TIMELINE SHIFT and more proof that the Kybal have not yet given up on their quest to fool the public

Texts by Adashi Sol via Emerald Guardians


August 29 at 3:59am ·


For two years now, since my activation as a Type-3 Indigo and factually a Warrior of Tara, I have been informing you of what is happening to your timeline. In 2011 your timeline shifted from one where you would have been once again terminated and then your Spirit Essence, STILL UNDER EARTH CONTRACT would have remained a slave, to one where your species DID wake up (at least enough for the 100th Monkey Effect to what is considered the „mass” public), and broke out of the prison you have been in for 246,000 years (ultimately your Spirit Essence has been trapped for 550 million years here, but NOT due to the Zeta/Draco Frequency Fence, it is much more complicated than just that. You have been inside a frequency prison for 1/4 of a million years now). What have I been able to offer as proof of this timeline shift? NADA.

At the same time, I have been informing you that your „world” was phase-shifting into a single reality shared with what is called Phantom Earth, the SHADOW of your planet. I have been explaining how it was going to be viewed with your own eyes and what to expect, but until now, what have I had to give you factual proof that your „world” is now THREE different timeline realities? NADA.

My few followers here saw me place a post on my wall a couple of weeks ago where the moon moved from the due west skies at 8:30PM one night, to DUE EAST at the same time the VERY NEXT NIGHT. For me, I suspected that the moon was doing some sort of end-days dance. But now I have realized exactly what REALLY happened. And that was my consciousness LEFT the previous timeline I was in, and now I find myself inside of the SHARED reality field of the two planets at once, AND inside a whole new timeline. And what can I give you now that will be hard core proof? YOU WILL SEE FOR YOURSELF I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP when you read this article, possibly the most important article I have ever posted to mankind.


I need to explain to you what you are actually seeing so you can understand what is being reported here. As those who have posted this information DO NOT KNOW what is going on. YOU WILL.


The TIMELINE shifted in 2011 from your „authentic” past and into a „new” past. This means that the „trips to the moon” that NASA reported on manning was DIFFERENT. In MY original timeline, mankind claimed to have walked on the moon ONE TIME. And that ONE TIME was SCOFFED at by my multidimensional contact as TOTALLY FALSE. NOW, since the 2011 timeline was shifted by the GUARDIAN ALLIANCE to ensure the safe passage of ascension for your planet as well as SOME of your species, that number CHANGED. Some people clearly recall NASA walked on the moon about 4 times. NOT one. NO ONE IN THE FKING WORLD would „forget” how many times „man walked on the moon”. NO ONE. At least when it was only ONCE. The SECOND walk would have been the second biggest news in the history of all recorded time, watched on every TV around the entire world. THIS DID NOT HAPPEN in my past.


Now you find your reality phasing into a completely different reality which is the MIRROR image of yours here, into that of Phantom Earth. This means you now have THREE DIFFERENT histories for THREE DIFFERENT sets of „humans” within your reality. That of pre-2011, that of the Krystalbridge Way timeline where your species breaks free, and now that of Phantom Earth. And so, when she explains how the consensus of how many times man walked on the moon range from ONE to FOUR to SIX, it is because there are THREE different past histories now being shared by your species. Those who are still ASLEEP will NOT see this. They CAN’T see this, as the view to this information is PHYSICALLY BLOCKED from their awareness field. It’s not that they don’t WANT to see it, its simply that their vibration is TOO LOW to see it.

Finally I will weigh in on the series that is being shown here as SMOKING GUN FACTUAL EVIDENCE that NO ONE can deny, and that is Sex In The City. MY historic past was inside of a reality where this series, which was GLOBALLY followed for YEARS, was called simply Sex In The City. Everyone knew this, and the leading lady was just about as famous as GOD while it was airing. NOW, ANY Google search brings up some series that is called Sex And The City. I will give you a link here where you can see for yourself with a click that there is simply no history to the series I and the rest of the world knew about for years, where Sara Jessica Parker was the „standard” of modern sexual outlook. Sex IN The City NEVER EXISTED HERE. EVER. This search WAS NOT for Sex AND The City people.


So if what I have been telling you all along was INSANE, then HOW IS IT that half of your friends are going to remember ONE trip to the moon, where Sara Jessica Parker was in Sex IN The City, and others are going to remember that we walked on the moon SIX DIFFERENT TIMES while watching the latest episode of Sex AND The City? I have never even HEARD of Sex AND The City in my life. Nor have I heard a single word about us supposedly treading across the lunar landscape more than the one time NASA created their fake footage of it taking place while I watched it „live” on TV at school with all of my friends as it unfolded in July of 1969.


Man has „walked on the moon” SIX TIMES IN THIS TIMELINE. SIX TIMES. Did you ever hear about the other FIVE? If you did, then YOU DO NOT COME FROM MY TIMELINE. THIS IS MIND BLOWING even though I was trained IN PERSON for this mission to wake up the children and lead them home. But EVEN MY MIND is blown while it all unfolds before my eyes, just as it was blown when I was shown outside of this dimension. TAKE A LOOK AT THIS LINK and TELL ME if this is „your” past.


