so they may use us as their pawns. It is foolish to want to leave our bodies in a temporary out-of-body experience because our defenses are down while those entities, who we do not really know, have their bodies in tact on their turf.

While the above excerpt sounds wonderful, please pay attention to every word. The heart is not divine—it is physical. This channeling gears our bodies toward this other realm in which we will be controlled by something else that claims to be spiritual but is not truly our individual spirit and soul.

8) Upon reaching a state of Oneness with the Creator you will realize that the Universe contains two principal polarities and both of them exist within you and within the All That Is in every Dimension. These are the Inquisitor or “the Seeker” and the Unlimited Potential or “The Creation”, in the East these are called Yang and Yin. This was done by The Creation to ensure that Love would perpetuate through time, space and Eternity! One must then create a Sacred Covenant with God for the purpose of defining how the Inquisitor and The Creation will unfold further soul growth and progress together. Remember always that an unlimited number of Answers, Angels, Comforters and Healers are available instantly to every sincere Seeker!

This last number shows the context of the channeling’s prior statements. It clearly gives a Law of One view that purposely misrepresents the original All That Is (properly called All That Is, The Pure Essence) and brings it down into every creation and distortion as though we are meant to have the polarized struggles and victim-victimizer game. And these energetic polarities are not only part of our existence but necessary in our soul development! No, this is not the reality I know that is beyond this Creation-based and dimensional “God.”

God is a creation that is perceived as the ultimate Creator, but it is only one creator who took prior creation in another direction. There are many more layers of pure energies that arose from pure consciousness similar to the original All That Is, The Pure Essence, which is neither creator nor creation. Complex entities, which we are in creation, often take what came before us and steer it into another direction. God groups such as the Jesus group are notorious with this, and they have taken words and names that we intuitively know underneath our currently brainwashed human state and have given them other meanings to confuse us. With this masterful deception, it then becomes a “he said, she said” analogy of “who is the copycat?” It becomes very difficult to prove who is right and wrong, so the only way I can attempt this is to provide as much information and background as possible from my awareness, which I do in my book.

The last sentence in the above excerpt underscores my point under number 7: there are a plethora of religious-minded entities waiting to “heal” us. However, are they really healing us, or are they manipulating our DNA and energetic structure to align with them in their distortions?

I will now introduce something exceedingly important. I explained in my book that the originally complete energetic structure of the Earth was called Amenti Earth, and in its core was the Sphere of Amenti. Within this sphere is a blue flame. I did not yet know what comprises this flame, but it and the sphere are so important that when catastrophic destruction occurred to Amenti Earth due to opposing forces, guardians of the sphere took great care to protect it and even temporarily move it elsewhere.

I finally decided to explore this blue flame because I learned that there is another blue flame that the Jesus group teaches. Actually, there are at least three blue flames provided by the Jesus group that must be discerned. I will state the most immediate one first because it affects our Earth ascension process.

The Anunnaki entity named Thoth communicates information about a blue flame to Drunvalo Melchizedek in his book The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volume 1. Thoth states that halls of Amenti were created by Nephilim (an Anunnaki hybrid species mentioned as giants and sons of God in the Bible) with a room based on Fibonacci proportions. In this room sits a stone cube above which a flame of “whitish blue light” glows (p. 88). These are the same halls and white-blue flame that Egyptian mystery schools called the “Gates of Ivory, which became translated in Biblical terms as the Pearly Gates of Heaven” (p. 15; Voyagers: The Secrets of Amenti, Volume II by Ashayana Deane. Note that this book does not discern between different blue flames). Thoth also states that these halls of Amenti are “a fourth dimensional space that’s located third-dimensionally about a thousand miles under the surface of the Earth and is connected to the Great Pyramid through a fourth dimensional passageway” (p. 88).

