Lands of Maya Illusion

Workshop Diaries for October 2010, Mayan Cruise & January 2011 Festival of Light Sarasota FL The MCEO Freedom Teachings® Series; Presented by Adashi MCEO LLC in Association with Azurite Press MCEO Inc. Copyright A&A Deane, 2010&2011, All Rights Reserved

The pre-ancient Mayans (not the modern day Mayans) were part of a global group of Cos-MA-Yah Flame Keepers who held the keys to a specific planetary gate set associated with the Mayan Mother grids called the Kei-Ti Gates.

Space Time Earth and the Lands of Maya Illusion: The Tara-Kei-Ti atune’ment and Da-Na-Co-HarA Healing and Awakening Eternal Time and the Mother-Maya Shields Clinic This extraordinary grid-work workshop saw Team Aquafereion-Indigo co-create with the Guardian races in ways never “seen” before. In doing so, the Team set the ground work for spreading the Kristic Blend wave to each and every corner of the globe, allowing the ascension host frequencies to become available to every plant, animal, critter and person on planet. What a celebration! The workshop was staged as a cruise in the area it was because of a special grid network called the Mayan Mother Matrix Temple Network.

The pre-ancient Mayans (not the modern day Mayans) were part of a global group of Cos-MA-Yah Flame Keepers who held the keys to a specific planetary gate set associated with the Mayan Mother grids called the Kei-Ti Gates.

Team Indigo assisted in anchoring the Flame of Cos-MA-Yah activations which in turn open the planetary Kei-Ti gates. The Mayan sites visited during this workshop (which included Costa Maya, Roatan, Cozumel & Playa del Carmen) connect into the Mayan Temple Network and into the Tara-Kei-Ti grids. The Tara-Kei-Ti grids are connected to both the 12 ancient arrow sites of the Elohei (see WOAB April 2010 workshop) and the Spanner Gates (see 12-Tribes material). There are a set of 3 Core Tara-Kei-Ti Gates on the Aurora Earth side, and these connect to 3 corresponding Tara-Kei-Ti Gate sites here on NET Earth. When opened, these core Kei-Ti gates allow for a powerful Krist-Blend frequency to form between corresponding sites in the ancient arrow and Arc Hub Spanner gate systems. The Kei-Ti Membrane, whether on a personal, planetary, solar, galactic or Universal level, is an organic part of the Spirit Body anatomy – it is “an energetic skin of Etheric Rasha Dark matter particulates surrounding and encasing each of the 12 probability dominions and the central actuality “Bud” dominion. It separates each time-space matter probability dominion (and each individual incarnate identity) from the other, allowing for linear delineation of space-time life/evolution cycles within the context of simultaneous manifestation within the Eternal NOW time.” The Kei-Ti membrane then is the reason why we don’t bump into all of our other 1727 incarnates, and why galaxies don’t physically collide with each other! So finally we have a name for the “membranes” (drawn as circles) in the probability maps that were first introduced in April 2009 (at the April 2009 Drums of Aquafereion Sarasota workshop). During the short workshop time available, Ash dispensed some fascinating information about the Kei-Ti Gates, Membrane and Awakening. While the Kei-Ti membrane keeps probabilities separate in terms of their space/time/matter, it also allows for the free flow of consciousness (and awareness) between the multiple probabilities. When the Kei-Ti membrane is functioning organically and naturally, any Being can experience itself as both separated and “At One With” all its other probabilities. The experience of this “AtOneMent” is multi-layered just as our probability structure is Workshop Diaries for October 2010, Mayan Cruise & January 2011 Festival of Light Sarasota FL The MCEO Freedom Teachings® Series; Presented by Adashi MCEO LLC in Association with Azurite Press MCEO Inc. Copyright A&A Deane, 2010&2011, All Rights Reserved Page 2 multi-layered and is associated with various levels of Bliss Consciousness or “Buddha Center States(see the 6 Bliss States of the personal Dhan-Kei-Ti Awakening in the handout). It is no surprise that our Net Earth and all beings on it have Kei-Ti membranes that are not in full organic order. In fact, there is a specific disharmonic “layer” within the Kei-Ti membrane called the The Dha-na-Co-harA Disharmonic that needs to be cleared if these Bliss States are to be reached. The Dha-na-Co-harA Disharmonic “is an accumulation of inorganic etheric Ra-Sha matter (particulates) that form within the Kei-Ti membrane through the use of free will choice in ways that are disharmonic to the organic eternal life encryption of the Spirit Body. These disharmonic particulates form an “embedded mesh” of inorganic encryption distortions within the Kei-Ti membrane which function as the Karmic Template of spirit body