Amber Egg.. attachment to my Emerald Guardian Story

add 19 january 2015

it’s part of my correspondence with Ra (Emerald Guardian) about 3 EYE, Amber Egg etc.. as attachment to the Emerald Guardian Story

amber egg 2Ayshien Sha Delight <> Sat, Jan 25, 2014 at 2:05 PM
To: Ra Ka Isha <>

Actually, I saw the egg only once, then at the end of a meeting with the Emerald Guardian.. although in fact later again, but I can not find this note …

Anyway, then I saw a submarine cave and myself in it so much that I was more ethereal … In this cave was a large golden statue of a man …

I also had a few amber dreams, but not specifically about the egg ..

Maybe all this is simply related to the fact that the place where I was born is called ‚amber coast’ ?

Baltic Gold % C5 % 82tycki

Colours of Baltic Amber


After that I described my experience on the blog :

during the encounter with the Emerald Guardian I clearly saw big amber egg, which emmanated ray-like lines, that created kind of holographic image in form similar to the Flower of Life.. the amber was real, material, but the lines were pure energy.. after a while, in certain moment the form penetrated me..

White_Black_Feather writes

December 9 , 2011 at 5:12 pm

EGGS? I remember two situations: – a dream of my girl friend, when some men on a mountain were looking for a very important egg, but eventually it was a woman who found it. She was holding in her hand something that resembled amber-crystal sphere? – Some friend of mine, a „shaman” commented on the dream as having great importance; that the finding of such egg would be very important. And that such a quest would take place. But he did not look happy that the egg was discovered by a woman.

amber egg

Amazing that it ‚s been five years since the moment I met the Emerald Guardian ….

amber egg upgrades

Golden Budda


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