(See: Questions for Discernment)

The Anunnaki-dominated New Age pseudo-Ascension” spiritual movement (most of it inspired by the „Templar Melchizedek” false ascension teachings of Anunnaki’s Thoth, pre-Emerald Covenant Enoch, „Archangel Michael & Friends,” „Jehovah,” „Maitreya,” „Lord Melchizedek and spiritual hierarchy”, the Urantia etc…) inherently promotes a fear-based paradigm of „Light, Love and Pretend Away the Darkness (everything is all right)” dogma. (See: Intruders)

The Illuminati races within the infrastructure of the covertly metaphysically motivated Illuminati World Management Team, who serve as Fallen Angelic puppets, are being „played on” and manipulated by fear of personal survival and a desire for acquisition of power to prevent pain and create personal pleasure.

These are the same motivations behind the actions of the „spiritual” peoples of traditional New Age affiliation, who think worshiping an ancient book, or surrendering personal power to an external „God,”ET,” „Angel” or „Channel” is the ultimate expression of spiritual development and will „make everything all right.”

Fear, the „Pleasure-Pain Principle” and Disinformation are the common control elements by which the Illuminati and Humans become easily misled into surrendering their power to something outside of themselves.

Once this outside source has your power, compliance with the approval of that source becomes, implicitly, the only way to feel empowered.


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