Timeline Shift and Prophecy, 9/23/15


Text by Adashi Sol via Emerald Guardians


First I am going to ask you HOW MANY POPES HAVE STEPPED DOWN in your history? Please post your answer here. There is not only a discrepancy, but a BIG difference between the three timelines. I am not going to taint this question with my timeline’s history, as I need for you to come forward and report your CERTAIN history from your own memory.

The first refugee from the US to Avalon has been with me here for a week now, both her and her husband. She has been visited by „angels” many, many times in her life, in real life. I believe her to be an empath, and have known her for many years. We helped her find her way to safety before the collapse and are doing everything needed to help her get safely „in” to this country and „out” of Atlantis, USA, INC. Tonight, out of the blue, she holds up her hands and says „It started today, and is going to culminate on September 28th”. If you have read my post on September 23rd, 2015, you already know I have shown that the big event was going to begin on September 15, and culminate on September 28th.

I asked her what she meant. She said that she just received a clear message that „IT” started today, and there would be a „natural disaster”, „collapse of the US dollar”, „a war would be announced” and „worldwide pandemonium on September 28th”.

Now, before you think I am fearmongering, let me just say that my job is not to make anyone vibrate in fear. I am here to inform you of the events that you might want to prepare for, and how to find your way out of this prison matrix. As you can see clearly, that my last post was that Embracing FEAR is MANIFESTING that REALITY into your field of vision. Meaning that you WILL be inside of the TIMELINE where the thing you focus on will come to pass. If you cannot rise above the paradigm of fear, thinking you are merely a mortal human, and you might „die forever”, then you will continue to have to recycle to learn that this is not the case. You are a FACE of god, one of his trillions of different faces, ALL of whom are your SAME face, just different versions of the multi-faceted and all-encompassing god-source. Never FEAR what is coming, as it is merely another experience, what you came down into this Time Matrix for to start with. Hurt and love and pain and joy and weeping and sex, and tasting pizza were ALL on the menu, and ALL were part of what you wanted to experience to start with. This is all just some „more of the same stuff”.

We talked about her download, which lasted for a few minutes, and then talked about what is happening on the time frame of 9/15 to 9/28 for a while, and she kept saying that the big event was going to have something to do with the Pope, and with alien disclosure, monetary collapse, with a war event and with global confusion. Okay, well, I have written ALL ABOUT these dates. At least I thought. As I never predicted any sort of war, but collapse of the dollar, of disclosure and of a brand new awareness that is more than likely coming. I am not prophet, as I don’t get to know the very big human dramas in advance in detail, I am given details on how I can help you transcend this reality field and move away from the torture you have been subjected to for so long. The human dramas are usually just left to sort themselves out. In this case, this refugee is channeling directly from what she calls „god”.

I don’t judge you, and I don’t judge her. But her „god” is Archangel Micheal, or, as „he” is known in higher realms, The Michalube, Suns of Baal, a group of the Elohim that set themselves apart from the rest, who are also known as the Annu Elohim, and are opposed to the agenda of the Elohi Elohim – who are still under the Emerald Covenant. The Michalube are opposed to the evolution of the Angelic Human Krystos species (you), and have set out from more than a half billion years ago to stop you from EVER entering the interstellar communities and have gone WAY out of their way to see that you DIE. THE ANTI-KRYST are the „SUNS OF BAAL”, The Michalube referred to in your bible as „Archangel Micheal”. Her „god” channeling to her is The Michalube, of which I am certain after many dozens of hours in conversation. She was raised Catholic and has had a great journey so far. On the way, she was repeatedly visited and indoctrinated into the mindset that „god” is „ELOHIM”, and she has never bothered to ask for credentials or the difference between the AGENDAS of the Annu Elohim and the Elohi Elohim. They channel her, and so „he” is „god”. Period.

I don’t care if you don’t understand that your „god” is actually your captor and that you are not awake. I will still help you find your way to safety, because all of the children are still the same beings. They are still the ONE being of god-source. Suffering is suffering, and if I can help even ONE of you avoid more of that, then that is what I am here for. I am not here to help „god”, I am here to help god-source, the collective of ALL of sentient beings carrying Signature Spirit Essences from the ONE body of god-source who care for each other as they do themselves once they have realized that they are their neighbor, they are the trees, they are all things within physical manifestation.

After our conversation, I returned to a video just 1 1/2 days new that I was just about to watch before we had dinnner, an interview with a man who came forward a year before the pope resigned, predicting that he WOULD resign, giving the year and the month he would do this unprecedented act. Apparently he had been given another download from his „god”, the SAME „god” I would assume that my refugee subscribes to, that what is about to happen is an attack on major scale beginning a war that will be announced by the pope. Hmm. Seems AMAZINGLY similar to the download just given to this refugee only seconds before watching the video. And in fact, he goes on to list who is behind the attack, and where it all plays out and to which end.

This post is less about these prophesies and more about the fact that when I informed her later that her prediction had just been confirmed by the guy who predicted the stepping down of the pope, she replied that (remember, this is a woman who has been obsessed with how her upbringing as a Catholic was the work of the devil and has spent her life focused on the evils that come out of that church), „no pope has ever stepped down”. I said, well, you know, the previous one. She said „there has been no pope EVER to vacate the position”. I said this is common knowledge here. Everyone on earth knows the last pope stepped down. Still she refused this to be fact and I told her to just google it. She said „three popes have stepped down?” And I told her in YOUR TIMELINE they may not have, but in this one, apparently THREE have.

The video is COMPELLING. The direct download to this refugee is COMPELLING. Am I saying all these things will happen? I wasn’t personally informed that they WILL, but then, human dramas are usually just not within my paygrade (which is unfortunately zero). I don’t need to know what the pope is going to unveil on September 23rd to show you the way out of here. What I need to know is the mechanics involved in you saving your next possibly a billion years of continued enslavement in order to fulfill my contract. But I will say that their stories were the same, and came to me within 3 minutes of each other.

Adashi Sol

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