Mother Arc Portal for SRA’d Children

Livia Ether Flow

Wlasnie zauwazylam najnowszy post Lisy Renee, widze w nim date 3 KWIETNIA o ktorej wspominalam wnotce poswieconej Wenus w Plejadach 2020 oraz wczorajszym komentarzu – link.

Mother Arc Portal


SRA’d Children

Dear ES Family,

I would like to share a quick update in regards to an impromptu Guardian project that began Friday evening, April 3rd, and to which has been ongoing through out this weekend. I am sharing this for the specific reason that some of the community members that are especially sensitive and empathic to the changes happening in the community architecture and planetary field, may be picking up on some of these challenging energies that are currently very present regarding Satanic Ritual Abuse of children.

Last evening a Mother Arc portal was opened for safe passage for disembodied and embodied victims of those held against their will in the underground cages, as well as trapped…

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