Yesterday at 7:45am 

As A TYPE-3 Indigo (Not Types 1 or 2)

We have very different abilities than you do. These express themselves in many forms. We have an uncanny ability to just pick up a gun, and fire, hitting the target without thinking (this is part of the Anunnaki genetic coding of war), we are borne with 4 optical cones, allowing us to see into the ultraviolet spectrums much deeper than the 3 optical cone „human” species have, we also can see about 2x further than normal, what optometrists call „eagle vision”, a rare „defect” in one of about 100,000. Our balance is much more advanced, we can „read” people’s past history just by looking at their faces, know which voice is speaking exactly, regardless of who it is from film or real life. Also not something that can be easily defined, for some reason, we can also tell who it is from behind, even if we haven’t seen that actor or friend or even acquaintance, even someone we simply knew in grade-school 25 years ago, simply from them walking away from us. Seems hard to believe, but those abilities never fail. And when Indigos meet and ask if the other can see what appear to be „atoms”, the answer is always yes! Billions of them in the sky at all times. These are actually tiny dots of white and some black, streaming through the sky, and simply cover the entire horizon which are not atoms, but the spark of billions of spirit essences who share this quantum space with you, but outside of your visual spectrum. It is a strange existence living here in your world where even our IQs are so different.

Just because we have these traits, doesn’t mean we aren’t just as much here as you are. We are. But trying to mix in with your seeding proves nearly impossible. Branded as freaks, our autism branded as a disease, our sight dismissed as „strange”, and intuition as „freak”. There is coming a time SOON when you, as a species, will have to embrace those who are simply from a different „universe” (Time Matrix) than you are, but we are still all ONE from god-source. We are not ALL here to hurt you, we are merely on slightly different paths.

Try to see that all DNA templates are still created from the ONE mind of god-source. I am no more willing to hurt a human than I am to hurt a dog or cat. To me they are precious beings who are here to be companions to your species. This is just a thought that I felt you should know about us. The Marharaji are not as much „alien” as you think, we are one of your founding fathers, and absolutely ONE with you. When you think of racism, think further than that, think beings that look like a cat, or like a lion, or a crocodile, because there are about a billion+ more shapes here that you are about to see. Being afraid or disliking them because they are different is you vibrating from a standpoint of fearing that which you do not know. In higher dimension, you have no enemies and don’t have to fight for your life everyday just to survive. That was the 3D plane experience you have just completed. Now you need to begin to understand what it is like on higher planes BEFORE you get there.

I urge you to watch every „alien” type of film you possibly can while you are working on raising your DNA so you can enter the next level so you can see a 1 foot tall being that appears to be a dog or a flying-yet-speaking-and-intelligent being and not freak out with fear. Fear has no place in higher dimension. Neither does segregation just due to appearance. You are about to meet your fellow beings, and there are millions of different types, appearing in every form you can and you cannot imagine. They are all part of you. If you WANT to meet them, you must first harmonize WITH them with unconditional appreciation and love for all life. That is why we are teaching you about the „unconditional” part of the program now. GET PAST the ego, GET PAST the CONDITIONS and LOVE all things equally NOW. We don’t grant passage to higher dimension before that test is passed. Not that we don’t WANT you there, but FIRST you must come to grips with the idea that a 25 ft tall dragon is NOT automatically your „enemy”. HERE in this dimension THEY WERE (and are, you just can’t SEE them now), but in higher dimensions they LIVE as ONE with 3 inch tall beings with funny heads and eyes.

LOOKING DIFFERENT is NOT the litmus test for „enemy”. We are NOT your enemy. We just want to see you in the interstellar communities again, and now in your NEW avatars so anticipated for the last 1/2 billion years. We cannot wait for the Angelic Human Krystos to finally exit this never-ending cycle of evolution. We love you and want you to come home.

All Love Kids!

September 3 at 5:46pm

Reposted here from another thread under the total disclosure that is set to happen at this time.

For those who doubt my messages: I have given up my country, 100% of my family, all my possessions, sold even my framed black belt and framed patents (probably got $1 for these at the auction), and now live in a country where I can’t even speak the language, all so I could re-position myself where I could begin a sanctuary for those awaking to give them a safe place to run to when their world falls apart. I have never received a single dime from anyone for my 15000 hours of work I have put into trying to help you all see the actual, often horrific, truth of your captivity.

Not a single one of my family, not even sons nor extended family, mother, bothers or cousins even know what country I live in, nor do I even have an address because of the extreme level of danger associated with diffusing your captors’ agenda of your enslavement. To bring you true light inside of a pitch-black prison is a suicide mission. I lead you to the true freedom teachings as I was led to by my multidimension contact, where I have to pay for the books, workshops and livestream broadcasts with my own money, spending innumerable hours wading through billions of years of history so I can assemble articles for you with accurate information about who your captors really are and who your true friends are in an ocean of nothing but disinformation and lies, and somehow I am ALIGNED with the Dolphin people? The first, pure-strain race of the Anunnaki created by Archangel Micheal for only one purpose, to enslave the HUMAN race?

At ONE TIME, I was Illuminati in past lives I have ZERO MEMORY of. And somewhere back there I entered into a Bioregenesis Contract to evolve my DNA up to a 12 strand template and gave away my life to helping a different species than my own ascend, at any cost. Who reveals such ugly information? Who is prepared to follow my path of utter sacrifice for your safety? You? Nope. So far, no one.

