BeaST/Poison Apple


BeaST (BST)  

Crystalline-Scalar-Mechanics based weapon technology promoted by the collective of renegade Necromiton-Andromie/Jehovian Anunnaki hybrid Nephilim races, now member of the UIR in contact with a group of Humans known as the „Labyrinth Group.”This technology utilizes inter-time manipulation intended to create „minute time rips” into the Phantom Matrix.These groups has code-named this process „Blank State Technology „or „BST” (Founders think of it as „the BeaST„).

Release of the „BeaST Pulse” is intended to accomplish several invasion objectives.

Objective three constitutes the intentional shattering of the dimension 8 through 12 portions of Earth Planetary Shields and reversal of the natural „Fire Letter Sequences” (Scalar-Wave Sequences) in D-1 through D-7 portions of Earth’s Planetary Shields.

This despicable plan would seemingly serve to „erase history,” creating a „Blank Slate” of Earth history within which to insert the history of Phantom Earth (thus the „BS-T” code name)

I would be as if our true history was „erased” and a portion of our present literally inserted into the Phantom Earth time line.

(Voyagers II – Page 554-555)

(See: Gravitron)





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  2. Cosmic Politics – The Emerald Covenant and Various Intergalactic Coalitions & Treaties << as webpage or here as pdf reuploaded

    1st paragraph
    "Through the Andromie-Rigelian Coalition deals of the early 1980s, Illuminati races originally running the Falcon agenda under command of the Rigelians and the Zeta Treaties suddenly found their 1930s Zeta Treaties nullified. The fate of the Drakonian Illuminati ws placed forcefully and precariously in the hands of the new, fully dictatorial Necromiton-controlled Andromie-Rigelian-Coalition. To strengthen the Necromitons' covert access to Earth territories, the 1983 Montauk Project was organized by the Necromiton-Andromie White Eagle and Zeta Rigelian/Drakonian Falcon forces, through cooperating (and now terrified or rebelling) Illuminati factions. Through the Montauk Project , the Phi-Ex Wormhole from 1943 was "spliced into," directing a main channel to NecromitonAndromie Alpha-Omega Centauri territories in the adjacent Phantom Time Matrix. The Necromiton races now had extensive access to Earth Territories, and they began a covert genocide program against Illuminati races that would not join the Andormie-Rigelian Coalition. The Illuminati fiasco of the 1930s-1940s turned into the Illuminati chaos of 1983. In response to the threat of the Andromie-Rigelian Coalition, the Omicron-Drakonian forces of Alnitak Orion sent large fleets into the Density-2 (dimensions 4-5-6) and Density-3 (dimensions 7-8-9) territories surrounding Earth-Tara-Gaia, with the intention of protecting the interests of the original Drakonian/Reptilian Dragon OWO agenda. In response to this advancing Drakonian/Reptilian presence, various competing Anunnaki legions of Sirius A, Arcturus, Pleiades-Alcyone, Nibiru, Andromeda, Orion, the GALACTIC FEDERATION and ASHTAR COMMAND sent fleets of reinforcements into proximity of Earth access points. Warring in Densities 2 and 3 (dimensions 4-9) broke out between competing Anunnaki and Drakonian/Reptilian force, in both our Time Matrix and the Phantom Matrix. The "war above" became the covert "War of Frequency" below, as each group intensified its use of sub-space sonic scalar pulse technologies to secure their holdings of various APIN sites [Atlantian Pylon Implant Network – implanted system in active use as tools of territorial dominion by various competing Fallen Angelic/Intruder ET factions throughout the Atlantian period]. The progressive use of covert sonic pulse technologies, which was progressively accelerated by the Fallen Angelic legions since the 1950s, was directly responsible for a host of regionally cataclysmic "natural disasters," particularly those involving Earthquake and Hurricane events. Throughout this mess of interstellar chaos at our earthly door, Emerald Covenant Maharaji fleets from Sirius B, Tara and Gaia and the many interstellar Emerald Covenant nations have tried to sustain a frequency "buffer zone" around Earth access points. The GA, Eiyani and Founders have done their best to prevent this growing intergalactic "Battle of the Angelic and Fallen Angelic Kingdoms" from descending into Density-1 Earth territories. The Emerald Covenant Founders races of Lyra Aramatena intervened directly (Lyra Aramatena is Density-4, dimensions 10-11-12 and appears as the star "Double Double" in Lyra from Density-1 Earth view.) They became aware that by 2976AD Earth would be destroyed, before the intervention opportunity of another SAC [Stellar Activation Cycle] could ocur, if Zeta Rigelian/Drakonian occupation of Earth was successful during the 2000-2017 period. Between 1983-1984 the Founders, GA, Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds and Emerald Covenant nations created the Bridge Zone Project crisis-intervention plan. Through tenets of the Bridge Zone Project initiative , "Amnesty Contracts" were offered to any interstallar races in our Time Matrix willing to enter the Emerald Covenant Peace Treaty. Redemption Contracts were offered to the Fallen Angelic/ET Races from the Phantom Matrix, in which they would receive the extensive assistance needed to become free from the Phantom Matrix Time Cycles, if they would enter and honor the Emerald Covenant. Many non-Rigelian Zeta races accepted the Amnesty and Redemption Contracts, fearful of the building "Super-Stellar-powers Final Conflict" drama. Guardian races were hoping that Anunnaki legions could be persuaded to give up their long-held OWO (One World Order) dominion agenda to make a United Emerald Covenant Stand against the dominant Drakonian/Reptilian Necromiton-Andromie/Zeta Rigelian "Falcon" force. Smaller factions of some Anunnaki collectives, such as the Jehovian Enoch collective of Sirius A, Arcturus and Orion, gave up their previous OWO Jehovian Anunnaki dominion agenda in 1983 for Emerald Covenant Redemption Contracts. Other Anunnaki factions, such as Ashtar Command, Nibiruan-Thoth-Enki collective, the Galactic Federation, the Pleiadian-Samjase-Luciferian collective, the Marduke- "

    and a index of all refrences to Alpha & Alpha-Omega

    icon Alpha Omega.pdf (156 KB)

    Alpha.pdf (132 KB)

    Gravitron.pdf (78 KB)

    Lucifer.pdf (169 KB)

    pictures excerpt from DAnce for life manual. thats also in this pack

    old list of some presence in areas
    24 main bases. and who where… old time status.

    so compare that vs update-earth post. and who what where. and becomes clear which folks working for whom. and how decptive they are and will remain , beside DarkFlower afflicted folks are even way beyond the level of these beings talked about above. like ants vs crap-reversedvioletfalseflame.


    1. „the 1983 Montauk Project was organized by the Necromiton-Andromie White Eagle and Zeta Rigelian/Drakonian Falcon forces, through cooperating (and now terrified or rebelling) Illuminati factions. Through the Montauk Project, the Phi-Ex Wormhole from 1943 was „spliced into,” directing a main channel to Necromiton Andromie Alpha-Omega Centauri territories in the adjacent Phantom Time Matrix.”


      i used this name yesterday, in very intuitive way… like short final conclusion

      /cleaning ALPHA ZONE… PhI/

      and btw today added

      /(add 31 jan: this place localized in hawaiian waters.. looked similiar to underwater entrance to emerald guardian dome in pl land.. but even localization this dome i’m still not sure.. so this same situation with white vortex in Gaja Garden/use by Ashtar or maybe even taken over… now i remind that this was specific passage between… Bahama MaMa… so.. new sense… and Mirror Cave.. i can see.. and touch.. but in true where? ahh)/

      but in really how big is this just small phi



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