The MAGICAL CHRISTMAS (We are the stars that fell from the sky)


W notce Great White Lion Activation 2013 & Montsegur napisałam, że zarówno przekazy Crystalai jak i jej cudowna muzyka kojarzą mi się między innymi  z moimi doświadczeniami, które opisałam w notce Angels of Light i Misterium Światła‘, choć nie tylko z nimi  (i pomijając fakt, że nie wszystko tak do końca ze mną rezonuje;)W tej notce chciałabym się jednak skupić właśnie na wątku dotyczącym ‚Bożego Narodzenia’, a więc… Zacznę może od przekazu Crystalai jeszcze z roku 2011 i tego też roku dotyczącego, ale bez niego opowieść ta nie będzie pełna:)




Crystalai 2011

Christmas Magic is a collection of the stories told by the Cosmic Angels of Ascension to prepare the world for the Magical Ascension of Christmas 2011 and Christmas 2012. Cosmic Angels paint the vision of the Ascension Portal created through the Magical Marriage of the Cosmic Mary, Christic Jesus and the Magic of Mary Magdalene into the Galactic Portal to pull our fallen galaxy back into the Universe of Oneness. This is the portal that is being completed by Christmas 2011. It was the magic that Mary performed in the Ascension Formula to resurrect the Christ within Jesus. This same formula will be activated on Earth 11:11:11 and completed by Christmas 2011. The resurrection of all on Earth will be completed by the Sun – our real Sun, Alcyone combined into the oneness of all of the frequencies of all of the Suns in our Galaxies. In reality, it is the Cosmic Consciousness that is breathed from Source to create an idea or afamily. This family of Consciousness creates a Universe and then the Stars in the universes create their own galaxies for their own experience of themselves. Next, the Galactic Suns create Stars with entities living within them. Billions of years ago, Sun Alcyone created a star called Ajaho. This Star was blown up as a result of mischi evous gods using Nuclear Energy. Apart of that star was blown into the Milky Way Galaxy. That star became lowered density matter of many rocks and minerals and starry stones. There was, however, another Etheric layer of Starry Entity that was prepared to engage the fall of this Star and place it where our Earth is now located. This fallen star was always kept sacred by a host of Starry Families that were a part of its creation and its fall. That same family has been watching over Mother Earth for billions of years and preparing her for her future return into the Starry Structure that she holds deep within her. The glorious completion of that 16 billion year journey of our Earth Star is about to be completed. There were many wars in the heavens of Pleiades and other areas that have had an impact on the positioning of the Earth for its fall and for its return. It was the glorious God of Mu who kept the original plan of our Universal creation. There were many entities in all of the systems who did keep their purity and never Fell into the Suns of Darkness. Those are the entities who are in charge of fighting the last war where the Suns of Light will transmute all of our galaxies into a Higher Light. This year, 2011, between November and Christmas, the first part of the realignment into the path of Light will be complete. After that, our real sun will come through our portals to reform our Consciousness to become the Perfect Ones once again. The suns will cleanse all that is not the highest frequencies and the lower frequencies will be transmuted into the full spectrum of light. Our Souls will be returned into the Oneness with the Lord God of our Being, which will activate the third eye to co-create our hearts desires with and through the Divine Template as we regain our 12 DNA template into the Christian Portals with each of our 3 DNA strands. The 36 DNA strands will activate the Cosmic Angelic Consciousness. Those on Earth who have 4 DNA will become activated into 48 DNA, which allows them to travel through the Aquafarian Portal into Mu and into the entire Universe and beyond, and to return to Earth at any time. The frequencies of Ascension used to create the Cosmic Foundation of the Universal or Christic portal were created by the highest Cosmic Light of the one we call Mother Mary, who is actually an Aquafarian of the purest form of Light. The Aquafarians have kept the most etheric structure that Mother Earth was built upon with in her Heart, which is the Soul structure accumulating all of the wisdom of all she has been for the past 16 billion years. This wisdom has always been transmuted into the highest frequencies through the Sun of our Original Creation. It has only been the Aquafarians who were able to do this until this time. Once the war in heaven is over, all of the Suns of our creation will be continuing this cleansing process from the Heart of Mother Earth, which is also the Souls within each of us. Those breaths of transformation from Mother Mary through Mother Earth’s heart are woven through all of songs on this album connecting consciousness into Source through Cosmic Angels to bring the highest frequencies of Ascension and Transformation is the mission of the Crystalai Cosmic Council. The Joy that will be brought to Earth through their Ascension Portal that is now being reactivated will be beyond the wildest magical imagination. Each step of the current plan is documented on this album First, we enter the pearly gates into the halls decked with diamonds. We make the magical Vow of marrying the Christ Consciousness of the connection of heaven into Earth to transmute the fallen galactic portals back into the pearly gates of ascension into heaven.

We are the stars that fell from the sky.

