Mother ARC. The 13th Pillar

Mother Arc



Session Focus is Mother Arc (Cosmic Mother), the 13th Gate and the „Incending” Arc Hub Gateway Network. Through the 13th Aqua Gate leads to the Neutron Window – the exit from this Universe, and the Zero Point. Anchoring and supporting the Arc Gateway and the Tri-Veca fields to merge with the Bi-wave fields. Healing distortion electron fields and recoding 12:12 spin points.

Ether Element

The 13th Pillar

The Guardians are calling this aspect of Mother Aquamarine Ray energy, a Magnetic force powering up in our Earth Core (through the newly reconnected levels of the 9D Quadra Merkabic structure) – The Mother Arc…. It is similar to understanding we have poked a hole in the mind controlled frequency fence and reconnected our handshake hub to reconnect with the Mother Arc. It is through the Mother’s Perfect Proton Seed (or Cosmic Egg) that Creation can Heal Itself to its Original Divine Blueprint.

The Eastern Australian Seaboard from Brisbane to Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) is acting as one of the main portal magnetic battery generators that is gaining charge in its main magnetic hub located by the monument of Uluru…. Uluru is a power point for a Global Network of dormant or inactive ancient gateways, systems or hubs and was „placed” there as a marker by the God creators of this system…. They say Uluru was placed there by the Dragon races of the next Universe. (This is not to be confused with Orion’s Draconis or the Reptilian races.)

This is primarily being utilized to begin to power up a new level of the Arc Gate Systems on the planet. This ignition has specific relevance to the Mother Arc (13th Pillar Mother Magnetic Aqua Flame) igniting the Giza Pyramid and its related circulatory systems. It appears the timeline for activation is geared for this June Solstice [2010].

The Magnetic Field of the Mother Arc (the beginning and end of creation back into the zero point) is connecting to magnetically charge up Uluru to power up the Giza/Pyramidal dipole activity located in Egypt. This activity is similar to switching on a generator that is to POWER UP these dormant vortexes/grid points.


Mother’s Aquamarine Chalice

Mother Arc is the Aurora Ether, Zero Point merged with Aquamarine Founder Ray.

Mother Arc is the Staff frequency and architecture of the


a living consciousness portal system on this planet.

Mother Arc is one with the Zero Point and directly merged with Aurora Hosting to give birth to the Creatrix Field, in order to re-encrypt and resurrect the elementals of this Universe. Mother Arc and Aurora align together to accomplish rebirth to the elemental kingdoms.

This Aquamarine Chalice frequency is the representation of humanities real parent and Cosmic Mother. She is also the aqua heart beating to reclaim the Great White Lion grid, for healing the Blue Flame Fallen Elohim, and the Sphinx feline network back into wholeness.

When Cosmic Mom is needed, for nurturing, loving, holding, and support, she is the force of Living Unconditional Love within the Cosmic Heart. She is a fierce protector of her offspring and comes to the aid of those trapped in hell worlds, scared, needing emotional help, and sensory and spiritual development. Mother Arc overrides all female principle archetypes of pain or victimization. Mother Arc is the returning Sound principle of the Godhead, bringing the female wisdom back to the planet, by reclaiming her brain (logos) and reclaiming her offspring. She brings with her, her Radiant Sun, The Holy Spirit of Christos to this planet. She is the override frequency for the damage within the 6D Indigo Ray and the protector of all Indigo Ray children on earth. Mother merges her sound vibration back with her counterpart, the light of the Heavenly Father, of which when both forces are in perfect union, she is capable of rebirth and resurrection of all matter forms. Through her sound force she is transmuting the miasmatic debris in the anti-particle Father Universe. She is a potent force of clearing, purification and bringing peace and calm to any chaotic situation. Where addiction or emotional trauma is present, especially partnered with possession, Mother Arc’s inner sanctum space, a sound room of liquid aquamarine waves, is the best nurturing healer for the inner spirit. She is also the anchor of

Transharmonic Gates

and pillars, so ask her to take lost or confused souls through her transit gates. Her Tetramorphic or Animal symbol is a Bi-Pedal Feline or White Lion wearing a bejeweled Aurora Krystal Platinum Breastplate (Base Tone).


