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Maly dodatek do wczesniejszych notek poswieconych liniom czasowym, zwlaszcza w kontekscie wydarzen wrzesniowych. Opracowanie znalazlam dzieki Ra na stronie Projectu Camelot, oto fragment, a na zakonczenie raz jeszcze wywiad z Kamerranem Fally w ktorym mowa miedzy innymi o trwajacej wojnie pomiedzy dwoma glownymi grupami Illuminati – Zionem, a Jezuitami, oraz ich planach..

Astro-Planetology Volume II The Multiverse Explained


To manage Mind-Sets, then directed and controlled Energy is required. These are done through the process of Timelines as explained next.

Timelines & The Evolutionary Process

In Hyper-Space, Valleys are excavated like river-channels to guide Energy to flow in given paths. These paths are plotted along optimal routes to feed into the different upcoming ACTOR Scenarios. This process is called creating a “Timeline”. • Mandates are updated once they are Realized and this is done through the continuous tweaking of the Scenario process; and Genes/DNA tweaking is part of these change in Scenarios. This process is called EVOLUTION. The Timeline constantly get updated to feed this evolutionary process. This way every possibility is checked out, it is all part of the plan. • Even with one species, the ACTORs are placed in given tribes or lineage and managed by the Timeline. • All Energies comes through the Timeline and hence complete control of the process is put into place.

Timelines & Mind-Clouds

If a Mind-Set is shared across a collective (say 20+ ACTORs), then a mini-branch in the Timeline is created to encapsulate this idea and evaluate its outcome. What follows describes this process. • A Mind-Cloud area in “Consciousness Zone” is created in a form of a cloud encapsulating and distinguishing the group from others who have their own: Ideas {what’s new and different}, experiences {their actions and history}, linguistics {their terminology and structured logic} and behavioural patterns {their mannerism and group norms}. The Founding-Leaders (in Arabic “Imam”) are registered in this cloud, enabling the leaders a greater say in steering it’s content. • Creed/Allegiance Criteria is placed, that each member has to accept to be let-in as a group member or allowed to have access to the cloud. This creed is a form of initiation or belief systems, that the ACTOR must undertake or mimic before getting a pass to this cloud. Hence, secret societies have secrete initiation rituals to ensure that their membership is limited and public access to their cloud is hindered. • The Mind-Cloud quickly gathers around it a shell acting as a border, encapsulating it, making it distinct from other clouds. This is done by resolving differences like “What name should we be known as?”, “How we are different from the rest?”, “Why should we hold this belief system as appose to others?”, etc. The shell acts as a filter, letting in only those that are compatible with the idea. So, if the belief system is a racist one, then the features of that race are defined and the rest are excluded. This is also how marriage, family,tribes, countries, nations, races, elegances, United Nations etc. are formed. Having Birth-Certificates or Being Patriotic means conforming your actions and beliefs to be within the given shell in the Mind-Cloud. • Initiated members can quickly download information/programming for a jump start. Shared experiences enable more access to different parts of the cloud. Children quickly learn mother-tongue this way as they accept the shared experiences, commit to the family, downloading their linguistic/behavioural patterns, similarly political parties, revolutions, education, laws etc

Branching New Timelines

When a Timeline is created, then from the outset, it’s definitive end is marked. That end will be the next milestone in the major timeline, meaning all branches of the main timeline must come together closer to the end. If there are no more ACTORs, or if the ACTORs’ CHOICEs cause group termination (like war or suicide), consequently, the timeline is merged with the main line and marked as complete. If the Mind-Cloud is large enough, then a new Timeline is created branching off the main Timeline. • Each timeline might require these components to be marked as ready for processing: • A given specific CREED stating the main purpose of this timeline. Example: The Bible for believers or the works of Karl Marx in Communism. • Founding fathers who instigated or advocated the CREED, e.g. prophets like Mousses or thinkers Lenin. • Main line of LEADERs and FOLLOWERs who maintain the path and keep up the faith like the priesthood or party command. • MARTYRS or HEROES who show how far should member ACTORs persevere and sacrifice to maintain the CREED. • The ultimate manifestation of the full ideal of the CREED (The MESSIAH), who displays to all the true nature of the CREED (be it positive or negative), like Joseph to Abrahamic Belief, David/Suleiman to Judaism, Hitler to Fascism or The Illuminate to The New World Order. • Timelines have strong walls (Cloud-Shell) pulling their members into their stream. To branch out a Timeline, then strength, focussedwill, energy and effort exerted to cause a breach in the well of its parent. Once a branch is created, the Energy used to breach the wall is quickly used to prevent the reversal of the flow. Hence, once energy is spent to break out into a branch, that energy acts as an internal wall in the branch timeline preventing spill-back into it’s parent. This is why when political parties split, they find it very difficult at the early stages to come back together again; they have to exert a new and different effort to merge into one timeline. • ACTORs entering the Universe-Matrix are allocated a given amount of Energy (with possible extensions for good WORK) for their scenarios to manifest their qualities. When they act according to a similar Mind-Set, consequently, their combined energies start flowing through that Timeline. The more signing-up, the wider the Timeline becomes and more energy flows into that timeline.

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