Ashayana about Norwegian Spiral

Bardzo ciekawe info dotyczace norweskiej spirali pochodzace z ostatniego warsztatu z Ashayana Dean (sierpien 2015)


Fascinating in KDDL2 yesterday where E’asha is discussing the Norway Spiral event from December 9th 2009 .. Anyone remember that incident?

Russia basically claimed that it was a Missile Test that went haywire, and it was written off as such in the public arena.. but the GA were saying that there was much more to this (and the implications could not have been much bigger for ALL here in this Time Matrix) – – that the Norway Spiral was actually the FA (FAtalE) linking Earth to the Procyak Blackhole at the core of the Milky Way galaxy and to the Reverse Currents of the Abaddon Blackhole Matrix ..

Basically E’Asha/GA said that until this incident occurred we were on track for Starfire Ascension and we were supposed to have overridden the Metatronic spiral in August 2011, however, when this Wormhole Conduit was created – and through it the reverse currents that were then brought through into the Earth grids begun derailing the StarFire Ascension progress that we’d thus far managed to attain here – that this incident then effectively instigated a series of interesting and deeply profound events which would include the „Uncapping” of the Metatronic Seed Atom in Andorra, Spain and then subsequently the Reversal of the Plasma Templates of the Violet Shield in 2010 and later the Green Shield in January of 2011 ..

From the distorted FA perspective, their agenda was that this would have eventually merged us with their Blackhole through Vector Lock….. however the FA obviously (and fortuitously) weren’t aware that through this sinister event and the consequent reversal of those plasma shields they would actually unwittingly very rapidly RESULT in the Krystal River Fail Safe Host itself being anchored and fully activated … In essence, we would never have been able to have anchored a Fail Safe here on Net-Earth had those shields not become reversed ..

So thank God for the Norway Spiral IMO … Saved us a lot of bother in the grand scheme of things.. .. LOL

Anyone you know wants to know what a Wormhole actually looks like you can show them this thing in full confidence now .. Quite a backfire on their part ey?! .. Talk about shooting oneself in the foot!!
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EFFI LaVas to All

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