Spiritual Marriage

The Spiritual Marriage of 13:13 and 12:12:

On top of all of the exciting developments of God Technology returning back to our planet through our Mother Arc herself, we are getting ready to understand the Unity pattern and its relationship to true spiritual marriage. As Mother brings back the Krystal Star Frequencies it is bringing the template of Spiritual Union between the Rod and Staff functions of our Merkabic Field. It is the template job of recently assigned “Rod and Staff” couplings to achieve and work on bringing this as a physically manifested accomplishment. This is happening at various octave levels( relationship assignments) to eventually achieve a complete re-encryption of the masculine rod function to the spinning 12: 12 electron pattern that merges perfectly into the female monadic core, a13:13 field. This is a template prototype (Called Krystalhala Patterns – The Krystal Gender Merge) being manifested in the planet in March at the time of the Unity Field activations. This means that the Unity Field pattern is being built into the architecture that allows our gender merkaba spirals to spin and merge into a “perfect” unity or oneness pattern. When we have the correct ratios of spinning merkaba fields we are able to experience unity and At-One-Ment with God. The next step is to actually experience this Unity Field with your genetic equal in human bodies as a Spiritual Marriage in No Time. We are moving to another level of experience within these Rod and Staff Unions, which seem to be incredibly bonding and supportive beyond the “work” it has required. It is already impacting many of us, and many males are also feeling reconnected through these new patterns becoming available in the planetary architecture. This is a wonderful development. Thank you.

Mother’s Language



Our Old Aquamarine Universe

znalezione dzieki slowniczkowi na blogu Rakesha:

Niesamowite, ze dopiero teraz trafilam na te informacje, a jeszcze chwilke przedtem zadalam pytanie o Arke… To oczywiscie jest zwiazane z moimi notkami nt 13/13 13 13, oraz The Return of the Ark of Covenant, a takze MOTHER EARTH’s HEARTBEAT OF LOVE & 12 12 2013 ‘The Return of Divine Trinity’ & Great White Lion Activation 2013 & Montsegur oraz z Esperanza, a watek Aurory z kometa ISON, zwlaszcza z COMET ISON activates EARTH’s STAR ESSENCE


dodane 7 grudnia 2013

Zapomnialam wczesniej wspomniec o zwiazku z tym o czym pisalam w notce Turkus.. Turkusowe Serce.. Lemuria i Atlantis ♥ Dzisiaj dodalam notke LiRa&my emerald blue links.. 06 12 2013 w komentarzu pod ktora Altea zadala pytanie o to co to jest Blue Flame i tak trafilam na cos bardzo ciekawego:


The Monad is the 7th, 8th and 9th layer but it starts connecting at the 8th Chakra level [Thymus] which is the [High] Heart. When the Monad starts coming in like this, the whole Heart changes pattern, meaning the Heart Chakra is no longer an Astral Heart [4th Chakra], it is a Blue Heart. Your Heart turns blue and the frequency coming through starts turning blue….

this is a connection to the turquoise of the Mother.

So the 8th Dimension is a Gold color but when the Monad starts flowering in the Heart, and the Heart starts to configure, it actually looks blue and they call this the Living Lotus. I call this Galactivation…

jak dla mnie to jest wprost niesamowite… i w tym momencie przypomne moje doswiadczenie z turkusowa czakra:

25 kwietnia 2011

w trakcie dzisiejszego kontaktu z kamiennym poslancem mialam okazje przyjrzec sie wnikliwiej mojemu systemowi energetycznemu.. wiem tez, ze kolejnym razem bede musiala miec przy sobie jakis dyktafon, abym mogla na biezaco przekazywac i zapisywac swoje odczucia.. ich dzisiejszego bogactwa nie potrafie juz teraz zbyt dobrze oddac.. najciekawsze odczucia mialam w zwiazku z czakra serca i gardla, oraz czakra pomiedzy sercem i gardlem, ktora emanuje turkusowym swiatlem/kolorem i ktora poslaniec okreslil mianem czakry atlantydzkiej.. juz od jakiegos czasu odczuwam te czakre, choc raczej nie postrzegalam jej w ten sposob.. czasami nie bylam tez pewna, czy to jakis odrebny osrodek energetyczny, czy tez raczej w ten sposob odczuwam nakladanie sie na siebie osrodka serca i gardla.. wczesniej wewnatrz swojego serca ujrzalam zlocistego motyla, ktorego skrzydla wystawaly poza cialo fizyczne.. skrzydla te byly utkane z kolorowych energetycznych nici.. (atlantydzkie wzorce, motylek nieskonczonosci)..

wiecej w notce

Turkus.. Turkusowe Serce.. Lemuria i Atlantis 


LiRa&my emerald blue links


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13 pillar – Zero Point/144

The Blue Ray

The Blue Ray consciousness, are also known as the Oraphim, are the cosmic parents of the Indigo races and are accessible and able to support the incarnated Indigo races now. These „Unity Field Blue Ray Races” have been recently introduced via 13th gate circuits of

Mother Arc

The 13th Pillar

Swiadomosc Niebieskiego Promienia jest rowniez znana jako Orafim. Sa to kosmiczni rodzice ras Indygo, zdolni wspierac obecnie zinkarnowane Dzieci Indygo. To ”Zjednoczone Pole Swiadomosci Ras Niebieskiego Promienia” zostalo wprowadzone poprzez obwody 13 Bramy – Matczynej Arki (Mother Arc)

Tajemnica Dzieci Indygo

Mother Earth


 by Corina Chirila