Interdimensional Time Portal System

Time Portal

 (Interdimensional Time Portal System)

Last update: March 22, 2005

Points, in our Time Matrix, of access to other dimensional worlds or time-space coordinates with in a 3 dimensional Harmonic Universe (HU).

Portals through Time that link a world with other version of itself.

The Time Portal System involves a system of interlocking passageways that keep in motion a set of “locks” or “gates” between time elements in your linear time structure within your three-dimensional frequency band.

The Dimensional Lock System differs from the Time Portal System in that its mechanics operate and maintain the dimensions and frequency bands themselves linking multidimensional universes not just time zones within the same universe/dimension.

(Voyagers I – Page 4-7-11)

Openings that exists between time continua in our Time Matrix that permit passage between space-time locations in one universe and one Density level.

The Star Gate and Time Portals (See Dimensional Lock System) consists of pairs of interconnected, counter-rotating electromagnetic field spirals that naturally exist within sun and planet bodies, forming a fixed point of space within the 5 Densities /Universes (HU) of the 15 dimensional Time Matrix where Time Cycle and Time Continua repeatedly pass through each other at fixed intervals.

Star Gates and Time Portals exist as a Black and White Hole Pairs that are connected at the center point by a scalar-wave frequency Seed Crystal Seal.

When the center Seed Crystal Seed releases the Star Gate activates and the pair of counter-rotating electromagnetic spirals merge to form an interconnected Merkaba Field, which allows the instantaneous passage between various space-time coordinates through shift of atomic Angular Rotation of Particle Spin (ARPS).

(Voyagers II -Page 506)

The Codes of the Time Portal System and the Dimensional Lock System are found within the working of Keylonta.

(Voyagers I – Page 22)

In the Silicate Matrix (12-Strand DNA) resides the latent ability to transmute cellular structure to traverse the Time Portals and Dimensional Lock passageways without deterioration of the biological form.

(Voyagers I – Page 43)

There are seven cultures (world cultures and their various sub-cultures) within your three-dimensional Time Portal System who posses the knowledge and technology necessary to interact with Earth and approach your reality through the Time Portals.

Two of those cultures are primarily responsible for those visitations: The Zeta Reticuli (Intruders) and the Rhanthunkeana (Ranthia) – (Guardians).

(Voyagers I – Page 8)



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