When I was activated for my journey, I was informed that I had been LIED TO with the promise of „eternal life” if I simply followed the agenda of the group now referred to as the Illuminati. But that turned out to be an eternal life in HELL, enslaving those around me who were also the true faces of god. That was NOT what I signed up for. Have you ever made a mistake? REALLY? NEVER? I did and when I realized that I was TRAPPED in hell for ETERNITY, I revolted, chose to align with the Emerald Covenant, and when I did, I was immediately mind-wiped and given an artificial human body that was eternally entombed inside of a never ending cycle of torture, right along side of the race I was now dedicated to saving.

Never imagine that I am going to lead you astray, because if I do, I never get to leave. I am not your race, my race is unable to ever move on unless we sacrifice all worldly things and give ourselves to this one cause. Our DNA will not automatically harmonize with any higher dimension of the GAIA Time Matrix without this 100% about-face from all things self-serving.

TO BE SURE, there are 144,000 of us here under contract RIGHT NOW, and ONLY those willing to love your species as if we are ONE SINGLE ENTITY, willing to DIE to save you are actually SPEAKING the truth to you. How many of these voices do you hear? How many pieces of sacred and VICIOUSLY hidden truths have you gotten from them? Who told you that you were inside a new timeline then proved it? Who warned you about Jade Helm, the lead-up to what is now just 3 weeks away?

While I TELL you where to find the truth, and PROVE to you that what I am saying is PURE unconditional love, you still do not sell your possessions, quit your jobs and flee to safety, spending not one dollar on your own salvation. How are you going to feel when disclosure comes, the world goes into an epidemic panic, all borders close, and you find yourself stuck in a country where the new world order is the only thing on the menu and you have no current, up to date information about what to do to raise your own vibration?

The KDDL livestream broadcasts have MULTIPLE complex DNA repair techniques now being revealed LIVE by the Guardian Alliance that can tune your Signature Harmonic Frequency to the Pan Clair-ah and Un-Es’-pa Ta-Rha’-Ta’ Solar Pulses that you have SEEN with your OWN EYES all around the world. I have given you photographic PROOF that the suns rays are a PERFECT overlay match to the Cymatic geometric pattern templates that all life is created by. If you are waiting for MORE PROOF than this, WHEN exactly do you plan to get started saving your own life? After you are in a FEMA camp? For THIS MINUTE I am still able to speak to you absolutely at my own expense, 100% alone in a foreign country with ZERO help from anyone. That likely will change. Especially since I will run out of my last few dollars soon and will have to find a way to keep the sanctuary open. I do what I can as quickly as I can to help show you the true light in a world that is literally sitting in utter darkness. Questioning my motives instead of educating yourselves at ANY cost is like making the beds on the Titanic.

INDIGO founded the multidimension sanctuary of Avalon in a country not bound by Atlantis and the new world order to give you a place of safety to flee to. Not ME, as in my „legal name”, but WE the collective of your wayshowers, yet so far, has been by the work of just one of the 144,000, but still done under the masthead of the collective because I need no boost to my ego, something I absolutely refuse to nurture anymore. When the sky really does begin to fall, you will remember two names. One will be INDIGO and the other will be Avalon and if I am still alive, I will be right here to help you survive what is coming. And it IS coming.

September 4 at 3:02am


Corey Goode has inspired me to come forward to make my story clear to humanity. Corey is in all accounts, a hero of every level to do this. If you are not familiar with his videos, please do a websearch. I come to you not as a hero, but as one of the beings that placed you here to begin with, now making amends with your species by helping you see how to escape this endless cycle of enslavement. Corey has been given privileges we have not, in that his life is protected during soft disclosure, leading up to full disclosure that is coming soon. I have no such divine protection, and these words may lead to my silence. Nonetheless, this is who we are, and what we are doing here. The truth will be spoken, and the full collective of those who have chosen to step outside of grace will be accountable for your afflictions, regardless of cost. The species we have entrained will be informed of the atrocities they have endured, and the names and identities of the primary leaders of your captors will be revealed here today.

We are the 144,000 spoken of in your completely distorted prophecies who are the „chosen ones”. We were NEVER chosen, and we come to you as a collective to heal this utterly distorted and seemingly abandoned species that you are. We were never chosen, we chose to come here and do what we did to your humanity and take full responsibility for that choice. We will not leave until you have been made whole again, regardless of consequence. The 144,000 is a collective of pre-Illuminati who long ago stopped wanting to hurt your species, and are all now under bio-regenesis contracts, pledging to help you in these end days.

Those of you hearing my voice, but not all of those reading my posts, have been awake for a long time. Years you have spent waiting for these messages. I am not one of you. I was shaken awake when my contract activated in early 2013, 2 months before I began my education in person, a process that is ongoing. What some of you have spent a lifetime learning and knowing on your own, I have had to stuff into countless hours of education and research day and night continually with no time off for over two years. I have been stepped forward to do my job that I signed up for long, LONG ago.

I am sharing with you a portion of what you are about to receive here, called full disclosure. What you have been seeing for the past 2 years has been „soft disclosure”. But coming now is what humanity has been praying for for eons of time, through countless thousands of recyclings into your distorted „human” bodies, inside of a hijacked Chimera reality where nothing here is anything like it was supposed to be. You were created to experience a life so full of happiness, that all the gurus who have ever lived, every Buddha’s message ever given, combined, could never begin to compare with what this was supposed to have been for you. Instead of the tall, slender, MAGNIFICENTLY beautiful creatures that the Turaneusiam-1 Project Angelic Human Krystos avatars were originally, eternal biological beings, breatharians, who lived in a dual-sun plane where there was no such thing as night time, or darkness of any kind, you find yourself here fighting each and every day, hand-to-mouth eking out survival that your more generous playwrights and poets deem as „living”. You are anything but „living”. This has been one continuous war since the beginning of your enslavement. I once was a part of that.

