Etheric Inner Earth Stargates


(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse)

Dr. Angela Barnett (c) 2013

The question that is asked most often after a client orders their Individualized Eternal Life MP3 is how often should I listen to it. The answer to this question is how often would you like to be completely immersed within the entire Divine Blue Print Template of the Breath of Source that originally created you? We would all like to do this as often as possible. However, if you are still preoccupied with the 3D world, begin with one hour or two hours a day, which is enough to listen to all of your songs at least once. Find songs that resonate with you the most, and listen to them one hour a day. Those songs might be the ones that are healing something in you that needs the most attention at this time. You will eventually get tired of those songs, because that item that needed attention is healed. Soon, another song or two will resonate with you the most. You see, when I am collecting frequencies and aligning consciousness into the certain places and certain codes, I am going through a process of healing one miasm at a time, as well as always aligning your template within your five merkabas into the Etheric Inner Earth Stargates where we will eventually walk through the doors at the 14th dimensional frequency level. I am also always aligning your template through your merkaba into the outer realms of the D4 Christic Realm of Aramatena–our 12th stargate, and then on out into the Cosmic Time Matrix and into the pre sound and pre sound light fields. Once the frequencies are aligned and collected I transmute all of those frequencies into pure Source Frequencies. This guarantees the original spark of Source is penetrating your body from the zero point within your cells out into the Infinite Unknown.

So, there are all of these breaths of consciousness aligning your consciousness into the Inner and the Outer Domains of Eternal Life Frequencies. Now, your body is fully within the flame of the complete light and sound spectrum. It looks like a crystal light body. I see that light body standing within a candle flame. The flame holds all of the light codes from hertzian, infra red, visible light, invisible light, x ray, gamma-plasma and pink white light. That light is the total light of Source. So, I hold your crystal light body within the flame, which we call the Amorea Flame and the Ekasha Flame. While I am doing this I am using codes such as Uma A tra Ena A Ekasha. This means the spiritual all ness of this one being held within the spark of Source Flame. We hold this flame within the pineal gland and within the crystal heart chakra area where the fourth and the eighth chakras meet. The Amorea Flame contains the frequencies of D4 Christ Consciousness or Universal Consciousness and D5 Cosmic Consciousness ignited by the breath of Source and wrapped around the body.

Now that your body has been firmly wrapped and penetrated with Source Frequencies that transpose you from the zero point within out into infinity, your new light body rides in the merkaba down into the Etheric Core of Earth to plant the seed of your original perfect self that will be reborn from the Core of Earth out into the Crystal Grids of Earth and then flow into the atmosphere and into your personal biosphere. You are now living within a sphere of Etheric Reality – the self that you once were and were supposed to be.

Now that your seed has been planted in the future, your rebirth is now possible. Our original 12 coded self was not planted into the Earth’s Core at the time of our incarnation because of the frequency fences and misalignments created by Fallen Races.

It was not until this time when the Founders Races brought in enough Indigo Star seeds to raise the frequencies of the Earth and to implant enough of these frequencies into the Core of Etheric Earth, that this Sphere of Amenti, which at once carried our complete 12 coded blue print of our race line. Our race line had to be returned in pieces, one at a time. So there were 12 races that had to be returned. The Indigo Children brought in one frequency at a time to re-establish our original birth right.

Now, it is our time to travel into the Earth’s Core and plant our seed into the Sphere of Amenti. Now we have aligned with the correct perfect template. Next, I use that template- your personal template to transmute the miasms and seals that were placed in your body by the fallen race lines over the past millions of years. There were these beautiful perfect codes or symbols within our templates. When the symbol is perfected within the chakra, the DNA can then begin to connect to the 12 sub harmonic strands that are supposed to be on each and every strand of the double helix, triple helix, or whatever template the body is now carrying. Where the scientists see junk DNA is actually an invisible etheric template where the 12 sub harmonics belong.

These sub harmonics naturally appear once the miasms are removed from the physical template and the spirit body template.

Once the breath and spark of Source enters into the pre sound and pre light chambers of Cosmic Consciousness, there is a divine coded template that is formed. It is made out of star dust- the language of the stars, the frequencies of the Cosmos. When we tune in to these frequencies within our cells and within the Etheric Inner Earth and within the Stardust that will be coming from Comet ISON and other Solar Wind activity, we are re-igniting our or keylon codes or our star language codes. We are allowing the communication of our Starry family to become our new consciousness which is called SUPER.

