3 EYE… attachment to story of Emerald Guardian 2

it’s part of my correspondence with Ra (Emerald Guardian) about 3 EYE, Amber Egg etc.. as attachment to the Emerald Guardian Story

Ayshien Sha Delight



06 02 2014

Yes… I saw two black objects a la cigar.. also like a batteries or magnets… I felt anxiety…. seeing them at the place where I met EG… what they were doing??

The Emerald Eye of RA I associated with this dream and.. two days ago 1 person asked me what I thought about the Eye of Horus… hmm.. this eye I found on your blog as the right eye of Ra


but I felt that to reverse it to the left side and I remembered something …. just before I met EG had some experience :

I wrote recently that this tunnel reminds me of windows in the pyramids .. yesterday midnight i again found myself in the tunnel/shaft .. this time, however, I did not flow into the depth of it (toward the door).. I may add that these doors are located in a small room, in any event, you cannot reach them directly, you can do it only through this small and empty room .. So yes, this time i was hovering just over this shaft .. the water was pleasant , warm .. i looked to the sky .. it was a night sky full of stars .. I was trying to find a certain specific star or stellar system, but the picture of it was quite blurry.. I understood that this water distorts my view.. and then I felt very clearly how this shaft outlet is located exactly between my eyes.. the so-called site of the 3rd EYE.. very strong feeling of opening in this place.. after a  while it occurred to me the feeling that my entire head lies under water, and more precisely under the bottom of the bay.. and it seemed to me absolutely enormous.. and the shaft is a kind of space which connects me through the water with what lies  on the surface .. there was nothing unpleasant about this feeling, on the contrary.. I felt absolutely peaceful.. and the view of the stars affected me extra soothing.. I also felt that I was waiting for a star, which was about to appear. just about this time of the night it was not yet visible in this place and from my perspective .. thanks to this I was also unable to judge that the tunnel/shaft was directed to the north.. when flowing out of it I got it in front of me in the south…

This experience was from 2009-01-09


However, during this experience it was obviously to the left of EG…. and so maybe this triangular system is more COMPLEX, and I still see only fragments of the full picture…. one way or another .. it is still important to me … and of a special importance.. now… this dream was so so real… hmm…

Ra Ka Isha


Ayshien Sha Delight

seems left eye = horus moon , left brain thinking..  and named also eye of thoth //vs //depiction. right eye is Re (Ra) sun (re is spoken Ray = same,  if one wuold say it in english and when pronounced
The symbolism of the eye of Re, also associated with a number of goddesses, was complex and diverse.
( and indeed also depicts pineal gland and that part in brain (3rd eye) raja)  to see with  .. eye the light..
quick re-read me also did
also when your fully „activated” properly.. with a big ! i would add… //the 3rd eye is hemisyncer L/R that keeps the balance. as regulator…   (as one has to clear seals/distortions in the pineal area also.. and i did that. and more..
after a while it occurred to me the feeling that my entire head lies under water, and more precisely under the bottom of the bay..”
maybe a part is still there @the bay? that connects you as its part of….    across space and time..  linking than and here in nowtime. as all is one. (timevectors)
and i think at that time. north was on a diffrent Angle/Axxes than earth is now. thus it alligns diffrently nowadays .same as note from randi green spoke of links to all the same
„excerpt : and use the symbol you have most dear to connect to your own stellar grid… pre-egyptian I think, despite your human now a day heritage, you stem from the races which created the true Egypt, not the fake version we have here on outer Earth”   hence some will always be intrested in that we hold..  beside what we can. and what we stand for. and more.
(same way randi green on her blog posts., does speak of the lunar and solar stellar races..  )

bob dean also spoke in 2009 on the camelot conference about the Cigar shaped ufo. alien humanoids , seems to be one a them good guys. but good guys can be manipulated from higherD entities/beings also..  and thus at times are pawns when themselfs not aware/or not knowledgeable in that. thus indirectly play part of. (just a thought expressed..)

if they could access that area them would have long ago my thought is. and they cant, for a good reason.  same as that part in egypt has a shield around that area below kufe area (Geomatrix team spoke of that many died trying to pass that field, and lost their head. or just were vaporised to dust as them not as light as a feather…..  nor carry the right.. coding…  and there also is some of importance still stored.
you are.. AMAZING  and Ayshien SHA , Sha is D15 ;D Kee-Ra-Sha ❤  and as Eckar means you and i have Capstone coding.. (like the missing top of piramide thats a capstone 🙂 and carry the full 48DNA strand potential (indigo type 1)  (meaning we got out this 12D semi fallen system and ascended (when the grid was still ok in previous cycle, and came back again on a mission/contract volunteered, so your an legitimate Ascended mistress hahahah im not sure what the female version word for master is?
we have all answers deep inside higher heart. where that spark shines brightly but its a long trip to get to it and stuff one sees along the way,and more you are connected on so many fronts more than i am yep i admire you i do

Ayshien Sha Delight



08 02 2014


Day before yesterday when I was reading your words:

„ohhhh ohh kitty miawww miauwwwww me miss you <3”

I felt a big excitement, which transformed into increasingly greater longing…

So I focused on the thread of the divine eyes… and then it started.. I felt that i’ve teary eyes and I cried.. all evening… I dont know why… since two days i was very sleeping, like a ‚Sleeping Beauty’, the day before yesterday i slept to 14.00 at noon and I could not wake up … similarly to 21 12 2012 … I felt that it has some relationship with the dream with cigar ships… yesterday I decided to add on my blog post about the Eye of Ra and Horus … I searched in the Internet link to this image of the emerald eye…

and among many different emerald eyes of god RA i noticed your photo.. ah..
So I clicked it and in this way I happened onto your blog, where i saw this ‚like’… and you know whatwas then… so.. this my emotional outbreak began from the emerald Eye of RA …. hmm …and again… my eyes are teary… and.. I dont know….