anatomy. So in addition to being time-space locked into a Metatronic Harness created through fallen Metatronic external Merkaba technology, we of NET Earth are also locked into our space-time and separated from our Expansive Selves by an inorganic layer of Karma (also called Dha-na-co-harA Distortion Field)! The good news is that Team Indigo has come “far enough” to be gifted with the techniques that will be able to clear this Karma way faster than what we could have imagined. What a super-upgrade to the Maharic Re-Coding and Karmic Miasmic Clearing techniques that we were introduced to in Kathara Level-1! The activations that started this process off involved two Dha-na-co-harA Healing Waves that assist in transmuting the Dha-na-Co-harA layer, and opening and activating the corresponding Tara-Kei-Ti layer. The activation in Rohatan was achieved through going on a journey to the Hidden City called Jhen-NA-PU-Ta-A (the first hidden city journey to AL-MAYa-San was during Sliders-7). There, the Team connected to the Flame of CosMA-ya Keepers who are currently activate in this time frame in Jhen-NA-PU-Ta-A. As a result of this layer of Dha-na-Co-harA clearing, there was a release in both the planetary and personal karma from between 22,326BC and 9558BC Fall of Atlantis (includes the 13,400BC Great Netting period). Understandably, this grid work was an emotional experience for some, but extremely healing for the planet and for us personally. The Rohatan site activation represents the first of three Kei-Ti Gate openings, the other two being in India (2011) and Bora Bora Tahiti (2012), both of which will clear more Dha-na-co-harA layers and planetary and personal karma (India activations will clear 9588BC – present and Bora Bora activations will clear 48,000BC – 22,326BC karma). In the next lecture, Ash gave important information on Buddhism, how it relates to the Kei-Ti Awakening techniques and which parts still remain, have been destroyed or hidden, or have never existed on planet before. The discussion included information on conventional esoteric or tantric Buddhism including Monastic Buddhism or Hin-Yahna Dharma (also called the lesser teachings), the Mahayana Dharma (also called the greater teachings) and the Vajhra Dharma (esoteric or tantric Buddhism) which leads to the Dhan Kini Bliss State. The Dhan-Kartha Bliss Teachings were found in the “undisclosed Kryst Buddha Doctrines”, of which there are none left on planet (last here during the Atlantian periods). The Dhan Kini Bliss State is the first of the six Bliss States and involves Workshop Diaries for October 2010, Mayan Cruise & January 2011 Festival of Light Sarasota FL The MCEO Freedom Teachings® Series; Presented by Adashi MCEO LLC in Association with Azurite Press MCEO Inc. Copyright A&A Deane, 2010&2011, All Rights Reserved Page 3 becoming At-One-With the 12 Probable Selves (fully embodied incarnate or Buddha Level-1). It can be achieved by practicing both the lesser and greater Buddha Teachings, but the process is faster using the esoteric Buddha teachings and faster again using the Guardian Kristic Techniques in KS. The personal KS techniques involve 3 layers of the Kei-Ti Membrane and Dha-na-co-harA Karmic Template: The Dhara (activation of the 1-7; 4-10 resolute twin set), the MU-Ra Layer (activates the 2-8; 5-11 set) and the EnTU’ra Layer (activates the 12-6; 3-9 set). Once all three layers have activated, a fully activated Buddha Self can “breathe” in and out of Time (called Buddha Level-6 or the Eternal Buddha [central] Actuality State). Then there are the 5 STAGES (15 layers) of the Kei-Ti Awakening (and Kei-Ti Membrane activation), with the first being the Adashi-1 Buddha-6 (Dhan-Kei-Ti), Adashi-2 planetary Logos (Tara-Kei-Ti), the Adashi-3 Galactic Logos (Jha-iah Kei-Ti), the Core Krystar-1 Metagalactic Logos (Kha-Lum- Kei-Ti) and finally the Core Krystar-2 Universal Logos (Adasha-Kei-Ti). The final evening workshop event on the boat was described as a gathering of friends and family of the Krist. The group was gathered not because it was needed for the activation (Part 3 of the Level-1 Tara Kei-Ti Dhara), but because the Guardians wished for the group to be witness to the activations and celebration. It was indeed a celebration for the Kristic races who successfully anchored the Cos-MA-yah Flame of AshaLAe, which then set in motion a series of Level-1 Tara-Kei-Ti activations throughout the globe via the global Mother Mayan Temple Complex. The activations as described by Ash, were simply stunning in their magnitude and flare (beautiful colours and plumes of frequency flowing through and from Earth Core), with arcs of frequency reaching from all the sites visited by the group, to sites visited by the Belize group in 2004, to a huge network of Mayan Mother Temple complex in places all over the planet