I explain in my book how Fibonacci mathematics and related fractal science fracture creation toward death instead of help it grow in healthy evolution. Intuitively, I know and can clearly see that the Earth is beautiful in so many ways, especially in its core essence. It is tortured by our particular universal science based on the rate of decay, but I do not see this death science as its deeper foundation. Therefore, with my mother’s assistance, I asked the All That Is, The Pure Essence if these so-called halls of Amenti were the original Halls of Amenti geared toward eternal life. It replies, “No; they (the god group entities) are using the same description and name attributed to the real Halls of Amenti.” My next question addressed the 4th dimensional connection of these halls, which stood out to me because Tara, Amenti Earth’s higher dimensional counterpart, is in the 5th dimension. I asked, “Were the false or distorted Earth halls of Amenti created to connect with Phantom Earth and/or a phantom version of Tara or Parallel Tara in the fourth dimension?” My mother wrote back to me, “Per the All That Is, The Pure Essence: Yes; the false and distorted Earth halls of Amenti were created to connect with Phantom Earth, and a phantom version of Tara or Parallel Tara in the fourth dimension which are one in the same.”

Phantom energy matter is encoded with death science deeper into its core construction in another type of realm that depends upon ones like ours for its “breath of life.” Without the flow of more natural energies, phantom energy matter would suffocate and permanently die.

The following excerpt in Melchizedek’s book shows how so-called god entities such as Thoth teach creational stories that elevate their species and also provide very little explanation or logical clarity.

Thoth says there were giants here on Earth. That’s all he said. He didn’t say how they got here or where they came from. He said that when our race was created, these giants became our mother. He said that seven of them came together, dropped their bodies by consciously dying, and formed a pattern of seven interlocking spheres of consciousness, exactly like the Genesis pattern…. This merging created a white-blue flame, which the ancients called the Flower of Life, and they placed this flame into the womb of the Earth (p. 88).

This vague statement about our creation seems fantastical, and it certainly is unrealistic. However, we are told to just believe the unbelievable in the context of “almighty” gods. Investigation into the number seven shows significance in Judeo-Christianity. Accordingly, Ascended Master teachings such as those in the New Age, Buddhist, and Hindu religions say that there are seven (and more) rays or realms to where we should go after death to join or even become One with deities known as gods or demigods. These seven rays are believed to comprise the following colors: 1) blue, 2) yellow, 3) pink, 4) white, 5) green, 6) purple and gold, 7) violet. The Jesus group’s second blue ray “flame” comes from these realms. As you can see, the color white does also.

I initially thought that these colored frequencies constitute other dimensions—unique spaces with unique frequencies or frequency blends where material creation is represented somewhat differently—until I recently investigated the topics of this article and discovered otherwise. The All That Is, The Pure Essence confirms that the seven rays of light that god group entities steer us toward are indeed in a higher, less dense position of their significantly unnatural creations—the Deity planes—that are finite spaces between spaces. Phantom entities created them by taking, fragmenting, and altering certain plasmic energies to help create a new realm that could be ruled by them, aptly named the Deity planes. It is most likely that these planes are the highest and furthest these entities can go in their so-called ascension process that can only reach outer realms, not the vast eternal realms that exist far beyond them. In response to my inquiry, The All That Is, The Pure Essence states that the Deity plane levels correlate to the same numerical order of dimensions in the more phantom version of the Milky Way called Phantom Milky Way, but they lose their dominant colors in the Phantom Milky Way’s dimensionalized blends.

This is one reason why Thoth mentions seven spheres or levels: in their revered Deity planes, “god” entities aim to be our masters and also merge our consciousness with their collectives to supplant our original identities. Another reason Thoth mentions seven spheres is because this more directly relates to a seven-unit code as the basis of especially destructive creation involving Metatron. God group entities like to claim that they are seed atoms, elementals, or even our breath of life, but really they are much more complex beings similar to us humans. Deceptive entities know that to gain our following, they tell us half-truths. Humans generally know great truths in our unconscious and subconscious states, but we have difficulty translating them to our full awareness; they tell us just enough to then whitewash (literally) our minds.

The Jesus group’s third blue flame is another blue frequency blend that is channeled through Archangel Michael’s Flaming Blue Sword, which aims to cut into the Earth’s core and anchor its unnatural frequencies. He considers himself to be the God of the Jesus group due to being a very ancient entity from the 13th dimension in the predecessor galaxy to the Milky Way that I call Galaxy-2. The All That Is, The Pure Essence clarifies that this particular blue “flame” originates in the 12th dimension of a distant phantom galaxy named Wesadek, and it has picked up some white and other minor colors through Phantom Milky Way along the way to us. (Technically, the Milky Way would be galaxy-3 and Phantom Milky Way would be galaxy-4 in degree of distortion.)

