Fallen Angelic

Races that began to digress (See: Fall) from their original “Christos” (See: Krist Code) Divine Blueprint.

(See: Questions for Discernment)

The Annu-Elohim, Drakonian, Anunnaki, Budhara, THE-Tans, Wesedak, Wesedrak, and many other black hole Races who set forth dominion conquest of the stellar system (Star Gates) of our Time Matrix.

The Gold Order Seraphei-Seraphin reptilian Omicron Race from D-10 Lyra-Vega began to digress and became known as the “Fallen Seraphim”, the forefathers of the contemporary D-10 Orion-Drakonian Fallen Angelic Legion.

Simultaneously, the Emerald OrderAmethyst Order hybrid Feline-Aquatic Ape Anyu Race from Lyra-Aveyon also suffered digression and began their quest for universal dominion with the intention of destroying all races but their own and claim dominion of out Time Matrix. They adopted the name of the Annu and became known as the D-11 Annu-Elohim Falling Angelic Legion.

The Annu-Elohim Fallen Angelic Legion created the Sirian-Annunaki to destroy the Christos Founders Race Guardian Angelic lineage. (See: Ruby Order)

Through the progressive and perpetual conflicts among the Seraphim (Drakonian) and Annu-Elohim (Anunnaki) Fallen Angelic Legions, which began 250 billion years ago in Density-4 Lyra, our Time Matrix was nearly destroyed.

(See: Angelic Wars, Archangel Michael, Alpha-Omega Alliance, Intruders, One World Order)

The Anyu’s destruction of Aramatena’s Star Gate 12 is the event that became known as “The Original Sin,” as all life forms, including the Density-4 Christos Founder Races, became trapped in the Time Matrix until the D-12 Aramatena Star Gate-12 could be reconstructed.

Consciousness could incarnate into our Time Matrix but could not ascend to leave, while the Aramatena Star Gate-12 remained damaged.

The Fallen Angelic Anyu Race that later became the Fallen Annu-Elohim (forefathers of the Sirian-Anunnaki), intentionally traded in their original genetic capacity to hold natural minimum 12-Strand DNA Template “Christos Potential,” characteristic of the Christos Founders Races, for a digressive 11-Strand DNA Template Mutation

Through removing the 12th DNA Strand Template form their genetic blueprint, the Annu-Elohim successfully blocked the Density-5 Breneau Founders races from incarnating into their race line, so they were free to create a legion of self-contained Fallen Angelic dominion forces within or Time Matrix.

Their intention was, and continues to be, oppressive, exploiting dominion of our Time Matrix and its life-fields, and the operational control over the 12 Primary Star Gates of the Universal Templar Complex in our Time Matrix.

(Voyagers I – Page 162, 168)

Anunnaki Fallen Legions are currently attempting to misguide humans and are hoping to digress the human genome (the genetic material of an organism) into a maximum of 11-Strand Anunnaki-hybrid DNA Template potential, in replacing the maximum of 12-Strand DNA Template “Christos” potential that is the rightful heritage of the Angelic Human Lineage.

In their misguided contemporary quest for dominion of Earth’s Star Gates (Halls of Amenti), the Anunnaki Fallen Angelic Legions hope to rob earth humans of their dormant “Christed Angelic Human Race” potential through covert genetic manipulation (via distorted teachings of DNA, bio-energetic field and Merkaba activation) and hybridization programs

The Anunnaki are attempting to perpetrate this deception of humans in order to prevent Earth humans from actualizing the dormant 12-Strand DNA potential, through which humans can reclaim the Angelic Human heritage to serve as conscious guardians of the Hall of Amenti Star Gates.

(Voyagers I – Page 169)




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