A VERY long time ago, there were beings who were fooled by the being you now call „Satan”, who agreed to sign up for an experience inside of a Time Matrix where they would rule supreme, and be treated like gods. These others, like me, were likely very young Signature Spirit Essences who had no empirical knowledge of how to go about operating a physical body inside of manifestation with authenticity, humility, grace, respect, love and kindness. They did not know. All Signature Spirit Essences come into being at one point, „fresh off the turnip truck”, and just like a human who has had his mind wiped and starts fresh inside of manifestation, they don’t know how to act with honor and dignity. They are children. These are the beings who were tricked by the „great deceiver”. And I am no exception.

The story went, that we could experience untold greatness, god status and untold wealth, if we chose to become „warriors of change”. Except that „change” wasn’t against evil, it was FOR evil, a small part we weren’t actually informed of. We were painted a pretty picture of fabulous experiences and glory inside of this Time Matrix inside an immortal body. And as the language within your world now of „Contract Law”, this contract had „inclusion contracts” connected to it that were simply never disclosed. Those elements would eventually come to the surface, and the minions who were recruited under lies and false pretense, would then go on to learn one by one just how exclusionary they could be. First we were offered every imaginable thing you could ask for, and then once signed up, informed that we would have to do certain „tasks” to continue to qualify for them. Not part of the contract that we SIGN-(wave)ED for.

What happened then, is we were to enslave a particular species of creation called the „T-1’s”, a cretinous race of humanoids who were nothing but ants to be kept inside of a terrarium and harvested for their energies which would produce all the things we had been promised. Since this species was a miserable, worthless race, we could see that this was nothing more than growing a garden that would sprout all sorts of fabulous veggies for our enjoyment. So as these disclosures progressed, we were able to justify our actions. Until the point where we realized that this species was an amazing, loving and kind creation that exhibited incredible compassion and kindness in a universe filled with clones, artificial intelligence that had no feelings, and billions of other species who were very service-to-self. They were unique. And they weren’t ants.

If you think this is easy to write about, you are gravely mistaken. When you „repent” (there is NO ONE to repent to other than yourself, as no one has the authority to give you forgiveness inside of all within creation, this is simply a complete lie), you can never imagine asking for forgiveness to the degree of those who I am going to explain to you now. In a human life form, you don’t have the power to harm others anywhere near what we had available to us, not matter how many people you raped, murdered or tortured inside of your instant lifespans. You might be able to harm thousands inside of your 72 years we gave you, we committed atrocities to billions of billions of humans for hundreds of thousands of years in a row, continuously without mercy and without regret. Go ask your god to forgive that.

If you are ready as a civilization to actually receive full disclosure, then here it is. You are on the precipice of hearing testimony from those such as myself, who have willingly given up their eternal lives to become one of your same enslaved masses, explaining what happened, how we were deceived, and how we have spent hundreds of thousands of years trying to heal your species from the damage we have done, all of which efforts have been blocked by those others who continued to deceive and use who have not yet awaken, so that only now, after all this time, our messages can finally go out to your brave and divine species. A species you have no idea of how significant it truly is. A species any one of us who have abandoned the Kybal and changed to your side would give anything to be. We are simply nothing in our potential greatness compared to the Angelic Human Krystos. If thousands of recycling lifetimes as the same slaves as you have been here, isn’t enough to show you we are in utter remorse for our actions that had been due to utter and outright falsities, then we have no other claim to pardon. We stand by you in every possible way to show you the way out of the prison we made for you.

Every single one of you have found yourselves in the same position we are in now. No person alive is able to say they weren’t once the captor. This is how things work inside of the Time Matrices that exist. You enter as „babies” when you first manifest your own physical reality, knowing nothing as a manifest being, since you agreed to enter such manifestation without knowledge of higher dimension, without knowledge of your previous experiences, and without your all-knowing god-source awareness. This is the BASIS for choosing to enter into manifestation from pure awareness. You HAVE been where I am now, and likely more than just once. I am merely trying to become as knowing as your Signature Spirit Essence was when it chose to come into this Time Matrix.

All this is to explain what you will see in the pilot of a series that is being fed into your reality field now, a series called „Lucifer”. I will explain who the players are in your Chimera reality, and what is actually happening.

Lucifer, called „Lucy” is merely yet another pawn in the game. You think of him as the „bad guy” who takes the fall for all the misdeeds that happen here in your reality field, but in reality he is just as duped as you were. „Lucy” was shown recently in a major motion release where one of your species gains the full potential of your true abilities. This is not a coincidence, the Kybal (those who enslave you), are required through treaty to disclose to you what game they are playing „In Plain Sight”, otherwise their actions are ceased from the controlling council. In this video, a quasi-full disclosure leading up to the FULL disclosure, coming soon, you see „Lucifer” as someone who has no interest in harming humanity. He is here to help. There are multiple fields playing here in this twisted fulfillment of their required disclosure, as the king of deception would naturally choose. I will explain the narrative.