Now that I have explained the three blue flames of the Jesus group, I will return to the white-blue flame that immediately affects our ascension process. The All That Is, The Pure Essence states that the Alpha-Omega group’s white-blue flame has white at its core, and then there are three colors surrounding it: faded sky blue, baby blue, and then cobalt blue. The fully natural blue flame that I soon describe does not have any white.

So, what is the white light? According to the All That Is, The Pure Essence, “The white light is phantom dust, a death hold space where the ancients of negative energy construct can and do work on human DNA manipulation and conscious memory wipe.” It originates in the fourth Deity plane and has been blended into Phantom Milky Way dimensional frequencies.

I advise to never draw the “white light” into yourself. You will lose your precious DNA integrity and fragment further. I also have reason to think that the common “love and light” salutation refers to this white light, so please reconsider saying this statement that this entire article helps to properly illuminate.

In our precarious position on Earth, we are only slightly better off than phantom matter in a highly fragmented semi-phantom state that contains an off-white color. When people follow that white or off-white pathway in near death experiences, they meet distorted god group entities—who often project themselves as family members—and become further infused with phantom energy to then become their “hands and feet.” They also usually gain another entity as a “guardian angel” to further direct their ways. The near death experience occurred beyond their control, and the resulting entity attachment is therefore not really welcome; however, their religion tells them it is desirable. They are being duped.

The color white can also equate to an alien entity, or more accurately, it can correlate to an alien entity because it is more complex than phantom white light. For more elaboration, I turned to my trusted 14th dimensional, Galaxy-2 contact “M” (I choose to not divulge her full name due to her sensitive position) who works with the Krysthal River Host, what we call our Krysthal River family, based in eternal realms. She states, “The entity cloaks itself in white light to the 3rd density reality perception, thus leaving that space between densities and dimensions with white residue from either side. I do not live in the phantom world or deceive others with the cloaking device to achieve any agenda.”

The natural, original Sphere of Amenti’s Blue Flame is only comprised of blue hues. It has a light-medium blue color in the inner flame surrounded by a dark turquoise blue section and then a royal blue color in the outermost part of the flame. The inner two layers are larger than the outermost layer. The All That Is, The Pure Essence reveals that both the Sphere of Amenti and its inner Blue Flame are comprised of pre-plasmic, eternal energies imparted by the earliest level star-planet called a krystar. Our region of the meta-universe’s first krystar is named Cosminyahas (pronounced Cos-min-yahs).

The following image is a closely approximated representation of the natural Blue Flame in its dimensional shape. It is a living flame that can be enlarged around us. It is best to imagine ourselves in the middle of the innermost flame to benefit from the entire flame’s protective frequencies.


I first learned about the Sphere of Amenti and Blue Flame from the book Voyagers: The Secrets of Amenti, Volume II by Ashayana Deane and her entity group named Guardian Alliance (GA). The GA states that the Blue Flame constitutes Earth’s portion of Tara’s energy field pattern (morphogenetic field), and it receives its blue color from Tara’s particular dimensional hues. Specifically, the GA describes this blue flame as electric-blue with pale shades of green. This green color is a strange addition if they are only tying the blue flame to Tara.

In my current book’s second edition, I uncover more about the GA and its affiliate entity group named the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), which has worked with Ashayana as its main speaker. The All That Is, The Pure Essence states that the emerald color is a combination of blue and gold “flame” frequencies in certain dimensions of a less dense, prior realm called the Ecka. I put flame in quotation marks because the MCEO-GA give it that designation. This designation muddles the distinction between the actual Blue Flame and frequency rays.

The All That Is, The Pure Essence reveals that Ashayana’s GA team had visited the Sphere of Amenti’s Blue Flame when it had lost some of its structural integrity due to warring factions trying to alter it, so this is a reason why it showed a green color and potentially also some different blue hues. I have a strong feeling that there is another reason why her MCEO-GA team saw the color green: they have worked to connect it to their emerald frequency that is not necessarily eternal. Ashayana’s information in herVoyagers books supports the Emerald Order as the prime lineage of our creation. This perspective can tailor and omit information according to that entity group’s advantage, similar to how god groups act. I deduce that they have worked to claim ownership over the Blue Flame due to their belief that they would be its best guardians; however, their actions have compromised its truly eternal nature from a much earlier realm than theirs. Entities are often unaware of what exists before them; for some reason, many of them do not seek far beyond their current position and awareness.