The ETERNAL LIFE MP3 is created from certain frequencies of Cosmic Consciousness. The frequencies sometimes include codes which are like mathematical formulas that do certain things. Our Cosmic Creation Family knows about everything that has happened to their Soul Families over the past millions of years. They know exactly how each miasm, distortion, misalignment was placed within our field of Consciousness. They know how the Fallen Angelic groups sacrificed our divine templates to create magical powders for their own recreational uses. They know how we were tortured, they know how we were misaligned from the Mind of God.


The codes, the frequencies, the training, the Consciousness alignment with Elemental Crystal Spheres of Energy, are all a part of the Scientific Formula for FIXING THE MESS that was created by Fallen races over the past millions of years.

Crystalai was given these formulas, activations, codes directly from her own Over Soul and Monadic Families who directed the perfect flow of the Sound and Light from Cosmic Consciousness- the Rishi Self that is too etheric to contact directly. The flow of Consciousness of density one and two etheric light and sound frequencies coming directly from the Grand Yana Creation Races at the Pre Sound and Light Fields of Consciousness guarantee the frequencies to be completely uncontaminated by any of the Frequency Wars that have taken place over the past 250 billion years.

Once the Frequencies come through the Breath of Consciousness, they begin to transmute the negative blockages that were placed in the templates of Angelic Humans on the Earth. Once all of these Miasms or Errors that were placed in the light fields are removed, an entire new reality is revealed to Consciousness.
The Guardians know about the miasms in the sexual organs, they know about the miasms in the pineal, they know about the vesica pisces creating a mortality loop that guarantees death. They know that these problems were created at such high levels, that they can’t be healed through chakras alone. They problems existed as far back in the creation template as the light fields only steps down from the pre light fields of Source Consciousness.

The original Electric Wars that took place many millions of years ago, were a war against Source itself within the Plasma Level or within the Original Sun.

The only way the problem could be completely removed was to clear the memory all the way back to our original self- our original divine blue print. This is what we are doing with the Eternal Life MP3. The Breaths of Consciousness streaming from Cosmic Consciousness are programmed with the codes of transmutation, that will dissolve the miasms within the template eternally.

Once this process is complete, the Angelic Human will remember how Instant Manifestation was always a part of normal reality. Instant Healing wasn’t even a concept because there was nothing to heal. The IDEA MAN was, is and always will be perfect, complete and whole. Abstract concepts such as Orbing, teleporting, telecommunication with multidimensional reality are all a part of the Normal System, once these Distortions are removed from the DNA template and our 12 coded Divine Template is restored.


Christ Consciousness is the Mind of God that sees everything before it is breathed into existence at this level. Christ Consciousness is the mathematical code which is continuously creating the Divine Blue Print of the perfect image and likeness or mirror image of the entire Mind of God or Omnipotent Divine Consciousness. That divine blue print is a 12 dimensional code containing within it the Divine Manifestations of the Eternal Life, Continuous Omnipresent Love that continuously spins the electromagnetic frequencies of 33 1/3 electro clockwise and 11 2/3 magnetic counterclockwise within the sphere of clockwise rotation. That frequency Radiates into the at oneness with a parallel field of electromagnetic frequencies spinning the same way, but in a parallel anti particle reality field. Each of the particle and anti particle reality fields spin 45 degrees to equal 90 degrees in a vertical reality field. Another set of mathematical radiation particles spin together to create the horizontal reality field. Together they create 180 degree field of reality. That field of reality is then broken down into faster moving fields of diagonal spinning fields of electromagnetic particles creating radiation fields of plasma, gamma, x ray, invisible light, visible light, infra red and hertzian light energy into a sphere of light 360 degrees.

Everything in Divine Consciousness Creativity is made of spheres of light that spin at this perfect ratio to create layers of 45 degree angles of rotation. The creation energy is always radiation energy. We must be radiating this high frequency energy at the fastest rate of spin in the 12 dimensional radiation level to maintain our complete reality in the Christ Coded blue print. Simultaneously that 12 dimensional divine blue print can express itself in parallel reality fields that manifest as 5 dimensional and 6 dimensional realities. These would contain the 12 sub harmonics of the Christ Consciousness mathematical formula in each of the 5 DNA strands or 6 DNA strands. The reality would appear different because it would be less dense or more dense. There is no density in the 12 DNA reality field. It is completely etheric in nature. However, that etheric reality is always a part of everything even if it only has 3DNA or 4 DNA. The perfect mathematical principle of all creation is always the 12 DNA coded divine blue print.