Lucifer refers to his „father” numerous times in this pilot. This is because his „father” is bigger than „satan”, bigger than „Lucifer Morning Star”, because his father is what you as a species have been entrained to think of as „God”. Just WHO is „God” then?

„GOD” is a species called the Annu Elohim. These are the very first type of „species” in the Angelic Human template. They were created though sub-quantum genetics to be the highest of all beings within creation. Your bible (now mostly fiction), are clearly mentioned as their „arch” angel status. This is because they held the CODE to the KRYSTOS eternal wave-source for biological manifestation. They rein SUPREME within all co creation with the features most refined, and possessing the most ability to create throughout the interstellar communities, and have for more than a billion years. They ARE the beings that declare themselves as the „Gods” (plural throughout your religious texts, not „one”) who destroyed your language, who would have „no other gods before them”. YOUR DNA template was based on theirs, only yours was designed to go down inside of all the levels of any Time Matrix, whereas theirs were not. This meant that once you transcended out of any given Time Matrix, you would possess something even they did not, and that was the ability to PHYSICALLY manifest inside of Time Matrices across all of creation. Something the Elohim CAN NOT DO. Some of the Elohim didn’t care for this and they decided not to allow your species to evolve your full DNA template and ascend fully out of the Gaia 15 Level Time Matrix.

So how did they go about this if they couldn’t go into the Time Matrix where you were evolving? The Annu Elohim decided to bore a tunnel through the fabric that separates your Time Matrix from those surrounding it. They did this from a universe from a parallel dimension to your called the Weasadrek Matrix. Then they bored another hole on the other side of your universe into another one called the Lila Matrix. This hole now created a passage where they could send in a huge standing scalar arc posted from the Weasadrek stargate, through earth’s stargates, and then into a stargate in Lila. What this created then were holes in your space-time fabric that could allow other beings to come in to your planetary system from two different universes, rotate your planet 202 ½ degrees from its due north, and keep it locked in place where the frequency mathematics from the Weasadrek Matrix, the Metatronic Mechanics would then overtake your true frequency spectrum of the six-point Maharic Star Tetrahedron. This would cause you to lose your connection to your extreme super powers, and allow for the eradication to begin.

Because this unique arc was such an enormous success, this group of Elohim who planned this deed, took on the name ARC and placed ANGEL after it, and now refer to themselves as one being in name, Arc(h)angel Michael. In reality this group’s real name is “The Michalube, Suns of Baal”. Now you know where Baal comes from, it is synonymous with God. Next, they set out to strike and created a group they would name the Anunnaki. This group’s sole mission was to murder all of your species they could, take your DNA codes and integrate those into their own bodies by interbreeding with your women, progressively taking more and more of your genetic strings of code into theirs. They had to do this in order to ultimately destroy your race, because if they merely killed all of you, the frequency codes in your genetic makeup that are keyed to the stargates of your planet, would cease to be present, and earth was designed to close if those codes were not present, as earth was created FOR the Angelic Human Krystos lineage. It was YOUR planet. If they killed all of you at once, they would be trapped inside this one dimension forever.

Now, these beings called the Anunnaki, who were bi-pedal blue dolphin-shaped that could walk or live in water (and they still do here) began their work of hunting down and murdering the men and raping the women. Once the women gave birth to their new Anunnaki/Human hybrid, they would kill the mother as well. This went on for a long time. Then 8 other new races came in to your universe from the other Matrices it was now open to. Those races wanted to live here too, so they started doing the same thing to your seeding. The Anunnaki made alliances with these other races, which turned ultimately into the two groups that are ruling over you now. They are not all working in harmony, but are in agreement to keep you enslaved. There are groups within one of the two main groups with their own agendas, but they work as one.

These groups are as follows (there are some other species of beings working with these groups as well not listed, such as the Zeta Grays. What I am posting are the major players.):

FROM NIBIRU: The JEHOVIAN GROUP (You read that right) made up of the pure, original Anunnaki (Blue Bi-Pedal Dolphins)

FROM NIBIRU: The THOTH LUCIFER GROUP (You read that right) made up of Anunnaki/Leviathan Reptilians (Lizard beings)

FROM NIBIRU: The MARDUK SATAIN GROUP (You read that right) made up of Anunnaki/Leviathan Dragon-Moths (Dragons)

FROM NIBIRU: The ENLIL GROUP made up of Anunnaki/Odedicrons (Crocodiles with bird heads)

FROM ALCIONE PLEIADES: The SAMJASE GROUP made up of Anunnaki/Nordic Humans (Blond hair, blue eyes)

The NIBIRU INVADER RACES were known from their ancient Egyptian presence as the Seraphim gods, they are known as Jehova, Satan, Lucifer, and Lord of the Bible, they operate the Freemasons (all versions), the Nights Templars, the KKK, Satanism (Satainism), the Mafia, the Mormon Church and the Catholic Church to name only a few. Most of these were the gods that needed human sacrifice all the time, as they need human blood to thrive inside of this atmosphere where they are not coded to.

The ALCIONE PLEIADES INVADER RACE were known from their ancient Greece presence as the Greek gods, they are known as the Devil of the Bible, Illuminati, ISIS, the Protestant Church and run the world money system.

Obviously they do 10,000x more to the human race than just that, but I wanted to at least put faces to the names of the invader races and to the God/Lord/Jehova/Satan/Lucifer of the religious texts they feed you here.