I did what I could to correct disinformation in my book, but as there is a plethora of information in addition to my growing but limited awareness, I preferred the journalist route in stating sources as they claim. We now know that the Sphere of Amenti is not based upon Tara, but it helps carry an energetic trace through Tara to its predecessor Alcyone and beyond. The star that we call Alcyone in the Pleiades is actually Tara, and the All That Is, The Pure Essence reveals that Alcyone is a 13th dimensional star in the actual Lyran star system in Galaxy-2. Beneficial entities had transferred some energy matter from Alcyone to Tara to strengthen Tara’s embattled and weakened structure in the Milky Way. The originally pre-plasmic Sphere of Amenti gained density and frequency as it infused the energies of Alcyone and then Amenti Earth, primarily in its Atlantean period over time, clarifies the All That Is, The Pure Essence. If the Sphere of Amenti had originated in the dimensional galactic level and then become infused with Cosminyahas energies of blue hues, then it would have acquired a blend of different colors, which is not its natural state.

There is a lot of hype involving the 5th dimension because of the Earth’s historical link to Tara. Religion in its typical fashion inflates the creational level where its most active entities reside in order to maintain the illusion of their supremacy in their “kingdom.” Pleiadians are common channelers to the New Age community through entity groups such as the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command, so it makes sense that they deem their 5th dimensional position as heaven. The following channeling by Pleidians, in accordance with Sirian allies or overlords, states:

   October 3, 1999



   The Fifth Dimension — Heaven…The Plane of Light

For most religions, the Fifth Dimension is the highest realms a Soul can reach…as the 6th plane of Intellect is assigned as described as the authority of God. [My note: The Sirius star system is in the 6th dimension.] Spiritually, starting from the beginning, it is the last stop downward on the dimensional ladder before we enter the realms of limitation….

We base our actions entirely on Love, never fear. This is because fear does not exist at this level. We are unstoppable and living Miraculous lives when we hold this Point of Consciousness. Immortality is an experiential given.

Many times in a Near Death Experience, a person will travel thru a long tunnel. The tunnel traverses the darkness (the Fourth Dimension) and ends in a bright opening of Golden or White Light (the Fifth Dimension). This is the Birth Canal of the Soul and the doorway to “Heaven”.

Here the white light is mentioned again but this time interchangeably with golden light. According to the book Awakening of the Soul: A Record of Thoughts Channeled By Souls of Humans and Aliens for a Changing Earth by Grace J. Scott, this golden light or golden flame is constructed in a similar manner as the white-blue flame. An entity named Elijah, who has biblical significance, says:

The gold robe that I am wearing may not have any significance to anyone else but I want to share with you two what it is about and that is the rotation of the Earth—it’s going into another dimension. This puts you into a Golden Light, the White Light, as we call it, with a Golden Light around the White Light. Whether a straight line light with gold along the edges or as a round light that is white with gold around the edge—this is what the golden robe signifies in the Fifth Dimension. The Golden Light represents God. The White Light represents the Holy Spirit (p. 164).

Symbolism is prominent in the Bible, but the white-gold light is very real. The All That Is, The Pure Essence states that it is the 6th dimensional frequency blend in Phantom Milky Way. This is important in reference to the phantom Sirius star system that houses several Annunaki gods such as the Elohim of the Bible. The Milky Way’s 5th dimensional frequency blend is predominantly a blend of blue hues. These hues are not the same as the Sphere of Amenti Blue Flame, for these are independent of one another.

The Bible tells us to draw the Holy Spirit into our body, and its symbolism as a white dove underscores the deeper reality of a white energetic frequency that does not originate in our dimensional galaxy as these otherworldly messages appear to proclaim. Accordingly, the 4th dimension is not dark, for plenty other planets and stars exist there in a pre-existing frequency blend of color. To elaborate upon the previous excerpt, the bright tunnel can lead to several different locations in a near death experience, such as in-between dimensions just beyond the Earth. In fact, entities have constructed several in-between dimensional spaces by utilizing pre-existing and potentially stolen foundations of matter to position themselves as close as possible to our Earth. The Earth is a prime piece of real estate because it is part of an important stargate system. The god groups can best control the Earth by controlling its inhabitants. What clever marketing to claim that their tactics are completely loving; however, we can see beyond the façade in their other sentences that reveal hierarchy, subjugation, and division that ultimately leave us in fear and self-loathing, and our only remedy is the deceptive god group who put us there in the first place.