including in Indonesia, Thailand, Burma, Sumatra, Philippines and Tahiti. The huge plumes of frequency created “a 4-pointed box” of frequency around the Gravitron, so that it not only transmits metatronic frequencies, but also now transmits the Krist Host wave and the Tara Kei-Ti activations as well. Then in order for the Krist-Blend wave and Kei-Ti activation to reach people, animals and plants etc all over the planet, the Kryst Blend Wave running through the gravitron was put online with the entire metatronic broadcast network, including the Alpha-Omega complex! If these amazing activations continue to plan during the India and Tahiti workshops, they will prevent the full Metatronic 55-spin activation of the Gravitron in 2012. With Love and Infinite Appreciation to the Guardian Alliance and Speakers for the truly wonderful information and gifts received in these workshops, Georgi Azur’yana The information within this Diary is not intended to replace the LIVE workshop recording and materials. This diary also contains insufficient background information for an appropriate and sufficient preparation for the Techniques presented in this workshop. All contents are copyrighted A’sha-yana and A’hza-yana Deane 1999-2010. Workshop Diaries for October 2010, Mayan Cruise & January 2011 Festival of Light Sarasota FL The MCEO Freedom Teachings® Series; Presented by Adashi MCEO LLC in Association with Azurite Press MCEO Inc. Copyright A&A Deane, 2010&2011, All Rights Reserved Page 4 Excerpt from Speakers 1&2, A &A Deane during the January 2011 FOL workshop: The Tara-Kei-Ti Attunement, Dha-Na-Co-HarA Healing & DhaN-Kei-Ti Awakening Following the planetary Tara-Kei-Ti activations that took place during the October Mayan Grid Work Cruise, the personal Dhan-Kei-Ti membranes of individuals connected to the Aquafereion Shield were to trigger into activation within about one week (Nov. 2010) following the cruise, once the planetary Tara-Kei-Ti activation had reached critical mass for energy holding. In mid- November 2010 the Mashayahana Councils were planning to release 6 techniques associated with the personal “Dhan-Kei-Ti Awakening”, once this “critical mass” Tara-Kei-Ti activation occurred in November 2010. However, on October 31st, 2010, a portion of the “Green Dragons’” Hosting Group defected for “friendly enemies deals” with the Thetans and Bourgha Budhara, and assisted the Metatronic team in forcing open the “Fallen Halls of Amenti” Stargates between Earth and Parallel Earth. Opening of the Fallen Amenti Gates on October 31st, 2010, slowed the Kryst Planetary Tara-Kei-Ti activations to the point where “critical mass”, and thus personal “Dhan-Kei-Ti Awakening” potential was not reached, resulting in the delay of Dhan-Kei-Ti Awakening within the Aquafereion Shield and delayed release of the corresponding 6 techniques. During the January 1-3, 2011, Festival of Light workshop the CosMAyah and Mashayahana Councils amplified and expedited Earths’ planetary Tara-Kei-Ti Activation through activation of the “Luminary Body/ Ephemeral Vehicle” which, in turn, triggered rapid and expedited activation of the Dhan-Kei-Ti Membrane of the Aquafereion Shield. The 6 Techniques of Dhan-Kei-Ti Awakening, (which were delayed from November 2010) were released during the ’FoL 2011’ workshop, enabling the Aquafereion Shield to engage Dhan-Kei-Ti Awakening and Activation of the Personal Luminary/ Ephemeral Vehicle, an expedited Aquafereion Shield Activation level that would not have otherwise occurred until June 2011. As of “FoL 2011”, Planetary Tara-Kei-Ti activation is running slightly ahead of schedule which will compensate for “energy drag” created by the October 31, 2010, opening of the Metatronic Fallen Halls of Amenti Gates; thus the Kryst Host Blend Wave Mission and 2012 Kryst Stand are proceeding according to schedule. Techniques: CD-1 (1) Intro; (2) Technique-1 Calling the Flame of CosMAyah; (3) Technique-2 Activating the Dhan-Kei-ti Membrane; (4) Introduction to Techniques 4-6; (5) Technique-3 Activating the MU-ra Dhan-Kini; (6) Introduction to Technique-4. CD-2 (1) Technique-4 Birthing Density-1 Ephemeral Vehicle; (2) Technique-5 Eternal CosMAyah Body; (3) Technique-6 Man-dha-LA Transmission. Workshop Diaries for October 2010, Mayan Cruise & January 2011 Festival of Light Sarasota FL The MCEO Freedom Teachings® Series; Presented by Adashi MCEO LLC in Association with Azurite Press MCEO Inc. Copyright A&A Deane, 2010&2011, All Rights Reserved Page 5 Workshop Diary – FOL January 2011 (by Rosaleen Tobin) From Wednesday December 29th the paths of over 250 Indigos led to Sarasota for the FOL gathering and celebrations. People came from 19 different countries, showing what a truly international group we now are. As people arrived and as various activities such as modules and meetings took place on Thursday