Al Hum Bhra Cathedral Networks




  5 primary Cathedral Complexes

KHY 1Mayaka Florida USA
 Mayaka FL, Mayakka Lake FL(Arrow12), Sarasota FL(Grual), ~~~ ,Nassau Complex Bahamas

KHY 2Macchu Pichu Peru Complex
Macchu Pichu, Moray , Pisac , Sacsay Huaman , Cuzco
KHY 3 – Oslo Norway Complex
 Oslo , Svalbard island, Arhayas Peninsula, Oslo dark peninsula, Wawel Kraków Poland

KHY 4Bali Indonesia *
 Bali Indonesia, Bora Bora French Polynesia , ~~  , ~~ , Rajasthan India

KHY 5Alexandria Egypt
Alexandria Egypt  , Israel Temple Mount, Hatshepsuts Temple, Egypt, Paxos Greece,Tuscany Italy** 

( ** was compromised ) 

* Bali was secured and activated via EG/RMT 2013 hence Arhayas did Aruba WS…  instead
** Reclaimed and Reset via RMT & now = Secure under High Council-Emerald Guard Protectorate


12 Stargates & Status -RMT

12 Stargates & controlling fractions / Status  #UPDATED 2015-RMT

The Halls of Amorea & The Crystals Cavern

(Kathara Grid)

Grid ReVelations

31 myśli na temat “Al Hum Bhra Cathedral Networks”

  1. My comment from Emerald Guardians, from post about

    12 Stargates & Status -RMT
    12 Stargates & controlling fractions / Status #UPDATED 2015-RMT

    Livia Flow06 May, 2015 20:56
    very interesting our (ra, kadeem and livia) yesterdays rmt

    and i reminded just now our previous rmt dream mission in GOA… but i don’t remembered nothing about Goa, only what strange – Slovenia (Eli) and Liverno.. my first thought after waking up.. why Liverno.. hmm.. city in Tuscany… and it’s was your idea that, maybe this tuscany place it’s connected with Templar Complex.. and what also strange.. this Liverno from my dream connected with other Liverno and Shiva.. hmm, hmm..
    i described this experiences in my december dreams

    i need reminded here also my extra strange dream, when i found myself on Bali.. this was on beginning in WekeROM… 28 november 2014

    and after waking up you told me that Bali is part of Templar Complex..

    and now i think, that this Bali Gate from my dream was truly connected with Templar Complex, maybe it’s even very
    important point…

    i think also that i know where is this other place in Tuscany.. i need only find on map this place…. i rmember only that name is also connect with gate…

    other interesting dreams, dreamy expedition on north pole, and hawaii topic, and other… too much be write about the all…

    what really interesting that before when you showed me this Templar Complex map i was trying make my own graphic….

    but with complex existing ”around” emerald guardian dome… because.. i discovered
    that this is not only eg*d but more pieces and i called this all just complex.. i’m only still not sure in how way this emerald complex is connect with this great templar complex.. if even is… maybe…

    and it’s all at this moment.. i have a few more suggestions about Templar Complex, but maybe better i will add in new comment… …

    thanks for your attention





  2. i noticed just now this ”arrow 12” in //KHY 1 – Mayaka Florida USA
    Mayaka FL, Mayakka Lake FL(Arrow12), Sarasota FL(Grual), ~~~ ,Nassau Complex Bahamas// and i reminded arrow from our rmt goa/egypt… arrow above my head when i was in wisla river – only on moment stoped the flow on north – and looking on wawel… other thing that… Florida Keys and Nassau Complex Bahamas is very very close to Acklins and my KEY.. to… but Acklins is located rather on border between ancient Bruah and Nohas zone… we live in ancient Lohas area.. hmm… interesting update, but for me this Wawel in KHY 3 – Norway Complex, not KHY 4 – Bali Indonesia.. like before.. hmm… at this moment i don’t know even why.. so.. see 🙂

    Polubione przez 1 osoba

    1. yeah the ancient arrow elohei sites. dual functional , grid support in RMT.
      and geographical wawel makes sense more. true… and how energy flows via grid lines/leylines and temple as support Nodes


      1. some quotes:

        April 2010 that was when the Ancient Arrow sites were activated, and Mijaka Lake as the Main site of the 12+24 Ancient Arrow Sites.

        As we found out in December: Mijaka Lake is not only an Ancient Arrow Site but also the Center of the Florida-Bahamas Cathedral Complex. So this was a major gridwork workshop.

        April 2010 workshop. This was when the Ancient Arrow Sites were reclaimed, and now we know the relevance of the Ancient Arrow Sites in respect to the Planetary Cathedral Complex

        In April 2010 we learned about the Ancient Arrow Sites. Seven locations were revealed, these were the reclaimed sites that used to be fallen for some time (they were Krystic to begin with). Since 2010 there have been changes in respect to these sites: first they were reclaimed, then they got compromised again, but in think in May or August we heard that they were doing better again. Apart from the Ancient Arrow Site in the Mijaka Lake area near Sarasota, there is an Ancient Arrow Site in the Sacred Valley near Macchu Picchu, and there is one near Jerusalem. Would be interesting to find out in Divine Right Timing if these sites in the Sacred Valley and the one near Jerusalem are part of the Cathedral Networks in Peru and in Israel. Also there is an Ancient Arrow site in Sakkara, Egypt. Another interesting fact: ARC (Arc of the Covenant) Gate # 5 is in Bali. These correspondences regarding Ancient Arrow Sites (with the exception of Mijaka Lake site that was mentioned by E’Asha) and the correspondence with the Arc Gate in Bali are to be considered „File-13″‚: interesting but not yet confirmed by the Beloveds.

        not all gates are closed, the ancient arrow sites are in the process of recovery. There are 36 of these sites, but fot security reasons only 7 locations were mentioned in april 2009.

