Holy Grail

The „Holy Grail” is a term used in reference to the 12 Universal Signet Star Gates of the Universal Templar Complex, to which the Angelic Human Race holds the Sacred Commission of „Guardian.”

The „Grail Quest” began long before Angelic Humans were seeded on Earth and it has been the primary theme of motivation behind all of the Forbidden and recorded-distorted human history.

During the 25,500 BC Lucifer Rebellion, Anunnaki Luciferians gained partial control over Earth’s Templar through a device called the Nibiruian Diodic Crystal (NDC) Grid, which is still in operation today and serves a key role in the potential outcome of the 2000-2017 SAC.



(Voyagers II – Page 311)

If the Fallen Angelic races can gain dominion of the Earth’s Halls of Amenti Star Gates, they intend to use the Amenti Star Gates to destroy Universal Star Gate-12 in Density-4.

Destruction of Universal Star Gate-12 would effectively seal off from Density-5 Founders Race protection, 11- dimensions of our 15-Dimensional Time Matrix and the manifest life field would become „imprisioned in time” for Fallen Angelic exploitation and dominion, unable to fulfill the natural evolutionary process of ascension.

This is the core motivation behind the Fallen Angelics’ continuing Grail Quest.

To accomplish their objective of claming Earth and the Amenti Star Gates, Fallen Angelics need to possess the Arc of the Covenant Gold Box and star gates tools („Rod” and „Staff”) and to achieve critical mass population of their hybrid-human races, whose DNA Templates carry reverse sequenced Fire Letters.

Prevention of the Anti-Christos Agenda (Fallen Angelics’ continuing Grail Quest) is the purpose for which the Angelic Human Race was created 560 million years ago.

(Voyagers II – Page 313)



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  2. Holy Grail, 12 Strand DNA , Portals, Grid,Ascension
    (June, 2005)

    By Noel Huntley, Ph.D.

    The magnitude of this mystery of the meaning of the Holy Grail might be measured in terms of the exhaustive research so many investigators and scholars have conducted, and the time invested, to find an answer to this age-old question. This planet and its civilisations seem but to be fated with insolvable puzzles and paradoxes. Why is this we may ask? Why would there be endless unsolved conflicts in matters of historical knowledge. Could it be that the inevitable falsifications go much deeper than previously thought possible, and that there are lies of a far-reaching nature. Our interest in this, however, is that this allows us, in fact, demands, a much more formidable perspective. The quest of the Holy Grail as presented here is based on a wider field of information available on this planet.

    Our consciousness is tuned to the spectrum of frequencies (or waveband) corresponding to this 3D reality only. Minds are being specifically manipulated to exclude attributes of consciousness that can recognise and acquire truth beyond the objective methodology with its inbuilt limitations

    The word ‚Grail’ is believed to originate from the Medieval Latin word ‚gradale’, meaning cup or vessel—a refinement of this is a dish brought to the table at various stages (gradually) of the meal. Thus Grail can also mean ‚gradual’. Extravagant usage of the word Holy Grail has become commonplace in modern society, for example, the salient features or quintessence of some theory may be referred to as the Holy Grail, reinforcing its special importance.

    Generally the Holy Grail appears to be a secret in some way related to Jesus. But why is there so much power and intensity behind this quest for the Grail? The word ‚Grail’ is used in families and lineages, such as ‚Grail Kings’ or ‚Grail family’, but the association of Grail and cup is apparently a late development. Thus ‚Grail’ is a word which appears to have been associated with Holy lineages. Also information relates Grail to purity, etc.; this would make sense when we pay attention to the DNA aspect.

    It has also been suggested that the Grail is an experience of some kind, in particular, mystical and transformational, and that the stone is an alchemical symbol for the pineal gland, and the search for the Grail meant opening this gland. Some think the Grail was thrown into the Chalice Well in Glastonbury; others believing it will never be found as it lies in the ocean of the past.

    The essential ingredient here is the DNA of Jesus. This is where our interest lies. What is so special about this DNA and why does it relate to the Holy Grail? Can we supersede the DNA with anything more basic?