and Friday, the group shield gathered strength, with reunions of friends and beloved fellow-Voyagers amplifying the sense of love, joy and anticipation. On Friday evening, Ash reminded us that the FOL 2011 workshop was, in terms of purpose and activations, very closely connected with the Mayan cruise and the eagerly awaited techniques from that cruise could now finally be given (see note from Speakers in previous section). Over the weekend she described the two workshops as being like part A and Part B of one workshop where more of the technicals could now be given; the gridwork was done on the cruise, whereas this FOL meeting would be a huge activation workshop. Because of the expedited activation cycle the six techniques as originally intended could be described as going on autopilot and the techniques given in this FOL session would involve higher-frequency activations, including that of the Luminary Body. Over the weekend she gave an extensive review of the material first presented on the cruise, and then introduced a whole new level of anatomy, our Luminary Body with its Ephemeral Vehicle. This Luminary Body is composed of Density 1 Jha-DA body Sha-lAea Light atomic quotient, bonded to an equal quantum of CosMAyah Flame. It forms a Density 1 „double 3-dimensional” vehicle (the Ephemeral Vehicle) capable of transfiguring into Ah-SA-yas „outer-middle matter” hydro-thermal radiation liquid light vapor for passage into the Aurora Continuum-1 and Aurora Earth-1. This Luminary Body activates via completion of the Dhara-MU-ra and En-TU-Ra layers of Phase-1 Dhan-Kini Density fulfillment and embodiment of the full Dhan-Kini Bliss State. Because of the expedited KEI-Ti activation schedule, the 12 probable selves of our incarnate identity were activated this weekend and this allows for the activation of the Luminary Body. This is a pre-travel vehicle that can be used for travel projection and contact before the physical body structure is fully able to enter transfigurative ascension through the Jha-DA Orb. This was not supposed to occur until between October and December of 2011. The Luminary Body and its corresponding Ephemeral Vehicle will have more substance than any of the forms that we’ve used for projections so far. It’s the beginning of the next level of being able to take our whole body out. While the Jha-DA Body combines two densities’ worth of frequencies (part of DN1 and part of DN2) to create a Transharmonic Vehicle, what the Luminary Body does is take the DN 1 level of these Jha-DA frequencies and combine them with a replicate of these made of the CosMAyah Flame. The Prana ring of the Luminary Body sparks and perpetually sends currents into the physical body to accelerate the transfigurative and transformative process of the atomic structure but also to revitalize it, so it will begin to strengthen the physical body itself by bringing Workshop Diaries for October 2010, Mayan Cruise & January 2011 Festival of Light Sarasota FL The MCEO Freedom Teachings® Series; Presented by Adashi MCEO LLC in Association with Azurite Press MCEO Inc. Copyright A&A Deane, 2010&2011, All Rights Reserved Page 6 more of the blend frequency directly into it. So it’s like getting an amplified life-line, like a cosmic B-12 shot, to protect the body from the more rapid deterioration that would be occurring because of the metatronic frequencies. When we go into Sliders 10, 11 and 12 these will be more about the experiential levels, into experiencing these levels personally. Several times during this FOL workshop Ash gave a taste of some of these experiential levels, a kind of ‚what will it look/feel like?’ which was very motivating, giving us a feeling sense of how these states will open up tangibly expanded states of awareness, love and knowingness. She also said that there will be something called The Disciplines of KaL-A that deal with habit patterns in our daily lives that can facilitate the activation and usage of our Luminary Body. The most important grids we have to be concerned about are our own, and our own consciousness, how to work with our own emotional body, mental body and spiritual bodies, to move through these outer dramas with grace and ease, so we will be focussing more on those things than on constant gridwork like we have had to do literally for the last ten years. When it comes to the point of time in 2012 when the big showdown happens, we will be ready and prepared to make a stand of Unity through Diversity and of Global Love and Healing. The most important thing is getting our personal bodies into a more expanded and broader perspective and Kristiac space. We’ve had to work on those levels of our bodies in a very technical way. We’ve expanded our consciousness by directly bringing in frequencies, by opening and restarting the Kristiac lines within our body and