Before I met Emerald Guardian – my underwater head, starry connection and 3 EYE…

before I met EG had some experience :

I wrote recently that this tunnel reminds me of windows in the pyramids.. yesterday midnight i again found myself in the tunnel/shaft .. this time, however, I did not flow into the depth of it (toward the door).. I may add that these doors are located in a small room, in any event, you cannot reach them directly, you can do it only through this small and empty room .. So yes, this time i was hovering just over this shaft .. the water was pleasant , warm .. i looked to the sky .. it was a night sky full of stars .. I was trying to find a certain specific star or stellar system, but the picture of it was quite blurry.. I understood that this water distorts my view.. and then I felt very clearly how this shaft outlet is located exactly between my eyes.. the so-called site of the 3rd EYE.. very strong feeling of opening in this place.. after a  while it occurred to me the feeling that my entire head lies under water, and more precisely under the bottom of the bay.. and it seemed to me absolutely enormous.. and the shaft is a kind of space which connects me through the water with what lies  on the surface .. there was nothing unpleasant about this feeling, on the contrary.. I felt absolutely peaceful.. and the view of the stars affected me extra soothing.. I also felt that I was waiting for a star, which was about to appear. just about this time of the night it was not yet visible in this place and from my perspective .. thanks to this I was also unable to judge that the tunnel/shaft was directed to the north.. when flowing out of it I got it in front of me in the south…

This experience was from 2009-01-09

However, during this experience it was obviously to the left of EG…. and so maybe this triangular system is more COMPLEX, and I still see only fragments of the full picture…. one way or another .. it is still important to me … and of a special importance.. now… this dream was so so real… hmm…

reuche light on starry sky by emerald guardians




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