Please continue to learn all you can now so you can learn how to begin resonating in unconditional love for all things within creation. This is the only way to raise your low vibration from all the intense work the invader races have put you through. I speak at length about how to repair your DNA so you can resonate with the 4th dimension, the next stop for your planet you call earth in my other writings.

All love!

September 5 at 6:30pm



In my recent posts on my wall (GO READ IF YOU WANT THE UNVARNISHED FACTS) have proven beyond ANY question that at least 1/3rd of those here now never had any memories of the film Interview With THE Vampire, nor any memories of Froot Loops and the list goes ON AND ON AND ON. Hot water from the LEFT knob? REALLY? Wives who KNOW FOR SURE that their 32nd anniversary is a WEEK later than what has been an ongoing ONE SINGLE DATE of each year for her husband that was the ONE day of the year most important to their union?

AND NOW, I just posted the TRUE NAMES of your captors you have been told all along were „Satan” and „God” and „Baal”, and REVEALED their actual identities and where they are from, HERE to do only ONE THING, and that was to kill your species in the most insidious ways imaginable (See „GOD, SATAN, LUCIFER, BAAL, JEHOVA AND DEVIL TRUTH REVEALED” on my wall and WHY they did this) to show you HOW your captivity happened and WHY it happened. Here is ONGOING proof of the continued intervention of your evolution by those who still wish to drag you in to the PHANTOM MATRIX I have been telling you about for 2 years.

Donald Trump, an egomaniacal, self-serving LEADER of corporate enslavement (READ: SUMERIAN GOD), who wants to paint himself as „smarter” than the rest of humanity and is now running to be the leader of the New Atlantis, is using the work of the GUARDIAN ALLIANCE to SAVE your species as „proof” that the „evil ways of the Kybal” are the reason for the onslaught of autism by using the TRUTH that your vaccinations are filled with poison to devolve your population to prove that what is actually good, is bad. Sound familiar? THIS IS SLIGHT OF HAND here people. Make NO MISTAKE that AUTISM is a Pan Clair-ah higher dimension GIFT to your seeding. It is not, and never HAS been a „disease”. It was NOT one of the MANY diseases created by your captors such as:

„AIDS” – Laboratory created to seek out and destroy all of those carrying HUMAN bloodlines. NOT the bloodline of (one of) your CAPTORS.

„CANCER” – Laboratory created to seek out and destroy all of those carrying HUMAN bloodlines. NOT the bloodlines of your CAPTORS.

And many other FAKE diseases, including „fibromyalgia” or better known as „morgellons disease” which the scientists who created them call them „nanites” which are placed into your FOOD, WATER, SODA DRINKS, and even your AIR through „chemtrails”. Weaponized nano bots infused with dried human blood carrying HUMAN (as in YOUR BLOODLINE) PATHOGENS. These are designed to use DNA programming to seek out and destroy your immune systems, weakening you to merely SURVIVAL mode inside of HUGE FAT bodies fighting for their LIVES, keeping you unable to think to even BEGIN to fight back or work on your higher vibration codes, in the meantime are radio broadcast and receiver antennas that connect TO YOUR DNA to make you REMOTELY CONTROLLABLE to insert messages inside your ARTIFICIAL BRAIN to go willingly into FEMA camps when your masses finally get full disclosure and your species revolts from PANDEMIC reaction to the atrocities that have been inflicted into the Angelic Human bloodlines.

For explanation see:


AUTISM is one of many CLAIR abilities that have been cut off from reaching the Angelic HUMAN Krystos „God” avatars on this earth that are set to begin „activation” into „normal” use within a „sane” society during the Pan Clair-ah and Un-Es’-pa Ta-Rha’-Ta’ Solar Pulses coming into your atmosphere during the Hethalon Magnetic Peak which is currently happening right now in your sun’s PULSED scalar waves (Cymatic geometric pattern-infused planetary energy grid codes), peaking only a few days from now. These codes have been PROVEN as irrefutable FACT coming into your reality field by one of my recent posts. See „WAVE X AND SEPTEMBER 23RD, 2015”, and bring with them the healing energies to restore many Pan CLAIR-ah (as in Clairvoyance) abilities such as photographic memory, genius IQs, extra-sensory perception, empath abilities and the list goes on and on.

And now one of the PUPPETS OF THE KYBAL who has ABSOLUTELY ZERO say in what „laws” are passed (there is NO SUCH THING AS „LAW” other than the Law of ONE) is using an apparent „disclosure” claim regarding „nefarious vaccine” ingredients meant to harm HUMAN kind (Not MAN kind, TWO different things), as a platform to prove that he is a „good guy” and „please vote for him”. VOTING for someone to „RULE YOU” is like asking for a spanking without a happy ending.

AUTISM has never been any more a „disease” than clear and obvious super-human ability to run math and science instantly from the HUMAN brain called your HEART, PROVEN by your own scientists to be just as neurologically connect to your „knowing” or „thinking” as your artificial brain. And is no more a „disease” than what caused the ancient „Elongated Skull Phenomenon” found ALL OVER THE WORLD in archaeological sites. Those were the original GUARDIANS OF EARTH (Tara as he was known by at the time), the Maharaji INDIGOS from one of your founding father species known as the Sirius-B Oraphim, the highest frequency DNA seeding of the multiple tribes of the Turanuesiam-1 Project Angelic Human Krystos avatars.

