Tekst ze strony Adashi Sol via Ra/Emerald Guardian. Ciekawe, ze w poprzedniej notce Viva Ascension 2o17.. wspomnialam w tytule wlasnie o cubie, choc co prawda metatronicznym, ale jednak.. pamietam, ze po prostu musialam to dodac:

Viva Ascension 2017 part 2; the lost souls of Tara, false time matrix &out of ‚Metatron Cube’ 

a autorowi ponizszego tekstu chodzi dokladnie o czarny cube, ktory pod koniec czerwca ukazal sie na niebie nad Teksasem

ale jak dla mnie ciekawe polaczenie..

a to juz wspomniany tekst

Adashi Sol

‚LAST stellar activation cycle’

Here are stills of this absolutely new type of „UFO” kids. Take note of exactly when this appeared your skies. Dates have everything to do with the celestial wars happening over you during these final days.

Melissa, This is likely not going to happen that an armada of ships appear in the skies, as it is considered worst-case scenario for the invader races. It would mean that the awakening has been dramatically stepped up (which is what I am expecting after the alignment that is in the skies now with Venus and Jupiter) to a point where they are convinced that unless they do the extreme to stop it, they will be left with no souls to enslave. This is a fluid situation, and the Guardians are monitoring it minute by minute now. In the event of a mass contact, the plans are to use Project Blue Beam to create Jesus and Mary in the skies (and their equivalents for each different religion around the globe) to prove that their savior is making his second coming. Then contact will be made by the beings that Jesus is sending here and everyone is supposed to embrace them as the gods. The problem with this is, even though most of the people witnessing this will go into shock and many will lose their minds (they tell me this is a forever type of thing, when the brain seizes in overload, it can snap off receptors in the brain that can cause a permanent melt-down of sorts), many will immediately fall in line with the „Heaven” agenda. But those adults who are able to keep their sanity will have to be eradicated because they will be eye witnesses to the type of horrifying beings that are the „gods”. It has been proven time and again in previous civilizations here on earth, that humans cannot co-exist with beings that openly eat human children, and look the way they do.

So those who cannot be mind-wiped to forget this personal contact would have to be removed, and the children would be brainwashed over the next few generations in order to once again remove the concept that „aliens” really exist. So that will mean an extreme loss of life, a great deal of set-back for the IR, and it just isn’t the best case scenario at all. Because of its intensity, the Guardians would be forced to step in to help the children, something they are working very hard not to do, as they wish to avoid all bloodshed. But with that said, even though this has been a peaceful war so far on the side of the Emerald Alliance, it won’t remain that way if too many lives are being threatened.

The Guardian Alliance has determined that at least some of the children will make it out with earth, and to that end, they will deploy any and all weaponry needed to protect humankind. So, as you can see, that if the plan DID change by the IR to actually stage the „Heaven” event, the Guardians would likely stop it on a galactic level first, so the actual chances of this are very slim. Because if the Guardians DID deploy, there would be no possible way for the IR to overcome that and then make their big reveal. At least this is what I have been told.

The situation as mentioned remains fluid, and different strategies are adjusted constantly through this ascension period. But the Guardians have also name this ascension the Master Failsafe Ascension and have flatly guaranteed that at any cost, the bulk of humanity will survive this, and the planet will in fact ascend, even if no human joins him going on the Harmonic Universe 2. Just because EARTH is promised ascension and HUMANS have been promised that their MASSES won’t be eradicated does NOT MEAN that the Master Failsafe Ascension guarantees HUMANS of absolutely ascending, because ascension has to do with personal frequency vibration. Either your electrotonal Signature frequency harmonizes with dimension 4 or higher, or you will absolutely remain on earth’s sister planet, Phantom Earth after the completion of the two planets separating on 12/21/22.

Worrying about alien armadas in our skies is not how you raise your electrotonal Signature. It is accepting such realities as fact and then working on understanding the Law of ONE so that your personal harmonic resonance elevates through the co-resonance connection you will have with all other lifeforms on the planet during the ascension period. When you remove ego from your life entirely and accept everyone as purely equal in that they are all pieces of the same ultimate being that you are, you will find that kindness becomes your automatic response instead of irritation, lack of concern and selfishness. Once that happens, your personal merkaba field which is broadcasting your true heart Signature frequency wave around you in a 35 ft radius every moment of the day, will be recognized by the merkaba fields around you and will respond to that truth. They will be compelled to treat you in like kind, sending you signature love and kindness harmonic vibrations which are just as real as any other frequency wave, which then encodes into your cellular structure, your very DNA itself. This co-resonance feeds on itself, raising each one’s vibrations higher and higher, allowing your electrotonal Signature radiation field to harmonize with higher dimension, where love and kindness is the base frequency PLATFORM that it operates on.