While an outreach arm of the Jesus group claims the 5th dimension to be the source of our redeeming light, a less direct but certainly not absent arm praises the 13th dimension as its source of redeeming light. This light also contains white, for its prominent representative The Great White Brotherhood proudly displays it in its group name. The Great White Brotherhood and its similar ally Cosmic Awareness both hail from the phantom Wesadek galaxy and have ties to Archangel Michael to facilitate an elaborate, lower dimensional team and following in our galaxy.

   February 2012, Galactic Federation of Light


   Beyond Reality the Way of Light

You are ascending and preparing to go with higher beings….

Each individual must prepare themselves to align with the Law of LIGHT. When this is completed they become the Light and CONTACT takes place. In this contact teaching begins, sharing begins, caring begins, and 13th frequency evolution begins. This is the first step of LIGHT. This is the ascension. This is 2012 — The beginning of the STREAM.

The Jesus group’s first step of ascension is to become one with the white light. Then, humans can become the hands and feet of entities who embody and exude that light. The vast majority of pictures of god group entities including so-called ascended masters show them exuding white or white-gold light from their hands as well as key chakras such as their crown and heart. The website that gives the above channeling shows one such example that radiates the white-gold light.

Information has recently come to my mother and me from eternally-based consciousness and entities that our first step of ascension to the original remnant of Amenti Earth, which is now known as Median Earth, is to connect with the natural Blue Flame within the Sphere of Amenti. We have gained a new Krysthal River family contact that has offered her assistance to tell us further steps as they become available in the near future.

Now is the time for great potential and probability for our Earth. We all can do our part by bringing in as much eternal energy as possible to truly set this Earth on its right course, not toward a more fallen system. Be discerning of the dominant beliefs: our history shows that groups who continually saturate us with their propaganda, rituals, and doctrines are usually the ones trying to brainwash us away from our own natural intuition and ways of life. Instead of automatically believing stories—that often lack much explanation and logic—because they are continuously preached, I strongly suggest that you discern all information according to your inner core, not only the mind, to be able to determine your natural inclination and resonance. When we align our internal energies to what is eternally natural, and we take action in eating, exercising, and behaving more healthfully, we can gain enough natural light quotient that automatically shifts our entire being toward the proper steps in our ascension process, not backwards into what is contrived for us by interfering god groups.


Uwaga: jesli nie znasz j. ang spokojnie mozesz wrzucic ten tekst w google translatora.. sprawdzilam.. tlumaczenie nie jest doskonale, ale wystarczajace.. 

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New Age, False Light, False Ascension

The states of Astral bliss generally promoted in the New Age have nothing to do with the state of God-Love-Bliss achieved in the natural communion with God. Astral Bliss is an addictive substance that is sourced from the false light in the NAA’s false ascension matrix”

Stany astralnej błogości promowane przez New Age nie mają nic wspólnego ze stanem: Bóg-Miłość-Szczęście osiąganym w naturalnej wspólnocie (komunii) z Bogiem. Astralna błogość jest uzależniającą substancją która jest spowodowana fałszywym światłem w New Age Astral fałszywą matrycą wzniesienia.

I jeszcze jedno bardzo istotne wcześniejsze zdanie:

“The Christ energies feel “foreign”, uncomfortable or dark to many astral bliss people. (the 12 D shield may feel incongruent to those who like hanging out in the astral body, there is still a lot of fear and addiction in the body)”

Chrystusowe energie są odczuwane jako obce i niekomfortowe albo jako ciemne dla wielu szczęśliwych astralnie osób (12 wymiarowe pole może być nieodpowiednie dla tych którzy lubią wychodzić poza ciało oni mają ciągle wiele strachu i nałogu? w ciele)