WHY the spike in Autism in 2008? Because that is when the Master Failsafe Krystalbrige Way Ascension plan was placed into its first stage, immediately following the re-entry of the Emerald Covenant by your original earth-level captors, the Anunnaki. And WHY did they reenter the original Treaty to protect earth through this final Stellar Activation Cycle? Because they had NO CHOICE to back the Guardian Alliance, otherwise the Leviathan Drakonian Alliance under the Luciferian Treaty was set to destroy all of the Anunnaki earth-hybrids after the planned plate-shift of 12/21/12. The full story of why they were forced into this position to ensure absolute passage of your planet and your species into Harmonic Universe 2 has been clearly explained in many of my articles. Please read them. When the Master Failsafe Krystalbridge Way Ascension plan was put into place, then the seeding of the Palaidorian Type-3 Indigos carrying high levels of Pan Clair-ah abilites began being added to round out the 144,000 Indigo Force of your final days of ascension, ensuring that your planet was infused with extremely high levels of the original HUMAN energy coding which is 85,000x higher than that of the other tribes of your original DNA template and 1 million times higher than that of your captors, ensuring that earth could maintain a high enough vibration to enter into the Stellar Activation set to begin in 2012.

This is full disclosure folks. You wanted to know, and now you do. The truth is not pretty, but it is still the truth. It is up to you to either react with hate and vengeance or to realize that your enslavement was due to your own mistakes, and mistakes made by your captors who were all lied to and tricked into the fates you AND THEY now experience. Many if not MOST of your captors HATE the lives they have to lead now, but are STUCK in a paradigm of either continuing on, or „dying” in your terminology. You can STOP the endless cycle of repeating Chimera realities of continual mind-wiping and torture by simply forgiving yourself for the mistakes you have made after having been bioformed by your captors with lowered DNA that had been PROGRAMMED for hate and war, and forgiving your captors for being pawned by the true „God” (the COLLECTIVE of Annu Elohim known as „Archangel Micheal”) who first set out to destroy you.

NOW is the time to awake to higher emotion, higher sense of ONEness, and higher vibrations of unconditional love. With these DNA elevations you CAN leave this prison existence. But you won’t be leaving if you respond to this information with fear, violence, hate and vengeance. There is simply no higher dimension that is willing to accept such tenants and ideology which were never part of your genetic creation to start with. Let go of the ego that demands you be treated one way or the other and accept the fact that others are expressing their own free-will directly from god-source in a different way than you choose to. If you don’t like how you are being treated LEAVE, but you have NO RIGHT to inflict „justice” on someone else. If you are in a community and someone treats another there that the COMMUNITY doesn’t wish to see, then place that person OUTSIDE of the community. But you DO NOT have the right to put them in prison, torture them or kill them. That is the way of your CAPTORS who choose violence to solve problems. The Angelic Human was DESIGNED to honor all life as their own. Even the ULTIMATE „evil” Archangel Michael MUST BE FORGIVEN, and you must PERSONALLY LEARN how to avoid being in his presence in order to be free of his tyranny. TAKE AWAY from him the support he has needed in order to inflict this suffering to SHOW him through unconditional love that being in HARMONY with all life is more fun than being ALONE. THAT is how unconditional love TRAINS the foolish, uneducated pieces of god-source how to evolve into their highest self. Vengeance is sought be INFANTS, not mature gods.

If you choose to respond in a reactionary way other than a way of being centered as one with all things to this disclosure, then you will be repeating the same abuse as you have here, for possibly the next billion years or even longer. Choose life instead.


Look what happened to the autism rate from 1983-2008 since one-time massive shots were given to children. This chart was given to me by a parent of two autistic children. I may not be a doctor but I have lots of common sense. Read my previous statements on autism…

6 september


Your family will not be „coming with you” when you ascend unless they are uniquely awake and in tune with the harmonic frequencies of the 4th dimension. This would be akin to parting the Red Sea in regards to what miracles would have to take place for their awareness to leave at the same time you do. Before ascension, one must first WAKE UP, which is not a „small” issue. MUCH LESS than half of humanity is awake now, and the Guardians don’t actually believe that more than 50% WILL awake, though they HOPE more than that do. But there is a reality to the extreme level of brainwashing that has happened to your species for so long, that it will physically be impossible for the majority to ever emotionally mature to the point where they are going to be able to wrap their heads around the fact that the millions of details that make up „reality” has ALL been authored into existence by scientific and mathematical design in order to fabricate a purely false world. It is MUCH easier to fool someone than it is to convince them they have been fooled because of ego. And the 3rd Dimension inside of each 15 Level Time Matrix is created to teach EGO as a fundamental element of survival. And you are inside (perpetually right now) of the 3RD DIMENSION of your Gaia journey.