If your frequency is low in nature, your COLOR essence is lacking in photonic illumination, meaning that it is a DARK shade. When DARKNESS is exposed to true light, the darkness VANISHES with no „fight” of any kind. True light simply eliminates darkness. That means even if someone put you in a spacecraft right now, and delivered you to the 4th dimension, your cellular makeup would cease to exist unless you generated the same level of COLOR or photonic lumination that was able to manifest within that frequency range. Unless you learn to love everyone else the same way you love yourself, you will not be seeing the 4th dimension, because physically it doesn’t work like that. And the Guardians can’t just snap their finger and make your vibration higher than what your heart generates your electrotonal field to manifest. This means that your ascension depends on you. Period. My vibration was artificially raised for a short time in order to prove to me with my own eyes that this was real and not a game. But after a short time, the being could no longer continue feeding my peineal gland with these frequencies, as it was utterly exhausting. So I have learned in person that this is fact. No one can raise your vibration for you on a permanent basis.

You have a FIGHTING CHANCE now for the first time in 13,460 years to actually learn the Law Of ONE. Whether you choose to learn it, and grow into a non-judgmental, unconditionally loving person or not, will be entirely up to you. It isn’t an easy task, and the Guardians doubt they will see much more than 45% of the population make it out, and probably much less than that.

But this is the LAST stellar activation cycle possible within this Time Matrix that is in „fall” right now.

There will be no future planetary alignments that would allow transmutation into the second Harmonic Universe before the Gaia Time Matrix implodes and goes into Starfire Return to god-source energy fields where all life force will start all over again evolving into Signature Essences of god-source AWARENESS, allowing them to manifest a physical body again.

If you choose LOVE now, you are choosing LIFE instead of starting all over from scratch, or worse, be left to experience another possible billion years of captivity within the Weasadrax Time Matrix where Phantom Earth will be taken into. Its totally up to you.

source: Adashi Sol, fb

i jeszcze jedna istotna informacja z dnia 7 lipca.. a mianowicie wszystko wskazuje na to, ze statek wojenny Nibiru, tzw – Niszczyciel – zwany tez Gwiazda Piolun jest juz zupelnie rozbrojony i nie bedzie nam tym razem – w czasie tego SAC – przeszkadzal:

choc oczywiscie sa inne ”atrakcje” jw.. z najbardziej wiarygodnych zrodel wynika jednak, ze do zablokowania procesu ascendencji w trakcie poprzedniego SAC doszlo wlasnie przede wszystkim ze strony Nibiru i Niszczyciela.. 

MCEO wyjaśnia, że Thoth pozwolił załodze Marduka z Nibiru przelecieć nad osadami Eieyani-Ludzi. Zdołali zablokować komunikację z Syriusza B, powiedzieli Eieyani-Ludzkim, że Rada Syriusza poddała się, i że Ziemia jest otoczona przez fantomowe siły.

Ludzkim Aniolom zgotowano prawdziwe pieklo na Ziemi, a demony, ktore to uczynily ustawily sie w roli Aniolow i Bogow, jak np. Arch. Michael


Poprzez zapomnienie naszego dziedzictwa Anielskich Ludzi zatraciliśmy także przywilej, który przyszedłby jako naturalna okoliczność naszej Chrystusowej Spuścizny -wieczne życie, które jest naturalnym produktem 12-to Niciowego Szablonu DNA ewolucji
Chrystusowych Anielskich Ludzi. Wspólnotę z Bratnimi Narodami Anielskich Opiekunów, którą osiąga się poprzez otwarte wykorzystanie Gwiezdnych Wrót Ziemi. Przejście przez naturalne Gwiezdne Wrota Ziemi do „Wyższych Niebios”

Stellar Cycle Activations

emerald guardians

Od czasów niepowodzenia zamierzonego Cyklu Otwarcia
Gwiezdnych Wrót w 22 326 roku p.n.e,Wszystkie Narody Anielskie są
całkiem świadome, że Główna Konfrontacja o przeznaczenie
ewolucyjne Ziemskiej Ludzkości rozegra się pomiędzy Opiekunami a
Legionami Upadłych Aniołów w trakcie następnego Cyklu Otwarcia
Gwiezdnych Wrót pomiędzy rokiem 2000-2017.

 (Spiacy Uprowadzeni, tom 1)


Ukochani Śpiący Aniołowie,

Zażądajcie zwrotu waszego
prawowitego miejsca pośród gwiazd!

I jeszcze gwiezdna ciekawostka na zakonczenie, a mianowicie.. moja poprzednia notka z cyklu Viva Ascension byla poswiecona w glownym stopniu WENUS i okazuje sie, ze wlasnie dzisiejszej nocy Wenus bedzie najjasniejsza:


reaches its greatest illuminated extent as the evening “star” on July 10, 2015. That means the planet’s daytime side, or illuminated side, is covering more square area of Earth’s sky than at any other time during this current evening apparition of Venus. And it means that Venus is brighter around now than at any other time during its approximate 9.6-month reign in the evening sky. Plus Jupiter – the second-brightest planet – is still near Venus in the west after sunset. Amazing evening sky! Watch for these two worlds.

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starry blessings