Dragon Races & Ascension

Livia Ether Flow


Themes Seeing brain changes in pineal, bridging hemispheres together, circadian rhythms effected, seeing 3D Mind Locks, Bi-Polar, and false umbilicus connected to recycling through astral, Dragon Races ability to Span Multiple Dimensions and vantage points, dragons and architects are the ones cleaning up and rehabilitating)

Opening: As we memorialize our session in the here and now, Beloved God again we create our sacred container and space to be fully consecrated to the eternal living light and the cosmic Christ principle. We ask our guides our defenders of truth sovereignty and liberation and our Guardian families that serve the one. Beloveds we ask that our template be updated both individual and collective to be forever perpetuated in the eternally sustained light of God. We ask for gatekeeping now to hold our alchemical container to be consecrated and dedicated to the purposes of God, as well…

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Autor: Livia Ether

‚I am the child of Earth and starry Heaven’ Freedom for all living beings and the all worlds.. Deeper than memory.. beyond the time…. i send you blessings where you are ♥ ƸӜƷ ♥ Livia Ether LiRa https://liviaflow.wordpress.com/


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