Unless you have arrived at the point where you know, for sure, that you have been fooled into embracing something as „true” and it simply is not, and you have smoking gun evidence to back this up, you will not be mentally able to then give up all of your assumptions about what is real and what isn’t and then open your mind up to what then MIGHT be real. THEN, after you have awoken and GIVEN AWAY your ego and ADMIT that you were fooled, you have to move on to unconditional love. So, even if you DO wake up, there is a GREAT chance you will NOT be able to ascend because the person’s body harmonics vibrate PHYSICALLY in fear, hatred, selfishness, envy and judgement through brainwashing techniques that have been used on your peoples for thousands of lifetimes, ingrained so deeply into their cellular memories, that by this time they have no point of reference to even begin to understand how to change. And without some sort of magical meeting with an „alien” or similar (such as my awakening which was altogether done TO me in order for me to fulfill my contract) to prove to them they have to give up the primal, instinctual thought processes of the ego dimension or they won’t be moving on, they simply aren’t going to understand there is any logic in doing so, as choosing to give up these instincts is much like choosing to run naked through a dark forest filled with man-eating lions.

It goes against everything they have been programmed to know to be „real” for the last 246,000 years. IF someone DOES manage to WAKE UP (HUGE IF), and then they somehow DO understand that ego-level instincts are holding them back, then they STILL have to somehow become in perfect harmony with all of creation long enough to assemble higher strands of their DNA enough to come into synchronization with the harmonic density spectrum of dimension 4. And this is an EVOLUTIONARY process that doesn’t happen overnight. In fact it can take 100 years to raise your DNA from the 3rd strand to the 4th. And that is all time spent AFTER these other two miracles happen in the process of possibly ever ascending.

It is a BIG deal if you are awake, and will be equally a BIG DEAL if ANY of your family members EVER do. You need to remember while you are going through the process of learning the Law of ONE, that your „family” is not actually YOUR family. They are all ascended masters, powerful „gods” from the HIGHEST realms who have lived out millions of lifetimes, conquered unspeakable challenges, and manifested entire universes into existence before they ever became babies and birthed into your family unit. They are on their OWN journeys here, NOT YOURS. You might have a tiny bit of say how they might go through the process of turning from child into adult, but that is where your input ends. These are GODS you think of as „your” wife, son or daughter. Let them AUTHOR creation as they choose to and do not imagine that your next billion years of existence in manifest form will always include their physical presence. Chances are you won’t see them again for a while after you move on from here. But they will FOREVER be with you through higher self connection in the deity planes where your highest awareness and theirs are forever one single entity. Once you are out of this frequency prison, you will have UTTER contact with them at all times through your higher self. They will never be „gone” from you ultimately unless YOUR awareness becomes once again cut off from the deity planes, because ONLY your awareness has been disconnected from all beings from the primal plasma fields of god-source. All of them are still right there, all in harmonic communication even still.

Of the 1728 aware selves that make up „you” inside of this 15 Level Time Matrix, ONE has been disconnected. And that is the ONE inside of this one timeline of this one dimension and inside of this ONE ERA. Inside of this „one” dimension, you have over 300 „aware selves” living here at this same time. ONE has been captured and used as an eternal free energy generator through MILLIONS of pieces of science placed here to keep you eternally 5 years old and eternally living inside of a „wonderland” in every way just as purely fabricated as the other side of Alice’s Looking Glass.

When I tell you every SINGLE little part of your reality is a holographic counterfeit to what is actually there, I mean even the light that broadcasts across the landscape you think you „see” is actually pitch darkness. Your SUNS (you had two) were REMOVED and then replaced with an artificial single sun that radiates frequency waves that are void of actual „light” altogether, and that is why your captors call themselves the „Illuminated Ones” and kept the teachings of „light” a secret for all of your preserved history. And of course your „history” does not just go back to Hermes when the hermetic teachings came into being where the fact that the BLACK SUN is what is behind your visible spectrum of illusion can never be allowed into the hands of the chattel. Your true history of your conscious awareness (this ONE captured awareness) goes back to many thousands of incarnations in many thousands of different civilizations. „Atlantis” is merely a NAME of a civilization that is re-established time and time and time again here to serve as „the promised land” for your captors to live inside of while you continually go about earning all of the money to pay for their unlimited opulence through a money and tax system they have been using each and every time.

Do not worry about your „family”, they aren’t anymore „yours” than earth is, or a tree is. You cannot „own” god. You can merely share experiences with them, and that will be an eternal situation if you can merely get your awareness back out of this perfect mental prison beyond the looking glass. They, like you, are still „god”, and still living out hundreds of lives in hundreds of reality fields and they are FINE. But if you want to finally rescue this one awareness of your manifest selves, then you WILL NOT be fooled by the illusion that you must somehow „save them first” before you move on. You will not be able to wake them up unless they are READY to wake up. You attempting to „force them” to „listen” to your „insane rantings of a madman” is you trying to impart your personal beliefs and values on another face of god-source, something that is in diametric opposition to the Law of ONE where they are living out their OWN lives by their own FREE will. So overtly trying to „save them” is going to lead to your own vibration ONCE AGAIN never reaching harmonic symmetry with the 4th Dimension. And this is THE LAST chance you will be having to naturally move on from this Dimension. If you want to learn more about WHY this is the last chance, please read my other posts. I fully explain that in multiple writings. HONOR „your” family member’s wishes to remain asleep and you are repairing your distorted frequency spectrum within your own merkaba vehicle of ascension.

Adashi Sol


Autor: Livia Ether Flow

‚I am the child of Earth and starry Heaven’ Freedom for all living beings and the all worlds.. Deeper than memory.. beyond the time…. i send you blessings where you are ♥ ƸӜƷ ♥ Livia Ether Flow LiRa https://liviaspacedotcom.wordpress.com/

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