    This channelled information has been written by Brionne Fhionne who makes no claims for channelling as a whole. These visions were given to him by Mother Earth. (Sorry, but anyone unable to contemplate such as notion is still in the dark ages.) The material makes reference to the DNA, the universal code of all life, which is of the first Grail (‚thread’). The second Grail brings in new races of other evolutions and spheres, in particular, the Elohim angels (the Elohei are apparently the pure race), who came in ages past to aid Mother Earth. Certain vain and ambitious angels (fallen Elohim) broke the channel between Heaven and Earth and brought about a deviance from the Divine plan—which had the potential to destroy all life on Earth. The Arthurian legend is a continuation of the Grail thread. The purpose is to reconnect the link between the worlds on difference planes—which in turn would heal planet Earth. Subsequently humanity must face its accumulated karmic debt. We might add that ‚Jesus’ was involved in this ‚Christos Re-alignment Mission’ and indeed later King Arthur (see article: A True Account of the Birth of ‚Jesus’ Christ).

    Finalising the channelling, the three Grail threads are 1) the DNA, 2) restoration of nature through the Elohim, and 3) the final restoration of the higher strands of the human genome, which are currently in disuse.

    We shall see the relevance of the above visions of Brionne Fhionne as we explore the final phase of this Grail quest. However, let’s acknowledge three significant leads to our conclusion: 1) the above visions, 2) the Jesus Christ lineage or DNA, already mentioned, and 3) the Kabala.

    We can now enter the final phase and uncover the startling revelation of this enquiry. At this point the reader might be wise to suspend all belief systems, as one does in fact when enjoying science fiction films or novels. The following is hugely simplified.

    Firstly the Kabala originated with the Kathara grid (see cosmic map article). The Kathara is a blueprint structure underlying all of creation and its parts (KA = light; THA = sound; RA = one spirit). In its natural and original condition it contains 12 interconnected spheres—not the ‚mutated’ 10 or 11 as depicted in the Kabala—and is referred to as the Divine Blueprint. Its size is roughly proportional to its creations, from particles to time matrices (galaxy sectors but extend into inner and higher space). Thus the Kathara grid exists in inner and higher space—recall the ocean analogy given earlier. This is also the framework for the DNA and acts like a template. The template accrues frequency patterns as the individual experiences life, and consciousness evolves/ascends. The current DNA of all life is heavily mutated in the higher-strand interconnections, hence the discovery that 90% of the DNA is interons; ‚blank’ areas, or so-called junk DNA. These biological strands have lost their connection to the higher electromagnetic strands, totalling 12 double strands for the human, and corresponding to the 12-dimensional frequency bands of the Kathara grid.

    We are now beginning to comprehend something of the import and significance of the Holy Grail as it relates to not just the DNA but to a fully integrated 12-strand DNA, and further that it more deeply embraces the Divine Blueprint or Kathara grid—the holder of the DNA, which also manifests a hierarchical gradient of frequencies (see ‚gradale’). The Divine Blueprint for our time matrix (see cosmic map article) is called the Universal Templar Complex (is this where the word ‚templar’ as in Templar Knights originates?). The 12 spheres, existing on different dimensional levels and must be envisaged as in inner or higher space, are both energy centres (sources) and spiritual portals (‚Stargates’). They act similarly to what people know as wormholes—of which the latter are more random or are artificially created portals. Passage through the Stargates enables one to immediately attain divergent regions of the time matrix both on the same level—our perceivable cosmic space—and higher dimensional levels. Such a device (the Universal Templar Complex) is normally securely protected by guardians and technological override systems (like antivirus programmes).

    Our planet Earth has a direct connection to one of these lower-dimensional spheres—which makes it unusual to say the least. This means Earth has a convenient access system to the portals of the Universal Templar Complex and therefore to the territories of the time matrix. However, this is best achieved through the portal in Inner Earth, which is central to both Earth and parallel Earth. Picture a hypothetical stack of seesaws; to reach the planks’ ends (for example, Earth/parallel Earth and higher) one would proceed via the fulcrums (the Inner or Ecka worlds). Invader ETs (or the Dark forces) apparently have been striving to gain access to this major Inner Earth portal for hundreds of millions of years.

    This is the quest for the Holy Grail; the Holy Grail being the Universal Templar Complex. To capture this Kathara grid territory would enable the fallen angelics, as they are called, to control the time matrix and all life within it. They have the technology to manipulate this blueprint (‚DNA’) of the Universal Templar Complex and artificially reformat its codes to match their mutated DNAs and time matrix.

    Another portal link that was added at the ‚core’ of our planet for the purpose of restoring the ‚fall’-of-man catastrophe (see articles The Fall of Man) is called the Sphere of Amenti and referred to as the ‚Pearly Gates of Heaven’ in the Bible. This apparently provided an ascension passage back to a time prior to the fall!




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