        12+24 Ancient Arrow sites/Hidden Cities


      2. wow! so now i think that this dream with arrow was even more important.. i love RMT 🙂 i was like mermaid in water.. so maybe really ancient story.. last night also was great.. this voice other part of me.. throught diamond door to emerald guardian dome.. next very realistic vision of path with flower and windmill? hmm, and many other things.. room full of extraordinary energies.. and again in dream Bali .. and X.. and trans.. mission.. ** rest i wrote in my priv liv diary… i feel that better keep it in X.. but this ancient arrow.. aah.. why i saw it above my head when i was in front of Wawel… maybe soon.. i will be can understand in 100% 🙂



        in this dream with arrow was also church or cathedra…

        i found more than one catholic church in Goa.. so, it’s no problem.. and this church look even a little like cathedra in my dream..hmm

        St.Francis of Assisi Church in Old Goa


        other churches

        Infant Jesus and Mother Mary in the Basilica de Bom Jesus, Old Goa .

        Old Church in Portuguese colony in Goa…

        i forgot, just, about Portuguese colonial churches in this india area.. and old british churches in other places of India… a lot of… but why this specific church in my dream.. i’ve no idea 🙂

        Polubione przez 1 osoba

  3. Hi there! This blog post could not be written any better!

    Reading through this article reminds me of my previous roommate!
    He always kept preaching about this. I’ll forward this article to him.

    Pretty sure he will have a very good read. Thanks for


  4. Wreszcie zrozumialam o co chodzilo w moim snie o Bali.. dlaczego po przejsciu pewnej katolickiej bramy znalazlam sie wlasnie tam;

    28 11 2014

    ze snu wybudzil mnie glos mowiacego cos do mnie Rakesha, ale gdy sie obudzilam okazalo sie, ze Rakesh mimo iz jest przebudzony to nic do mnie nie mowi.. dziwne, tym bardziej, ze przytrafilo mi sie to juz drugi, a moze i trzeci…. Pamietam wyraznie, ze Ra mowil cos na temat flow… energy flow… i cos o oddychaniu… W momencie kiedy slyszalam jego glos snilo mi sie, ze stalismy wspolnie przed jakas brama, tak jakby prowadzaca do typowej katolickiej swiatyni… po dwoch stronach bramy znajdowal sie wizerunek jakiegos aniola/archaniola… Rak chwycil mnie za reke i przekroczylismy prog.. co wprawilo mnie w stan sporego zdziwienia.. dlaczego Rakesh ciagnie mnie do tego miejsca… szlismy jednak dalej.. po schodach… w gore… w kierunku znajdujacej sie na szczycie swiatyni.. tyle ze jak sie okazalo nie katolickiej, a bardziej przypominajacej buddyjska stupe… odebralam jednak wyrazny sygnal.. ze to BALI… w samym centrum tej swiatyni… znajdowal sie symbol czarnego slonca… co prawda zapamietalam jedynie jego czarny srodek… tak jakby czarny atom.. podobny do tych, ktore widywalam juz wczesniej.. chociazby w jednej ze swiatyn egipskich… dookola tego czarnego atomu ulozony byl bardziej zlozony wzorzec, ale tak jakby co dziwne z zapalek, ktore sie w pewnym momencie po prostu rozsypaly… niczym domek z kart…. Juz po przebudzeniu sie… pytajac sie Ra co do mnie mowil…. ujrzalam przed soba ogromny energetyczny kwiat… rozposcierajacy sie doslownie na cala sypialnie…. przypominajacy bardzo wnetrze slonecznika… pomiedzy tym energetycznym wzorcem a mna krecily sie dookola cztery postacie w czerni… w bardzo glebokiej czerni… identycznej jak wnetrze symbolu czarnego slonca ze snu… wygladajacego tez jak czarny atom… okreslilam ten rodzaj czarnej energii… czarna plazma.. i przyszedl mi na mysl dark flowering… ale zdaniem Ra to co widzialam to nie DF. . hmm.. przypomnial mi sie w kazdym badz razie moj zapisek z pamietnika ktory pisalam gdy mialam 13 lat… na temat zniszczenia cudownego kwiatu.. WONDERFULL FLOWER from GARDEN of GOD… to byl zapisek polaczony z KEY to ACKLINS i moim powrotem do raju utraconego…

    i chodzi o:

    Star Gates/Cue Sites/Arc Gates

    5 Machu Picchu, Peru – Vatican City, Rome – Bali, South Pacific – Blue

    rozumiem tez moje przeczucia zwiazane z ostatnim Blue Moon, dotyczace false blue light.. i poki co wciaz trwa red alert w zwiazku z watykanem………..

    inna sprawa to nowy jork/kali show;

    ale musze najpierw odnalezc notke zopisem snu o big apple jako ze laczyl sie wlasnie z tym momentem…

    4 Giza, Egypt – Aguascalientes, Mexico – Manhattan Is, NYC, USA – Green


  5. Where the information about Wawel being connected to Cathedral Complex 3 is coming from? E’Asha hasn’t mentioned that in the workshops. I would like to know the source of such information.


  6. Hi, I would also like to know the source of information about the Wawel and Cathedral Complex 3 please. Where I can also find it in the E’Asha’s workshops? Thanks.Dave



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