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    majac zamiar stopniowo ustosunkowac sie do poszczegolnych watkow, bo jak widac chodzi tu o bardzo rozne i rozniaste rodzaje swiatla.. co na wstepie okreslilam bardzo krotko, a mianowicie, ze swiatlo swiatlu nie rowne.. i absolutnie mnie nie uraziles Marku.. naprawde postrzegamy te kwestie bardzo podobnie, podobne mamy watpliwosci, etc.. choc czytajac Twoje slowa:

    Mam nadzieję że nie urażając Cię zwróciłem Twoją uwagę, na wartość i subtelność tematu pojmowania i odbioru dostrzegalnych w kosmosie barw.

    tak sie zastanawiam, czy moze przypadkiem czegos nie zamotalam, a moze faktycznie czegos nie dostrzegam 🙂 bo przeciez taki jest wlasnie cel tego wpisu – EXPOSING THE WHITE LIGHT LIE – aby zwrocic wieksza uwage na te wszelkie subtelnosci.. i przypomne tu tylko na poczatek moje doswiadczenie sprzed wielu lat, ktore opisalam kiedys na forum D Icke’a

    21 lip 2011, 12:06

    widziałam kiedyś jak ludzie tuż po śmierci sami wchodzili na pokład tzw. szaraków.. jak to możliwe? rzecz w tym, że te zagubione duszyczki lgnęły do światła emitowanego przez ten pojazd.. lgnęły do pierwszego lepszego światełka jak ćmy.. zmierzały do niego z nadzieją, że tam spotka ich coś dobrego, ale po przekroczeniu pewnego punktu były wssysane na pokład i tam zamykane w czymś w rodzaju wielkich słojów.. zresztą i ja na moment trafiłam do takiego pojemnika, a dokładniej moje ciało eteryczne.. udało mi się jednak uciec, rozbijając wcześniej ten ‚słój’ siłą woli, chciałam też ratować innych, ale mi się to nie udało.. ci ludzie nie mieli już ciał fizycznych, a ich ciała eteryczne zostały podstępem przejęte… obiecałam sobie wtedy że nie zostawię tego w spokoju…………….
    a to odpowiedz Uzuli Undine

    22 lip 2011, 17:09

    Livio Ether, gdy zaistnieje możliwość, proszę rozwinąć tu kwestie, o których wspomniałaś, to jest, umieszczanie ciał zielonych i niebieskich pęków istot ludzkich wraz z innymi w specjalnych enklawach aktywnych w częstotliwościach odpowiadających wymiarom czwartemu i piątemu oraz kwestię dotyczącą „Wielkiego Atraktora”.

    „Rozpuszczenie” ów „słoja” jest możliwe, jednak wymaga ono użycia odpowiedniej mocy ciała niebieskiego pęku czakry gardła, wspomaganego przez ciało pęku indygo. Pełny asortyment możliwości ciała niebieskiego pęku pozwala również na intensyfikację skupienia, podczas którego możliwe jest przemieszczenie – teleportowanie istot słabszych do „obszaru” „tymczasowo” bezpiecznego w wymiarze piątym. Gratulacje.


    dodam tylko, ze kiedy mi sie to przydarzylo, przed wieloma laty, nie mialam jakiegokolwiek pojecia, ze inni ludzie przezywaja cos podobnego i ogolnie o falszwym swietle.. nie mialam na ten temat jakikcholwiek zewnetrznych informacji..

    A zabawa po ”śmierci” w zagubione stworzenie i opiekuna zaczyna się od fety światła .
    Z tym że dla nas nierozróżnialnego w zakresie iż to emanujące astralną miłością, przypomina tak naprawdę światło rtęciówki lub żarówki led – a nie energię miłości.

    dokladnie.. i tak wlasnie je odebralam – to swiatlo.. podobnie je zreszta nazywam… gdybym jednak wtedy nie podazyla za pewna zmarla istota nie mialabym okazji tego zobaczyc na wlasne oczy!
    ale ok.. sprobuje sie stopniowo i bardziej szczegolowo odniesc do poszczegolnych kwestii poruszonych przez TT… mysle, ze to chyba dobra okazja aby przypomniec co nieco i wyciagnac z tego jakies swieze wnioski.. i zapraszam do dzielenia sie..