fields. Now’s the time to integrate that into the experiential (into 2011). The Beloveds are going to teach us to slow down because we’re getting into that point now where we need to keep the BPR of Probability 6 in order that we can move to Probability 12 during the 2012 event. They’re going to be working with those states of consciousness which have to do with a much slower, deeper rhythm in relation to Time. When we begin to work with activating the KEI-Ti Membranes it progressively opens up the perceptual and experiential doorways between all of our selves where we progressively start to know ourselves more and more as this larger and larger Self. It doesn’t dilute your sense of who you are; it doesn’t make your cognition of your small self go away, but you realise you’re many small selves in many different space-time locations . ‚Bliss State’: the state of consciousness that is experienced once the corresponding layer of the DhaN-KEI-Ti Field has been activated and its karma cleared, where you progressively begin to experience At-One-Ment with all around you and even go beyond that. With the Dhan-KEI-Ti Bliss there can be a place of great sorrow that you pass through where you actually experience as your own not only the feeling of all beings around you in your hologram but also the pain and the suffering of all of them. In traditional Buddhist teachings they teach people how to move through Workshop Diaries for October 2010, Mayan Cruise & January 2011 Festival of Light Sarasota FL The MCEO Freedom Teachings® Series; Presented by Adashi MCEO LLC in Association with Azurite Press MCEO Inc. Copyright A&A Deane, 2010&2011, All Rights Reserved Page 7 this, how to develop compassion. Transpersonal Identity, Awakening the Buddha States within. Christian, Islamic, Hindu, Hebrew and other ‚Re-Legion teachings’ lead one upward to the teachings of conventional Buddhism, at which point re-evolution to transpersonal transcendent identity begins. During a very informative discussion on the traditional re-legions, each with their own piece of the truth, Ash described how they externalised the concept of God, of projecting your power outside as opposed to inside. Part of this was done by fallen races to harness people’s power but, before they got completely distorted, some were meant to teach Fallen Angelics that had become very arrogant, with an ‚I’m God’-type attitude. There was a fine line between where an external God concept was meant purposely to harm someone or to teach some Fallen Angelic groups to re-learn that they were not the only thing in the Universe. Some of the early Buddhist texts go from teaching about Masters etc. and then later to knowing that you did not have to look to external power in the first place. They bring the concept of God back into the Self and into the vertical relationship. When we work with the Kryst Buddha teachings, we’re free to study and explore other systems. We can go back to the original stance of Unity through Diversity, where the diversity within all of the cultural perspectives and re-legions can be embraced because we now have protection, so we can embrace people of all teachings, even if they may not be ready to embrace our teachings. We can open ourselves with a loving heart into these spaces without worrying about them doing something to our fields or getting us caught up in a karmic path that we don’t want to engage. The more you move into these Bliss States, the more you have less to say, because it doesn’t even translate, after a while, into words. It’s just a knowing, a being, and you become more and more about the Eternal NOW and not so much worried about the past or future because you start to see them all as happening now. You start to see the perfection of your own identity as NOW. It’s just this amazing expansion and holding Flame, the Buddha Flame of Knowing, the Kryst Buddha Flame. When the Beloveds use words to describe these states they’re the closest we can get in English that can even touch the cognition, because most of these states are beyond linear translation into labels. After a while the labels don’t matter. The labels are like stairs that will get you to a doorway but they aren’t the doorway, and they can’t push you through. They can get you to where you can launch into the experiential reality yourselves. There was also a very helpful discussion of what may feel like a mini-death of the small, finite self, personality or ego as it expands to encompass a state of At-One-Ment with All That Is. Ash described in detail the origins of the ‚waves of fear of annihilation or death’ that can be felt because of the programming in the emotional body and gave some very useful suggestions for handling these fears. A huge compassion comes after these fears are healed.

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