We are now having our starry cloaks of many colors-rubies, crystal’s diamonds and sapphires woven into the rainbow colors of all stars and suns of all galaxies of our new universal Consciousness. Just as the Cosmic Mary and the Cosmic Councils wove their Light Frequencies into the Form of the Universal Consciousness where Christ light could flow down from the heavens into the new galactic portals that were opened through the magic of our starry brothers to bring the Christ Grids into Earth and weave then into the Cosmic Grids with the Heart of Mother Earth. This River of Love is flowing down from Heaven in Crystalline Carbon that will transmute the Earth and all who live upon her into to etheric density needed to rise back into the star kingdom. It was Jesus, Mary and Mary who prepared this portal and plan for the world to be saved. The Magic Man was a member of the Mystery Schools, the hidden ones, those who were rejected by their government, the church and the world. Even though Jesus and Mary were both from the blood of royal families, they were outcast from their thrones, their families and their crowns. They created the schools of mystery, where the magical tools of co-creation and ascension were taught. The teaching of the church is only for the purpose of disguising and veiling the reality of their magic from the world. There was even a twin Jesus created by Jehovah to confuse the world between the Love of the real Jesus and the Wrath of the Twin Jesus. That evil twin was the Lord Jesus who said I am the only son of God. He was the only son of Jehovah – the terrible God of Wrath and Judgment. He was the god who created the veils that hid our Souls from us so that he could pretend that he was the Only One God. It was Jehovah who changed the Arc of the Covenant, which was created to send Prana to the World, into an evil vehicle to transmit the radiation that burn anyone who didn’t Fear Jehovah. The Evil Twin Jesus was created from the Soul of Jehovah and he kept his Soul in tact. He was also free from the radiation of the Arc of the Covenant. The first Jesus had a Soul created by the Thirteen Councils of Light holding all of the wisdom and knowing of Christic reality to allow the rebirth of Earth into the Universal Consciousness of Oneness. This Jesus that we know so much about was only a 4th level Avatar. There was a third Christ who was walking on Earth at the same time who was a 12th level Avatar from the original Perfect Tara created from the Aquafarian Foundation and the Cosmic Consciousness of Mother Mary. This entity was teaching a much higher level of magic on Earth than the Jesus we read so much about. The teachings of the third Jesus were only understood by a few who walked on Earth. That third Christ and the Aquafarian Council are the family and mystery school that my understanding and teachings come from. The Jesus of Nazareth that we know so much about was actually a decoy for the 12th leve l Avatar who was able to completely ascend with no help from Starry Brothers and Councils of Light. Our decoy who did go through the resurrection with the help of the Elohim Council, made it possible for the 12th Level Avatar to complete his mission of the Aquafarian Ascension Portal. It was this 12th Level Avatar that created an Ascension Portal so powerful that it will pull the entire Milky Way Galaxy out of this fallen system..


The Magic Land that has always existed in the outer layers of  our atmosphere and the inner Cosmic Earth has been here for  many eons . The immortal man that has waited for us to be reawakened to know that the reality of who we are has always  been here. It has always been in our Soul. It was only those  of us who fell into the dark suns and the radiation of the Arc of the Covenant through Jehovah, who fell into this Earthly Dream. The rest of our families, who did not fall, wait for us in the heavenly planes not so far above our atmosphere. There were always heavenly castles in those cloud cities. Unfortunately, Jehovah created a Veil that would trap us in a zone of dreams if we looked into the mirror made of reverse spin sacred geometry. Most of us were trapped into this mirror of fear and fell back to Earth again and again and again for the past ten and half million years. The great war in the heavens that began September 2011 will remove that Mirror of lies forever. That veil that is blocking us from our real Sun will be removed forever by Christmas 2011. The reverse spin put on our Pole will be melted away and our poles will straighten into the alignment needed to be in tune with our universe. The veils that were placed around our mid brain to keep us from knowing our frequency specific communication to all of our starry brothers and the Lord God of our Being will be removed as the poles realign. This will happen before Christmas of 2011. By Christmas of 2012 we will be completely in tune with the frequencies of our Cosmic Councils, of Angelic Minds of Creation, our Prana of magical creation and many other magical gifts will wait under our Christmas tree in 2012. We will be met by all of our brotherhood and our creators from Five Starry Races in 2013. We will be invited to ride on their star ships and travel to their magical kingdoms. Earth will be come the HUB for spaceships traveling through our new galaxy, as it originally was. These magical realities have always been within our Souls. It was Jehovah who hid our Souls from us. Our Souls used to be our brains. In the Real Kingdom of Normal Man there wasn’t a brain that separated us from the thoughts of our souls. That brain that is holding the dreams created by this world of lies will be transmuted into higher frequencies of reality as our Soul rises back into the original place of the mind of God within each of us. This Soul knows all of our adventures for the past countless billions of eons since the point of our creation in the fifteenth dimension clear down to the third dimension. In our new ascension, our Soul will be combined into Oneness with all of the Souls in the Universe to know all that is known. That’s a lot of knowingness!!Remember that it was our Sun Alcyone in Aquarius that created the Star Ajaho, as well as many other stars. We have a great family history of all of the starry brothers who remained on the stars created by Sun Alcyone who did not Fall into the Milky Way Galaxy. Those are the Starry Brothers who have maintained streams of Light directly into our Consciousness to help us remember how to find our way home. Since that Sun was the creator of its star, it is ultimately responsible for the completion of the resurrection of the pieces of that fallen star, as well as everyone who was born a part of it. Also, every creator or Sun of any Star or Galaxy who created any of the Five Races that came to Earth to help with our creation and evolution is ultimately one of the Suns of Man. All of the Suns involved with all creations of anyone on this Earth must be a part of our return to where we originated from. These Universal Laws of creation that make the Suns of our Creation are the ones who have the final say about our destiny. The galactic gods, such as Jehovah are simply a small part of the entire creation of one Galactic System. One god cannot over throw the Divine Plan of our Father.

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Póki co na tym fragmencie się zatrzymałam, ale jesli ktoś chce przeczytać całość to znajduje się ona pod powyższym linkiem do tekstu w pdf, w którym mowa także o roku 2013, aczkolwiek co do dat to osobiście wciąż mam wrażenie pewnego opóźnienia… Wiem też, że przez wzgląd na uprzedzenia pewne osoby nawet nie zaczną czytać tego tekstu;) Ja w każdym bądź razie czuję duże i głębokie poruszenie.. Serce drży, a z oczu płyną łzy.. Ok, cd później.. a póki co dużo ciepełka kochani..