  2. …(info ze strony Marka z Mistyki) na polskim rynku wydawniczym ukazala sie ksiazka TT pt Niesmiertelni Ludzie, Smiertelni Bogowie.

    Próbowałam odnaleźć polskie wydanie tej książki, jednak wynik poszukiwań zaskoczył mnie. Czyżby jednak nie było polskiego wydania?

    Na Allegro jedyną ofertą TT jest jej książka w języku angielskim w zaskakującej cenie, być może to pomyłka, a może nie?

    „THE TRUTH ABOUT GOD Theresa Talea” za jedyne 999,99 zł + koszt przesyłki ???”



    1. hmm, no to teraz juz nie jestem pewna.. wydaje mi sie, ze Marek wspomnial o tlumaczeniu, ale moze cos przekrecilam.. zaraz sie go o to zapytam…

      ”“THE TRUTH ABOUT GOD Theresa Talea” za jedyne 999,99 zł + koszt przesyłki ???””

      to czysty absurd:

      999,99 zł z 10 sztuk
      kup na raty
      11 x 99,99 zł

      Całkowita kwota do zapłaty – 1099,89


      chociaz nie wiem, czy sprzedajacemu chodzi o jedna ksiazke, czy moze o 10 zakupionych za jednym razem, ale nawet jak ze jedna ksiazke to prawie rowne 100 zl to wciaz bardzo duzo.. hmm.. ok, zapytam sie Marka jak to wlasciwi jest z tym tlumaczeniem.. do uslyszenia 🙂


  3. Witam , nie sądzę bym pisał o tłumaczeniu TT na język polski bo nic o tym nie wiem .
    AD rozprowadzało tłumaczenie wydawnictwo Loka z Rybnika . To co ja publikuję oznaczone TT , nie jest tłumaczeniem a odniesieniem do przedstawionych przez Nią treści .
    Nie wiem nic o tłumaczeniu na Allegro , myślę że sprzedający podaje jakieś namiary na kontakt i w ten sposób można sprawdzić co oferuje . Pozdrawiam .



    1. ok, no to sprawa jasna

      To co ja publikuję oznaczone TT, nie jest tłumaczeniem a odniesieniem do przedstawionych przez Nią treści.

      byc moze wlasnie te Twoje odniesienia wzielam za fragmenty tlumaczenia, ktore przepisales z ksiazki.. podawales tez polski tytul i odnosnik do allegro.. ale ok, juz nie ma co bardziej komplikowac.. tak wiec sorki Ado za wprowadzenie w blad i juz to zmieniam.. a Tobie Marku dzieki za wyjasnienia 🙂


    2. Marku, zauwazylam Twoj komentarz:

      marek pisze:
      Lipiec 20, 2015 o 08:02

      Tylko podniesienie wibracji planety powiązane z selekcją /A NIE JEDNOCZENIEM SIĘ GŁUPOTY Z ROZUMEM/ w obrębie ludzkiej populacji, może przynieść to że wstąpimy na drogę samoświadomego, autonomicznego rozwoju – jako gatunek.

      mysle, ze wielu ludzi po prostu nie rozumie o co wlasciwie chodzi z ta selekcja, czy tez ostatecznym rozdzieleniem… a dobrym przykladem jest tutaj jakakolwiek choroba, np. rak wyniszczajacy zdrowy organizm.. ja w kazdym badz razie nie mam nawet najmniejszych watpliwosci co do tego, ze najwyzsza pora – na zrobienie z tym wielkim balaganem ostatecznego porzadku.. a jesli komus nie przeszkadza to co sie tutaj dzieje – wojny, glod, choroby, cierpienie, smierc.. ok.. prosze bardzo… nikt go z tego na sile nie bedzie zabieral… skoro tak mu z tym dobrze..

      w dalszej czesci napisales:

      Tu na tej Ziemi dla nas ludzi prawda jest najprawdziwsza wtedy kiedy jest najczarniejsza w swym emocjonalnym wydźwięku – lecz wkodowana w owce postawa strachu, każe im na nią głuchnąć i przed nią uciekać w ezoteryczne fantazje – prosto do rzeźni, lub do słoika jako duchowa konserwa: patrz sny Livi /to mój do tych ucieczek komentarz/.”


      co jako ze dotyczy tego tematu pozwalam sobie tu skopiowac




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