IN reality that Divine Blue Print of Christ Consciousness has Always Existed, Does Exist and Always will Exist in every human angelic being and every star seed on Earth. The reason that this reality doesn’t seem to appear to us when we look at people and situations is because there was a Miasm placed between the vortexes where the light energy and frequencies created by the spin ratio of the 331/3 and 11 2/3 merkaba spin rate within the particle and anti particle universe. The problem was actually placed in the anti particle universe that was parallel to ours so that we could never align correctly into the harmony of that blended rate of spin that would create the 90 degree and 180 degree and perfect 360 degree spheres of light and sound that are NORMAL to any God Made reality field.

We now know through Keylontic Science (the Language of the Stars) that error is Frozen Light. We now know what the mathematical formula of Christ Consciousness is. We now know how we were blocked from our Divine Blue Print through reverse spin technologies. We now know that we are made from the radiation technologies of light and sound that can project us in millions of different density levels.

Those Miasms are frozen Light Energy that is unable to spin and move and freely manifest. Those miasms can be melted out of the old frozen DNA that is creating the illusion of this Frozen Density of Consciousness. Our Guardian Races have placed our original Divine Blue Print into our 12 DNA strands already. That gift has already been established on Earth.

The test of our ability to ascend is very simple. Have we searched within our Crystal Heart to find the alignment back to Source Consciousness. When we find ourselves – our Soul – our complete multidimensional consciousness of our Over Souls, Avatar and Rishi Self, we find the Christ of our self in our Soul, in our Crystal Heart.

We have learned through the help of Keylontic Science that there was a very specific formula used to create the block of Source from our Crystal Heart. That formula was the revealed to us through the Vesica Pisces, the Golden Mean, the Fibonacci, the Metatronic Formulas. All of these formulas were created by and brought to Earth by Thoth, AA Michael, Lucifer and Jehovah. These were the identities who chose to make themselves gods and lords over our beings instead of allowing us to find the At One Ment with Source Consciousness through our Crystal Heart.

My name was given to me to help me remember my mission on Earth. Crystalai is the name of a Council of High Cosmic Beings. It was named after the Crystalai formula that connects us directly from our Crystal Hearts to Source Consciousness.

That Formula of Creation is in direct contradiction with the Flower of Life teachings that originated from Thoth and are found in the publications of Drunvalo Melchizedek.

Talea reveals that Drunvalo uses the reversed spin ratio of 34:21 which is 34 times Counter Clockwise over 24 Clockwise and the vehicle around our bodies forms a disk of 55 feet in diameter Talea continues if we refer back to figure 2 in her book on page 216 we can see that these numbers represent the Fibonnaci approximation toward the golden mean ratio. The 55 metatronic spin is what was being used to pull us into the Black Hole Phantom Matrix on December 21, 2012. It was the Crystalai formula of holding us completely within the true merkaba spin rate of 33 1/3 clockwise over 112/3 counter clockwise magnetic and then doubling that proper energy into a 90 to over ride the 55. That is what saved us from the Black Hole.

We were shifted from the outer domains into the middle domains. It is only in the outer domains that a system can be pulled into black hole.

Everything in the Thoth teachings, Metatronic teachings, Flower of Life Teachings, Golden Mean, Fibonnaci sequence, and everything related to these formulas, including Solfege, Pythagorean Theories, BiVecas, Vesica Pisces, and a long list of other formulas that have been used to cut us off from Source and pull us into the Black Hole.

We can no longer be pulled into the Black Hole; however, that old technology will continue to thrive and try to prove itself as the correct formula until those are awakened through ascension into the Higher Earth or die and then shift into the Higher Earth. It is guaranteed that those who continue to use those eternal death formulas will need to die before entering Higher Earth and those who have used the correct ascension formulas will walk into Higher Earth.

Originally, the Guardian Alliance said that only those who shifted into the correct 12 DNA sub harmonic alignment before December 21,2012 would be able to walk onto Higher Earth through ascension. However, there was the second possibility given for those who decided to correct their formulas and align through the Crystal Heart, there would be help given by the Aquafarian Hosts.

I work directly with the Aquafarian Hosts. My family lives in Aquafaria, and I have the codes that directly connect me to that realm. I can connect frequencies into the Aquafarian Host Matrix for assistance in ascension.

Everyone has the freedom of choice to follow whatever belief system of formulas they desire. There is no judgement. Some will walk through the stargates between 2017 and 2022, and others will need to die or bardoah into their new bodies in order to align into Higher Earth.

In order to ascend into Higher Earth, it is just a matter of angular rotation of particle spin. We are all standing on Higher Earth right now. We just haven’t adjusted our particle spin, our perception, our 5DNA alignment into multidimensionality. Those alignments require the crystal heart to be plugged directly into Source Consciousness. And those old formulas do not allow that plug in to occur.

CRYSTALAI (c) (2014) 

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Theresa Talea




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