Level 3 Regent

„sufficient rainbow ray….”
oh, i saw rainbow whirl when i met EG
he is like you…. for me… you are him
The Egyptian Eye of Ra with Gold and High-Quality Channel-Set Emeralds.
09 02 2014
„if they could access that area them would have long ago my thought is. and they cant, for a good reason.  same as that part in egypt has a shield around that area below kufe area (Geomatrix team spoke of that many died trying to pass that field, and lost their head. or just were vaporised to dust as them not as light as a feather…..  nor carry the right.. coding…    and there also is some of importance still stored.” i think alike ..
I saw it … they could not get inside… although they seemed to be in the same place … but those were rather overlays … however .. situation in this dream disturbed me… I woke up with a headache on the right sight …. hmm.. maybe I should not write anything more about this on my blog …
„and as Eckar means you and i have Capstone coding”
our coding? capstone coding? hmm… can you make it clear? I don’t know what to do….. oh, i’m rather trouble maker… sweet dreams Ra

Ra Ka Isha


Ayshien Sha Delight

09 02 2014

hope you dreamed well
capstone as as if it was a piramide and 4 layers there are the 5th layer is capstone.
see layer 1 piramide_____ 12D DNA (Hu1) as example than next layer 2___     upto 4th layer of piramide.the missing /\ = than the DNA coding from Hu5 plasma__
/36  \
/24    \
/12      \
…yes that info.. baltic bay and rest links….
 oh i love it how you put them posts together and glues all them notes and pieces and links together

Ayshien Sha Delight



10 02 2014

c  lick


The Baltic Sea was once a lake… I had a dream about the Baltic as the lake… in this dream I was living goddess and resided in a place which nowadays is the Sanctuary of the Polish Queen of Sea… Earlier Queen of the Baltic Sea was water goddess JURATA…… Interestingly… statue of Polish Stella Maris put in here by Dutch sailors in gratitude for saving their lives…. near the place where i met EG 🙂

ahh, in my dream of emerald shoes there was a guy who reminded me you.. actually I’m sure it was you .. and he showed me a lot, a lot of things, literally in a mega multi-dimensional way… and at the end of our meeting showed me his emerald shoes…. i don’t know why shoes, but they were really emerald 🙂

pur pur….. oh.. not fully… but I’m glad you like it … from time to time i’m… ok, never mind …

These paintings are wonderfull:


and emerald green eyes too ..

and I know them from somewhere

but I prefer.. dark eyes and deep view.. definitely ….

David wrote that he has green eyes and that he was born on July 14, supposedly the birthday of Osiris..

ahh, I read what Eli wrote you about your property inheritance and associated me … with amber egg and dream… in which was someone from your family… amber egg… baltic gold… gold…
I can’t find the link to the emerald amethyst awakening

Ra Ka Isha


Ayshien Sha Delight

also check


The Krystar Awakening

In this workshop, discover the dramatic events surrounding the most recent change in our Solar Systems evolutionary path and how it will affect Earth, our Sun and this Ecka-Veca Universe. In response to these events, the mission of the 12-Tribes classes has been upgraded to include activation of the Aqualene Sun and the Shield of Aquafereion within the Indigo Shield. These activations will allow for the temporary activation of Earths Ra-Sha-LAe Body and thus Earths ability to breathe the Krystar Eternal Life Cycle frequencies through the process of Prana Exchange. Hear an amazing lecture on the Krystar Eternal Life Cycle and discover the long awaited missing pieces of information about the Creation sequence occurring between the Light Born & StarBorn Cycles and the Big Bang which formed the Outer Eukatharaista Body & Outer Worlds. Learn about Par-TE-Kei Templates (dark matter as todays science refers to them), the RaShaA, RaShaLa, RaShaLE, RaShaLAe, ReiShaLAe, ReiShaLE and ReiShaLa Bodies (also called the Seven Suns of God) and their associated Domains (Core, Inner, Middle and Outer) within the Eckashi Expansion and Adashi Return Cycles, the Eyugha and EyAda time cycles, the Sadhi and S─-ta states and two more states of consciousness called the Y¬mah and Yuna-SE-Da States. Discover the fascinating embedded Planes of Existence within the 15-layers of Earths and Urthas bodies (the Vertical Maps of Earth and Urtha) and how the 12-Tribes-I classes and their journeys will be progressively opening the 15 Rings of the passages between our Earth planes of existence and the Aurora Zones of Urtha.. Participate in the wonderful activations that involve the Aqualene Transmissions and the beautiful Aqualene Fire Water Flame. Includes two technique cd’s of the Urtha Adashi Temple Access – Key Journey. A very important journey to begin our travels to the Adashi Temples.

Ayshien Sha Delight





12 02 2014

yes, I’m… still … This is my picture (graphic) from yesterday… not the best, but, hihi 😉

oh my emerald

13 14 15


13 02 2014

Yesterday I remembered that scene during washing the dishes and right in that moment i cut my hand .. but I knew it would be an escape.. from responsibility… re re re re re… off…. I’m a stranger to this world… living here is real heroism …. I’m glad that you are and understand me…. chill out… sweet fly…


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